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Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 1:10pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

"Luna glanced up the table and saw that Harry had already left for class. "You know, Hermione, for a bright girl you can be really stupid at times. The papers were full of news about Voldemort, Harry and that prophecy. Your friend has had to face him more times than anyone else. Can you really begrudge him any sort of advantage? He didn't sit down one day and say 'I think I'll develop a very rare talent just to annoy Hermione'."

Minor characters like Luna and Hagrid acting as as voices of reason are probably one of my favorite parts of this story.

"Reality? She's lying to the students! She's telling tales of men on the moon and weapons that can kill millions!"

We can expect that kind of ignorance from Purebloods, but shouldn't Half-Blood Severus Snape know better?

"Things simply cannot go back to the way they were. Too much has changed and I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive Ron for talking to Skeeter. He's betrayed me twice now and I'm not willing to give him another chance to hurt me."

I hope Harry isn't going to forgive about this decision. 'Harry forgives everybody' is one of the most annoying cliches in Betrayed!Harry stories.

kitus posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2013 1:18pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Heh, I can dig it. One of my favorite Voldiedeaths, and I wish I could remember the story, involved a tool shed in the fabled graveyard, a lot of timbers from the roof of said, an unconscious snakeface, and kerosene.

Ah well, but highly understandable. ooooh, next button!

agnar posted a comment on Sunday 17th July 2011 8:20am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

I find it inexcusable that dumbledore and company now know for a fact snape is an active, unrepenetant death eater, and keep him in the school. Misinformation is well and good as a tactic, but not at the cost of childrens safety.

Risking adults by having a double agent around is one thing, adults can choose such risks. But not kids, that part makes me frankly disgusted with those characters. Bad enough when snape was just thought a bastard, but knowing the truth and still not removing him from contact with children is disgustingly criminal.

wolfey posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2011 7:41am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

You ever think of not killing off voldemort? I mean the thing he wants more than anything is immortality. then y not have Harry give it to him? I mean have him discover a way to give voldemort immortality while at the same time taking away his magic or something. Turn him in to what he hates most.

darksidhe posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 9:32am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

So, doesn't like Wizards, not crazy about Muggles... either he'll mature and realize mutants are only human too, or he'll start thinking they're a superior race. I'm betting he'll go through the second, then finally come out the first. Another point, I like how Dumbledore is a real man, not a dark, manipulative cardboard cut-out.

ghostchicken posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 2:02pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

I love how you deal with Voldemort. I've read those stories you listed, by the way, and I liked them very much...just like this one. That emotional exchange between Harry and Hermione brought a tear to my eye and Jean's revelations to SEPTIMA Vector (not Vivian), Minerva McGonagall, and Dumbledork--er, dore--had me wanting to stand up and cheer! I loved that line, "every time you hear that sound, a little piece of Harry Potter, the wizard, dies..." BRAVO!!!!

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 6:49pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

I sure can demand a refund, though knowing i'm only halfway through the currently written material I'm not so sad, but still. I want my refund for the eventual pain you will cause me.

mjbrown268 posted a comment on Sunday 28th March 2010 9:04am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

I have never really liked the Harry/Ginny pairing and I am really hoping that you do not use it here.

Post Voldemort stories are really interesting and I am looking forward to seeing what happens in this story post voldie, if you choose to continue it.

NeilDingley posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 9:58am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

I noticed the note about disliking Voldemort as the Bad guy of the piece, and had an Odd thought what if the Bad guy of the Story was Sinister, and Voldemort is taken care of by Sinister deciding he would make a good Research Subject (though an uncooperative one) and him becoming Sinister's lab rat. Just some thoughts,

Aurilia posted a comment on Friday 1st January 2010 9:21am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Hmm... I always do like it when Harry says 'fuck you' to Draco; and have I mentioned yet how I also love it when Harry ignores both the good side and the bad side and goes his own way? If not, then...well, I s'pose I just did!

hpfirecracker posted a comment on Friday 25th December 2009 5:24am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

For your problem of destroying good ole Voldie. Have you thought about just having him a foot note or just in passing. this way you can consentrate on the conflict between Harry and the rest. I'm enjoying your story very much. I could see Harry in the jump jet, and the expression of joy on his face. I could see many things in my minds eye has I was reading it. You and Alyx are wonderful storry tellers. Thank you for sharing. By the way Dumbledores Army and its sequeal are my favorite stories. Thank you

stephen kempey posted a comment on Saturday 24th October 2009 6:22pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Voldemort the problem, How about letting him get run over by a bus. then we can get to the interesting part of the story. great story, only problem being it comes to slow but you could update ever minate and I would probably have the same complaint. Keep up the good work

Please don't kill Bob how can we poor fans get our fix without him.

runnerman87 posted a comment on Friday 31st July 2009 9:45am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Something has been bothering me about Harry's attitude in this chapter since I first read it, and I've finally figured out what it was. Harry's willingness to leave the wizarding world to their fate smacks far too much of the "normal" world's dislike of mutants, Harry's teachers ignoring the Dursleys' mistreatment of Harry when he was younger, and the German citizens' indifference toward the Jews (i.e. Magneto). I can understand how, in his anger, Harry might not make the connection, but I can't believe that Jean and the Professor wouldn't point that out to him.

Other than that minor character blip, I'm thoroughly enjoying the story and eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Anya McLerie posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 11:34am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Hey, I do understand the boredom with dealing with Voldemort, but you have Magneto,and a lot of Marvel villains that could shove off Moldemort, and then have Harry & the X-Men need to deal with a mutant finding the wizarding world and using it to destroy the muggle, or some sort. Ooh, the complexity. But I am loving this story. It's a different vein, and good to see someone addressed the white-elephant in the HP universe -- abuse doesn't get shoved in a cupboard under the stairs and ignored. It leaves a very damaging mark. Good for you in showing that consequence.

fyrecat posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 4:44pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Great story so far! I'm really loving the cross genre thing!
However, your editorial skills seem to have slipped since Sunset/Sunrise.
Below are some notes.

Editorial stuff:
"Snape scowled, not use to having anyone..."
> "not used to..."

"He thought about his OWLs and realized that he did as good as he did because ..."
>"...that he had done as well as he had because..."

""I find a nice lemon drop is always comforting after a difficult day." Dumbledore asked..."
- That's not a question, It's a statement.

Love the story. Thanks!

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 4:53am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Very good chapter. please keep this story coming.

Vilkath posted a comment on Monday 29th June 2009 1:22pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Well how ever Voldemort is delt with, long as he's delt with it's a step up. Far to many cross overs feel the need give him a sudden power boost to match Harry and Co. Ooh suddnely he's a S class mutant with super cool powers that exactly counter harry's or some crazy stuff like that. Fact it he lost to an untrained 1 year old, 11 year old, 14 year old etc kid in canon.. he's not going to win against any kind of Harry with real training like this story. Stories that try make him a credible threat just fail in my opinion.

Truely at this point in time the bigger question is not Voldemort.. but Dumbledore and how to make him truely pay for his crimes. A few apoligizes and hurt feelings on Dumbledore's part while he is all to willing to keep doing such evil things is hardly justice. Mere fact Umbridge is teaching again is a huge sign of how much a waste of space Dumbledore is.

Over all the Xmen 'taint' this story is really seeping in constantly telling Harry how he has to forgive some really bad people, all the while doing nothing about their crimes. Dumbledore, Snape, Fudge, Umbridge and countless more corrupt and moraly bankrupt people run around without so much as a slap on the wist. So what Fudge isn't the minster any more... he's not exactly being punished is he?

Tracey1 posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2009 11:15am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

This story has me so intrigued. I just re-read the whole thing just to get to this chapter. I just read the conversation between Ginny and Hermione and suddenly saw Bobs Special Note and thought NOOOOoooooo!!!! This cant be the end of the chapter! I sincerely hope you dont lose interest in this story all together. I am anxious to see some more of Jeans muggle studies lessons. I dont follow the xmen so the only 2 characters I knew were Xavier and Logan. I like the addition of the characters from that universe and how you have put them in the context of the Potterverse. I really dont know what else to say except well done. I eagerly await the next installment.

memnoch541 posted a comment on Wednesday 24th June 2009 4:09pm for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

Loved the wizards fall update, re-reading this again, so I guess this review should fall in the wizards fall reviews.. but I digress. Re-reading the wizards notes here and all your stories... (I re-read your stories all the time because I love them...) I haven't actually even read the harry potter books but know enough about them via movies and audiobooks to know you took the HP universe into a wonderful direction. And with the last installment of wizards fall.. with your bunnies prevailing, and a hope you'll continue this story without letting it hang in limbo... kill voldy easy with a simple way of the "power her not knows" as harry simply teleporting into voldies body and becoming corpeal. Then carry on the story as you see fit... we're in AU.. so no horcruxes or some such garbage.. dead is dead.

digger posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd June 2009 2:16am for Chapter 05 - Adjusting to the New Reality

have the aurors kill the bastard. have the wizarding world get hit by a clue by 4 and they beat him. have him attack the royal family and have the boys at hereford (sas) deal with him. i really don't care just give us some more of this story.