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Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 12:57pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

"He turned back to her again. "Do we have to stay here? Can we please just go home?" he asked, the plea in his voice was painfully obvious."

What happened to their earlier promises not to force him to return? Why should Harry save people who treat him like Nazi treat Jews? Why return at all, unless he wants to set the Ministry and Prophet on fire?

It makes a sad kind of sense that the only voice of support comes from Luna.

"Jean sighed heavily and shook her head. "He's a very strong person, Minerva, but he reached his limit at the start of the summer and I intend to see that no one puts anything else on his shoulders."

Then send Harry to Salem instead of forcing him back to Hogwarts.

"But that's impossible!" Dumbledore said. "I trust Severus."

"And my sister trusted Peter," Jean retorted. "Look where it got her."

Excellent point. When you are running the Resistance, trust alone isn't enough. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Moody book and start screening the Order for the potential traitors.

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 9:12am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

So, are Charles and Harry going to be opening different places in different countries for all mutants sometime through the story? Because that'd be pretty cool.

ghostchicken posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 1:05pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Still loving the story, but Grindelwald's name was Gellert, not Gustav. No biggie...just thought you should know. LOL

Harry's trust issues are a central part of a lot of FF and I think JKR glossed over that aspect of the boy's psyche. He gave it far too easily and was quick to forgive. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing, but even Harry ran out of cheeks to turn.

I'm not a Ron-hater and I really don't like the bashing many authors put on him. Yes, he's a jealous git at times, but he's also a teenager from a poor family who has a best mate who's got more money than God, who is famous, and seems to have everything he wants.

What Ron doesn't see, as a teenager, is that money and fame can't hold you when you're afraid or tell you it loves you even when you make mistakes. Harry would give every last Knut in every last vault for that.

Ron, like Vernon Dursley and so many others, measures success or failure in terms of possessions or wealth. What is it that the angel, Clarence, teaches George Bailey at the end of "It's a Wonderful Life?" No man is a failure who has friends. Ron had two very good friends in Harry and Hermione, so how could he be a failure just because he didn't have fame and money? But he couldn't see that and now he truly is a failure. Thanks for letting us know that you're giving Ron a chance to redeem himself.

Great job!

M. F. Enright posted a comment on Saturday 5th June 2010 10:37pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

marginalize ron completely, he can be filch's assistant, hehehehe

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 2:38pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Don't bother trying to run, they are coming for you (smiles)

Good chapter, I got done reading a HP/X-men Cross before coming to this one (Actually I am reading this BECAUSE that one did not suck like I had assumed they would, so kudos to Classic Cowboy for giving me reason to read your fanfiction.)

Anyway, WHERE IS THE H/G, I want H/G damn it! You can't toy with my emotions and have Hermione be all sad and depressing about not doing right by Harry and tell me that she believably doesnt fancy the poor bloke! WHERE IS MY H/G/HR Bob! WHERE!

Anyway, now that the joke rant has finished I will continue reading, this is a fun ride.

mjbrown268 posted a comment on Sunday 28th March 2010 8:36am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Still upset that Harry hasn't got those books back.

I really don't like the idea of Jean and Dumbledore keeping secrets from Harry. After she witnessed Harry's life, I cannot see how she was willing to do so.

The hospital healers excuses were just down right pitiful. No child should be abused.

Fresh posted a comment on Saturday 27th March 2010 10:39pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Fantastic story... I'm torn between devouring the next few chapters in one sitting or spreading them out so I can savour them slowly.

Graup posted a comment on Monday 1st March 2010 12:16am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

I must confess that I rolled my eyes when I first started reading your story.

I mean, come on, Harry getting Mutant powers? (insert eye roll here)

However, I am beginning to change my tune. You are a tremendous story teller, and I am enjoying your work.

Thanks for the update.

Aurilia posted a comment on Thursday 31st December 2009 9:38pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Not the first time I've read a dragon-'adopts'-Harry subplot, but I have to admit it's one of the more unique water-dragon descriptions I've ever seen; most folk tend to go with flippers, not tentacles.

j_finchfletchley posted a comment on Wednesday 13th May 2009 11:12pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Well, here's an interesting start — knowing that this will be a H/G story certainly gives Ginny's response to the article a little more fire, and I'd say that this just has to be the rock bottom that Ron will reach. Very interesting, also, to see Hermione's response to this, which does please me as the One Big Happy Weasley Family cliché has been far too much overused in fanfic, even if it is canon. Personally, while I've thought that Harry/Ginny has always had the potential to work, I've never, ever, been sold on the idea of R/Hr — their personalities just don't mesh.

Harry's response to the article, and its follow-ups is entirely in character based on his slow and steady return to stability — it's hardly surprising that such a thing could knock him back. Hardly surprising also, that it would be Professor X, and his wisdom, that would eventually bring him out of it. I wasn't too sure about Luna's article after the personal moments they shared in OotP, but on the other hand perhaps she is just responding in the only way she knows will get noticed. With regard to the arguments in the paper, I have to confess to being a little disappointed that you specifically stated there was only one of his friends on his side. As you can probably tell from my user-name, I'm a fan of Hufflepuffs and minor characters in general, and I can't help but think that it's a little out of character that not one of the DA wrote in to the Prophet letters page, or the Quibbler after everything that Harry did for them, even if Hermione and Ginny can't due to their incarceration at Grimmauld Place — sure a lot of them might be put off by the mutant issue, but he does have some people who would continue to support him.

For characters on the fringes, we can still glean a lot about them from the few moments we do have. I find it hard to believe, therefore, that after the moments we see between Susan and Harry in OotP, that the Prophet wouldn't end up gloating over a letter from the niece of the head of the DMLE supporting Harry as a mutant, that one of the other Ravenclaw DA members such as Padma or Anthony wouldn't use their brains to point out flaws in the arguments, that Colin Creevey wouldn't write a letter based on him having a mutant as a sister, or yes, even that the Prophet wouldn't write a sneering commentary regarding a letter from Justin on Muggle notepaper with his own letterhead. I understand why you need him isolated, but I just can't see that there wouldn't be at least one or two other people that would support him.

I did like to see your further development of Hagrid though — contrast him now to the Hagrid of book 1, praising Dumbledore and finding nothing to criticise him over, to his loyalty to Harry now and his more realistic view of the old man. The scene with him keeping the letter to himself and asserting his own beliefs was a key moment, I feel. You're clearly setting something up with the Sea Dragon, and it will be interesting to see what; definitely an entertaining addition to Harry's new pad.

Rather saddening to see that Bumbles is still trying his manipulations, even when he knows all of the things he has done wrong, but then I wouldn't expect anything else from him. The conversation with Minerva was also enlightening — I don't think these people still realise the damage that they have done and what it could cost them. The revelation about Snape is hardly surprising though; even in canon I couldn't begin to fathom why Harry actually named one of his kids after him — sure he ended up working for the right side, but he was still a bastard who'd made years of Harry's life hell through his unspeakable acts.

Overall, I'm definitely liking this foray into crossover-land. While I may have the occasional niggle, the main characters are in character and the story is progressing at a very nice pace. It will be interesting to see where you go from here. With regard to the issue mentioned in your A/N, and as I mentioned in my review for the last chapter, keeping the number of X-Men characters limited is a good idea as it turns into a bit of an unbelievable nightmare otherwise, trying to juggle all those characters. Maybe you could mention a few more of them in these asides though — even in the UK they will still keep in contact, so it wouldn't be too jarring for Harry to walk into a room to find Charles smiling as he reads Kitty's early entrance notice for college, or something similar. It's just a throwaway sentence as he puts it aside, but it does give readers a sense of the wider world without bringing in too many characters.

Keep up the good work. On to chapter 5!

Minerva Granger posted a comment on Monday 27th April 2009 11:32am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Okay, that last paragraph of Author Notes was mean. I love the way you've outed Snape. The official definition of Mind-Rape, and the fact that something is being done about it, is heartening.

This was a truly fascinating chapter, and I can't wait to see what comes next. I hope Hermione manages to help Ginny calm down, and Ron is okay. Ginny unsupervised with a wand and her temper is a dangerous combination. I loved it!

fyrecat posted a comment on Monday 20th April 2009 7:30am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

I'm really loving this story so far!

There were a few editorial issues I noticed.

Minerva was lamenting her "lack of inaction" regarding Harry's upbringing.

Lack of inaction would have been action. That sentence needs to be fixed.

there were a few other minor issues, but I can't recall them at the moment.

Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful story with us.

I look forward to updates as soon as possible.


joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 19th April 2009 7:26am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Good chapter but Jean and Xavier seem to repeatedly violate their promise to Harry.
"The choice is yours, Harry, but no we won't let you go back to the States, after all. We lied."

Also, Dumbles, the order, and Ron and Hermione are getting away with severe betrayal and it looks like you and J and X, are going to force Harry to play nice when he should be walking away or extracting justice.

panter posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 9:25pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

i agree with your comments about Voldemort in your special notes.
it isnt the danger of voldemort that is the biggest danger but the sociaty itself.
They did create the danger by not helping the people who were abandend and mistreted.
look at how the ministery treets people diffrent then each other.
it reminds me of the 60's in the USA. Black versus White for there rights.
I would say the same needs to happen in the Wizzard World and a huge wakeup call. no progress is defall.

But the same is technology. If you ignore the progres of technology you stay in the past.
sometimes that isn't a bad idea. Like using no creditcards so that you don't get many debts.
but if you don't use computers with internet you lose even money by not using it. Think of all the cheap product you can buy. cheaper traveltickes, beter info about product etc.

good luck with writing the next chapter.

ps i agree. all the story about voldemort as the big bad guy is borring. If sociaty does noting such events may happen. look at nazie Germany (1939) Hitler can to power because the good guys did nothing and then it was to late to do someting.

DukeBrymin posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 12:12pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

Loved the chapter, happy to see Harry will have Jean at school with him.
You wrote ". . .lack of inaction." I don't think that's really what you meant. . .
Thanks for the chapter!

James Porter posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:03am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

this is good stuff i allways like what you wright i thank you for keeping it up and entertaining i hope you have a good week and i look forward to reading the next chapter.
james p

Ryu Shinigami posted a comment on Friday 17th April 2009 9:37pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

I was going to say update soon but a big black van has just pulled up outside and guys in black suits and dark sunglasses have started getting out of it and are looking at my front door so Instead I'm just going to say I love the way you writing this and if it was to be updated I wouldn't be unhappy about it. Hint..Hint..In the mean time I need to go open the front door.

Ian Morgan posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 6:50pm for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

fantastic story
I love the way you have blended the two universes and look forward to all folowing chapters
I hope all your problomes have been sorted out and you can devote more time to this story
Thank you for taking the time to write it.

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 9:54am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

When is the next chapter coming out?

crocket posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 4:56am for Chapter 04 - The Mutants are coming!

good story hope you rember you hadnt finished writing it yet and continue it.(nlot actulluy used the u it words lol so i safe