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(deleted) posted a comment on Monday 1st January 2007 7:47am for Of Death and Dismissal

spells for personl enjoment? heh heh
sounds more like a dildo spell to me

jackattack posted a comment on Tuesday 30th May 2006 10:36pm for Of Death and Dismissal

I'm up to "Of Death and Dismissal", and I'm enjoying the story overall, but I do have a couple of notes.

One, you or your betas need to review the use of apostrophes (that's one of my pet peeves).

Two, you are playing rather fast and loose with with the AK spell. Harry conjures a physical shield to stop it, but wouldn't that already be a known counter to the curse? If it was Harry's power level that did it, that needs to be clearer. The reactions of the pensieve viewers were very mild, to say the least.

Now, you have Weatherbee casting AK under the Imperious. Don't you have to harbor passionate hatred to get the Imperious to work? Percy doesn't hate Fudge at all, so how could he successfully cast a hate-powered spell? By your own writing, someone under the Imperious is barely aware of their own actions, so it is very difficult to believe that the spell itself changed Percy's feelings around to that extent.

Any other offensive spell would have been adequate to the situation, been entirely believable, AND reinforced your earlier points about spells being light or dark based on their use and intent. You've violated one of your own pet peeves by pulling something out of nowhere because you wanted it to be in your story.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 29th April 2006 1:22am for Of Death and Dismissal

Getting interesting.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 5:28am for Of Death and Dismissal

Okay, the old man had to blush a bit here and there.

NOW! Please let Harry create a Snape shaped hole in the universe for hurting Draco, and Narcissa and Luna by extension. Hopefully you've created some old law that allows a head of a family to duel under these circumstances. (I know you've finished this tale. I'm just wishing in the wind.)

The stuff about Luna, and Luna's relationship with Draco is choice. I have read only one other really good Draco goes good story, this is number 2.

Very well done.

Tildessmoo posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd January 2006 2:56am for Of Death and Dismissal

Starting to skip chapters I am. Must be the cliffhangers... Much enjoying, and fearful for the future. One nitpick and one pet peeve:
In approximate order of power (such things vary on the individual, the extend of their holdings, the age of their title, their political connections, their military might, and to whom they owe fealty) a baron runs a barony, a viscount runs a county, a count runs a county, I'm not sure what exactly a marquis runs, if anything, a duke runs a duchy, and a king runs a kingdom. Only a king has "dom" in the name of the land they rule. Earl is British English for count, so an earl runs a county. God knows there's enough of them in Britain.
Pet Peeve:
Apostrophes. Granger's means belonging to a Granger. Grangers means multiple Grangers. Grangers' means belonging to multiple Grangers. Its and it's are not interchangeable. This is a lesson that I have had pounded into me since I first truly began to write original stories in fifth grade (by way of comparison I'm now in the midst of a quartet I hope to get published within a couple of years, preferably by Baen if they'll have me). I have been conditioned; I must stop this heinous practice when I see it.

uibristol posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2005 8:57am for Of Death and Dismissal

I'm sure someone has told you by now that shite actually is a common british curses, and the author probably meant that instead of shit. Unless, of course, you were being facetious, in which case I missed the joke.

Great story to this point, very convincing plotting. The only qualm I have is that occasionally I feel that sometimes you hide behind the fact that it's AU to rationalize weak characterization. Perhaps Ron and Dumbledore are secondary or even tertiary characters, and Molly clearly is, and the reader doesn't necessarily need to know their motivations, but they seem cardboard cutouts of prejudice and selfishness w/ no real clear thought. Again, they're not main characters, and JKR often uses archetypical characteristics, but w/ all the wonderful characteristics you've added elsewhere, their lack of depth is even more striking.

harry85 posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2005 7:15pm for Of Death and Dismissal

Poor Dray...that was to be expected tough. Maybe he shouldn't have gone back to Slytherin's quarters, after all.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Friday 25th November 2005 1:36pm for Of Death and Dismissal

I'm having so much fun reading about Luna's special abilities as an explanation for her weirdness. You've made her a very strong person in this fic--I think even more so than in canon itself. The same goes for Neville and Draco, of course.
Whether you like him or not in canon, I love Draco in this fic.

nurray posted a comment on Thursday 10th November 2005 9:16pm for Of Death and Dismissal

Damn! forgot to login before I reviewed. The other post from "nurray" is mine. (If it matters at all).

nurray posted a comment on Thursday 10th November 2005 9:13pm for Of Death and Dismissal

A british-ism for you. In Britain, a building entrance level is "Ground floor", the first floor is above the ground floor and numbering of floors continues from there. So in the text extract below;

...The first floor will be set up as a potions lab for you, as well as kitchen space. The second floor is being fixed up into living space, including library and bedroom...

When I first read this I thought you were taking about the shrieking shack being three stories high and I was wondering, what about the ground floor? I realized my mistake soon enough but you might wish to keep it in mind.

I wonder if that is one of the differences between the American and English editions of the HP books.

Rowan Mikaio posted a comment on Thursday 3rd November 2005 1:57am for Of Death and Dismissal

GAH! I feel so happy.

Just found the website. I was really confused when I stopped getting's emails about SoB. Glad I'm here now!!


Eliew posted a comment on Tuesday 18th October 2005 2:11am for Of Death and Dismissal

A sad way for Percy to go, and it seem as though Kingsley is somehow involved, unless that was a impersonation by a DE using polyjuice or some other means. Had originally thought that the drink the interrogator had was polyjuice, till I reread the portion and realise he had offer it to Percy, then the reason became clear when Amelia read the notes. Just wondering though, why is the dark mark casted on the heel, done on purpose?

Love the fact the the greasy git is sacked, but I think Dumbledore is too much to have announced the fact that Draco was the one to have file the complaint. Shouldn't there be some rules against that kind of thing? And I wouldn't be surprise if the greasy git had been the one to have cast the hex. Lucky for him Draco didn't die, or else there will be hell to pay for when Harry find out the perpetrators.

Travin posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2005 5:52am for Of Death and Dismissal

A wonderful chapter again. But why is this story no longer in what big catastrophe did i miss?

Snuffles629 posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 12:13pm for Of Death and Dismissal

I know I havn't reviewed in a long time, but when i searched for my favorite fic online and didn't find it on, I was distraught. It is great that you guys are getting up on this new site, and I look forward to more chappies. So as always, if you write more you will succesfully keep me away from my homework for as long as possible, that is a good thing, i swear. At least I wish it was. Dang. Anyways, I thought that I would give you one really awsome review for this story, cause I'm really lazy. I mean really. REALLY. I'm serious, I am. Now that that is settled. I just want to say, I LOVE YOU. AND. WILL YOU MARRY ME(no I'm not talking to you bob). Actually, how about adopt me. Keep it up.

Snuffles Your Most adoring fan

Soup posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 11:22am for Of Death and Dismissal

Always have loved the story since it was first put up at that other site. someone was just jealous because you get more reviews than they do. good story!

Ronneem posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 5:26am for Of Death and Dismissal

Very tastefully done. Once again, a very well thought out and written chapter.


taxzombie posted a comment on Tuesday 13th September 2005 3:34am for Of Death and Dismissal

Hey! Nice site. Pleased to see you're setting up house here.

As always this chapter was a true pleasure to read. Your stories are ones that I check daily (and sometimes more then daily)for updates.

I thank you for the many hours of enjoyable reading you've given me. And the many more I am sure I will have reading your future work.

MIke posted a comment on Tuesday 13th September 2005 1:08am for Of Death and Dismissal

Thanks for continuing the story after those NAZI's at ff booted you. I've read DA and SC and enjoyed them both. Keep up the good work

holly posted a comment on Monday 12th September 2005 6:09pm for Of Death and Dismissal

I just found your story of this last weekend and I LOVE it! I love H/Hr and this has to be one of my favorite stories by far that I've found with that pairing. I hope you update soon! Keep up the great work!