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RevCorby posted a comment on Saturday 7th July 2018 9:58am for Potter's Revenge

as always, awesome

The Seeker posted a comment on Wednesday 4th April 2018 10:21pm for Potter's Revenge

Fantastic story! Harry's powers and the hurt he carried were nicely balanced and served to make his powers and challenges more real and deeply felt. The relationship with Hermione was nicely developed and rang true. Best of all was Harry decimating Snape and Dumbles, who was despicable in his machinations and warped worldview. I wish the story was longer, since the world you created was so enjoyable. Thanks!

Pfeonyxdrache007 posted a comment on Wednesday 18th October 2017 8:09pm for Potter's Revenge

Ich mahg was du hir geschriben hasst es hatt alles was es braucht um grosartig zu sein.Mach weiter so.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2017 12:32am for Potter's Revenge

Read this again, after Alorkin reminded me about it - HILARIOUS!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

thatepicguy5 posted a comment on Friday 23rd December 2016 9:18pm for Potter's Revenge

I enjoyed this alot! Thanks for the great read.

Shadowdog posted a comment on Wednesday 17th February 2016 7:47pm for Potter's Revenge

Great story. Fun with revenge and Snape dies is almost always a positive in my book. Harry and Hermione paired are just so natural.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Sunday 15th June 2014 2:55am for Potter's Revenge

Cute ending. Oh, and I would've called Nobby 'Stiles' just for the laugh. I'd bet none of the magical children would now W.T.F I was talking about. Maybe a muggleborn United fan would...?

kary posted a comment on Sunday 13th April 2014 3:34pm for Potter's Revenge

Hermosa historia atrapande desde la primera letra.

Trixtor posted a comment on Sunday 19th January 2014 11:24pm for Potter's Revenge

I really like this story. Not much more to say than that.

Bthumper posted a comment on Thursday 1st August 2013 12:43pm for Potter's Revenge

I liked it. I also liked the "dejavu" of Darth Vader on the death star, between Snape and Harry in the Headmasters office. It's always nice to read something that is light and fastpaced as well as bringing a smile to your face. Have a good one.


Georgia posted a comment on Thursday 31st January 2013 5:47pm for Potter's Revenge

I enjoyed this and always like to see Snape get what he deserves : ) I assume that Harry survived the killing curse through some kind of magical means as you cannot restart a heart using cpr however it's not very clear. Other than that, great story!

Nytefyre posted a comment on Thursday 22nd November 2012 7:32am for Potter's Revenge

Nice story, good touch with using economic warfare.

Man of Kent - Railwayman posted a comment on Wednesday 14th November 2012 3:48pm for Potter's Revenge

A very interesting story, I enjoyed reading it

jules3677 posted a comment on Monday 22nd October 2012 4:29am for Potter's Revenge

Lovely. Voldie gets his. Dumbledore gets his. Snape gets his. Harry gets the girl. Perfect story. Enjoyed the machinations. Thankyou.

sayena posted a comment on Tuesday 24th July 2012 4:31pm for Potter's Revenge

Great stuff, love it. You two really know how to write a good story.

Keep up the good work but be careful of the llamas (they don't bite but they can give you a nasty suck).


Cassandra30 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th May 2012 9:14pm for Potter's Revenge

So beautiful!

Elaineprt posted a comment on Sunday 25th March 2012 7:21am for Potter's Revenge

I loved it. what can i say i'm just a sappy cow!

magister negi posted a comment on Thursday 5th January 2012 8:27am for Potter's Revenge

wow, it's a great way for the annihilation of the britannic bigots xD

Chocoaguila posted a comment on Wednesday 28th December 2011 11:11pm for Potter's Revenge

Great Story!

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 6:52pm for Potter's Revenge

This was pretty good all in all, even if it was filled with some clichΓ©s, including Merlin like power and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.