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Harry and everyone

Harry Potter and the Attack of the Fan Fic Authors.

Can I be foreword with you?

Hey you, in front of that computer. Yes, I am talking to you. This is not your typical Harry Potter fan fiction. This is not your even close to your typical Harry Potter fan fiction. This is more like Harry Potter meets the Fox Television executives after they have consumed another dose of bad mushrooms.

There is no plot. Well, there is, but you should be drunk before trying to spot it.   Each chapter is a short parody of either a specific author (and their personal foibles), or it’s a parody of a specific genre of Harry Potter fiction.

For the specific authors, we carefully researched their stories, their personal habits, had them trailed by the FBI, Interpol and the Jehovah Witnesses. We built massive files on each of them, studying their habits and learning about their fetishes and what they do during their spare time. We sent detectives to interview their third grade teachers and performed psychic and physiological profiles on them, including body cavity searches while they slept! We bugged their computer, their phones, their neighbors, we listened, we recorded and finally we understood them.

The genre specific chapters are the result of reading too much bad Harry Potter fan fiction in particular genres. We’ll poke fun at Azkaban Harry, and Slashy Harry. We’ll examine the cross dresser… er… crossover fics, and poore speling.

The authors (whom we highly recommend) we will be looking at are:



Old Crow

We dearly hope these authors, whom we consider to be friends of ours, will forgive us, as these files are posted in the spirit of fun. If not… Well, Crucio on them then!

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Author Notes:

This is going to be different than anything we've ever posted. The chapters will be very short and so will this story. Less than 10 chapters.