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Fraulein Takoor posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2018 12:42pm for A Mid-Course Correction

Mmmmmhh... Hermione's a Seer!

Nytefyre posted a comment on Wednesday 24th October 2012 10:30am for A Mid-Course Correction

I love your writing, even if I find myself correcting mis-used homonyms/phones - your grammar and spelling are generally a delight. I have enjoyed and generally find myself agreeing with your Pet Peeves section, but would like to add a proviso to this one:

"Lack of Consistency. If there is one thing I hate is seeing an author that produces a 10K word chapter followed by a 2K word chapter followed by a 5k word chapter. Pick a rough size to your chapters and stick to it.

Every chapter of our stories averaged a minimum of thirty pages in MS Word. MINIMUM.

Be consistent in your writing. It’s annoying to find a wonderful chapter that’s huge, then you follow it up by a 3 word chapter. Bleh!"

If there's no reason for the non-standard length chapter, then consistency is generally a good thing; but I've seen authors who use it to highlight a point, an important scene, a theme or idea to great effect (e.g. Hemingway). Thus, maybe "Be consistent in your writing, unless there's a point to your change and it's clear to both you and your readers what that point is by the change."

Cassandra30 posted a comment on Monday 25th June 2012 4:57pm for A Mid-Course Correction

Ack! Non Magical England is being destroyed. Harry doesn't know. Ack. I do like this chapter though. It is awesome as well as the story.

I note he left Charlie out of the Weasleys to be contacted. Is that because he is already out of the country? He might come back to help his parents. He needs told what is happening.

I am glad Professors McGonagall and Flitwick have decided to join Harry.

amsev posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 9:53pm for A Mid-Course Correction

Dark, dark, dark. It's so incredibly sad what's happening to Muggle Britain.

Thanks so much for writing this story. I have been looking forward ALL DAY to reading this story. (Sad, I don't have a life, and I have a job that's meh, however this story is seriouly worth waiting for!)

darridle posted a comment on Saturday 17th December 2011 8:32am for A Mid-Course Correction

hmmm... My spider senses r saying that they'll move to paddy's manor in Ireland... but they told me that since the hat's song.

Looove the fic and am sooo happy n lucky, that it's all done n ready to read for me, so no dreaded waiting for updates .)

Your fics rock, really they do

cello posted a comment on Monday 6th September 2010 2:26pm for A Mid-Course Correction

You warned us things were going to get worse. I was so busy wanting you to spank Ron and Dumbledore, I skimmed over what was happening with the terrorist attacks on the non- magical world.

Clever parchment. Wonderfully ironic - Hermione a seer. Ha! So, her Nana was magical or knew of her family's connection to magic. Cool.

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 2:01am for A Mid-Course Correction

Pet Peeves, hm? I personally don ´t mind if an author gives us one chapter long and the other less than half the lenght of the previous one. At least we got a new chapter. What I don ´t like is when authors give their hero some new power or weapon, but he never uses it. NEVER! Not even once. Like giving him a staff perfectly attuned to him, but he will still use his wand and the staff is somehow forgotten. :/ He won ´t even use it in the final battle and end up injured and exhausted. That is so unprofessional x_x

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 1:27am for A Mid-Course Correction

"Besides, I’d follow Susan into You-Know-Who’s lair, if necessary." -I just had this mental image: what would Voldie look like if teenagers started to break into his lair to show their feelings for each other? A snogging session on side as well while they are there, maybe? All that looooove around him - I think he ´d die on spot :D The power Voldie knows not - teenage love confessions and snogging sessions. XD

sempracaveas03 posted a comment on Monday 26th October 2009 1:32pm for A Mid-Course Correction

Hello dears! I enjoy this story so much, that I believe that this is the third time I've read it. I also realized that I tend to notice details that I missed the first (and second) time. Like Draco saying that none of the Malfoys or Blacks were worth talking to. Well I could agree with him on the Malfoys (none that we've met so far would be worth talking to, and they all seem to still be alive as well), but I can think of at least one Black - Sirius. But then, Draco didn't know Sirius (or probably grew up hearing all sorts of bad things about him) and thus doesn't know any better. Maybe that's why Harry nodded in agreement with him ...

Anyway, keep up the fantastic writing!

Happy Snorkack Hunting (don't you just love Luna?)

Bexis posted a comment on Tuesday 6th October 2009 2:24am for A Mid-Course Correction

This seemed a rather cliched chapter, after several that weren't. An "if you read this, I'm dead" letter from Sirius. Another prophecy. Done to death.

Sweetdoggie posted a comment on Friday 2nd October 2009 2:00pm for A Mid-Course Correction

I really loved the gift Harry gave his friends. Who doesn't have a loved one they'd like to say good-bye to, after all? Nice job with that. Thanks for sharing.

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Saturday 12th September 2009 4:47am for A Mid-Course Correction

By a bridge? Don't you mean buy a bridge? I've noticed your stories have this type of error in them, and fairly frequently at that. Spell check will tell you if a word is correctly spelled, but not if it is the correct word. You might want to try reading your chapters aloud before posting them, since you don't like the idea of using a beta.

spawnofthejudge posted a comment on Thursday 12th February 2009 3:55am for A Mid-Course Correction

Perhaps I was ruined by your press, but I'm not as impressed with this fic as others seem to be.

The premise, admittedly, is fun to contemplate: Ron as an arse, Dumbledore as a manipulative bastard who loves fame and Molly as a money-grubbing woman. The only one I never quite could believe is Molly, but that's only because I'm hard pressed to believe she possesses the acting skills required.

I hope you've gotten better about this since you wrote what I have read, (I may never find this out) but look up the uses for apostrophes. You're using them in bunches of places that they shouldn't be. The plural of Gryffindor is Gryffindors. Not Gryffindor's. This chapter: Look for "Granger’s" during Dumbledore and Harry's fight.

The Harry/Hermione scenes felt forced, but I can't put my finger on why :(.

Draco... while not quite deftly handled, was realistic to a point. I thought it was a touch too fast to go to first name basis, but that's not a huge deal.

I found myself skipping sections, like the Harry/Hermione sections, whole slews of dialogue, etc. Maybe it's awkward dialogue. Maybe it's because I thought the scenes were pointless (I'm reasonably sure I didn't miss anything). Not sure; thought you should know.

In summary, decent fic, though I find that I have lost interest, and thus leave my review after Chapter (*checks*) 9. Maybe I would be better served by a later offering of yours? *shrugs*

I hope this was useful.

kryptikk79 posted a comment on Friday 5th December 2008 3:11pm for A Mid-Course Correction

only thirty pages? (shakes head) and there are authors who have 100 chapter stories with 50 page chapters. I'm dissapointed.

Saere posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2008 8:44am for A Mid-Course Correction

Simply amazing. This story feels like a string of memories woven together.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Saturday 9th February 2008 3:31am for A Mid-Course Correction

Ok, how is it that Harry dying to fulfill the prophecy would be selfish?

I'm trying to find the trail of logic for that one, and I'm coming up empty.

Thanks for writing,

Marvin posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 5:41pm for A Mid-Course Correction

Harry get's angry.
Hum, definitly interessting.
It seems like you make a Super-Harry story with an normal aggressive harry. Very good :)

slayersfan01 posted a comment on Saturday 20th October 2007 12:26pm for A Mid-Course Correction

I have never hated someone more than I hate Dumbledore right now. I know he is just a fictional character but you did too good of a job to make a character that is so easy to hate.

I anxiously await the time the asshole is tortured and killed along with his sidekicks the Weasleys and the Order of the Phoenix.

James13 posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2007 2:08pm for A Mid-Course Correction

"Harry," she started off softly, "everyone experiences that sort of desire at least once in his or her live.

I think this was supposed to LIFE. Also:

"In the flesh," said Gideon, smiling.

"Well, not really. More like, thanks to your smart, green eyed friend," countered Fabian.

I think you forgot to put the word "thought" or "memory" when Fabian counters Gideon.

LOVE this story, my 6 or so time reading it, I love it for the length as well as it's amazing plot. I could wish that everything I read was this well thought out and engrossing :)

Faith1 posted a comment on Thursday 21st June 2007 2:14pm for A Mid-Course Correction

I really like the fact that even though you mostly focus on the main parts of the plot, you still have time to put in the relationship 'problems' with Hermione and Harry. Oh, and that they aren't auromatically like 'Let's get married'.