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pyrodaemon posted a comment on Wednesday 25th October 2006 12:14am for A House Divided

I feel you there. I'm not reading a story where the Author wrote out 15 chapters before posting. Which I thought was a really good idea but b/c of that he didn't think he need to write any more for a while. She he updated every mon, wed, and fri until he ran out of chapters. It then took him 3 months to get the next chapter out. The first 15 were between 10-20 pages long but the next one was only 4 pages. Which I could understand...I mean he hadn't wrote it in a while and I waited for the next update, which took another 2 or 3 months and BAM! a 2 page chapter. I mean seriously? that's just bad form.

I love it love it love it! next (I know the stories already complete really I do) Harry should make Snape run through the halls ass ass naked! hehehehe....

ANYWAYS I've been reading your stoy for 13 hours, give or take. I will not sleep until I finish it...or pass out from lacks.

Its really a great story I your biting humor, in the disclaimer, the actual story, and the A/N make it a very interesting read. I really like that someone(read both of you lovely people) could take a story and make it so much more just from a thought.

...I like everything that happened at Yale. Neville showing he was more than man enough for Ginny and Luna showing she was more than woman enough to stand by Draco in all the times he will need her.

Dumbledore and Snape got exactly what they deserve...I think perhaps you should give them a serious case of the flu and make them dance around in grass skirts singing "I love you" in the Ministry Office entrance...and I just gave myself the perfect prank...*grins evily*

Harry kicked major bum...Ron fell into a pit of firey flames, when will the boy every learn?

CHRISTMAS!!!! Wonder day of the year really. All the snow (that never falls were I live) and all the coldness of weather..and I'm forgetting something...major..oh yeah presents!!!!!! LoL

So Harry's going to make his own little countrY, uh? Well I hope so anyone. Like make it under all kinda of unplottable charms and what-not and then send people there, just don't tell them where there is. sounds like a reasonably perfect plan to me....

on to the rest of the story!

Cky Raes posted a comment on Thursday 13th July 2006 7:53am for A House Divided

The other bother for me in this story so far is Harry's leg. But I-I'll live...I think. I still think you should castrate ron XD

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 27th April 2006 8:40pm for A House Divided

Outstanding, really gotta love Luna.


chapps posted a comment on Saturday 18th March 2006 10:39am for A House Divided

Great fic, I really wished harry and done more though to snape and dumbledore... like put fidelius charms over both of their offices, strip then naked, snap their wands THEN stick them up there... or leave them locked in the cell all summer and send dobby to give them food once a week... or take photos of them naked in what appears to be an intimate encounter with each other then accidently send Rita a xmas present of a typical day at Hogwarts :)

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 21st February 2006 10:57am for A House Divided

I am amazed at the mercy Harry showed Snape. He deserved a majoe headache for the entire holiday - and to only be able to speak Swahili and wear pink footsie pajamas.

Dumbledore should have ben a place where the owls roost just above him - and relieve themselves.

Proof you two are excellent writers - I want bad things to happen to Dumbledore, and I am a big fan of his.

Great AU!

AJ4 posted a comment on Thursday 2nd February 2006 9:51am for A House Divided

I'm glad they are stuck on the ceiling of the school! That is awesome!!! Great chapter!!! --AJ : )

Kaza posted a comment on Friday 13th January 2006 2:50pm for A House Divided

Why pray tell does seem to take some authors MONTHS to write a 3K word chapter? I don’t get that at all.

Some people have -jobs- where they work. some people also have kids. I have a friend who turns out 10k chapters every 8-9 months, He's a loyer(can't spell that word- too tired) He beta's his own work, twice, which is an outright bitch when the chapters are about 10k words.

Others dont have insipration like you do, I loose intrest in series quite quickly, and if I decide that it was good enough write fanfiction for, then I probably wont finish it, or continue it very slowly

People have legimite reasons for turning out chapters slowy.

ah, that was depressing. Love your story so far, but I'll wait till I'm caught up on the sequel to comment!

Nyssa posted a comment on Tuesday 6th December 2005 2:39pm for A House Divided

i am loving this story, but i do have one question. Ron keeps referring to Neville as a Slytherin. Is that Ron implying that Neville is as bad as a Slytherin, or did I miss something where Neville became a Slytherin at some point in this story? I think i would remember Neville becoming a Slytherin, i like Neville.
P.S - I love the author's notes, no matter how long they are, they're so much fun to read at the end of each chapter. It's like previews before a movie, it's stuff you don't need, but you want to make sure to see/read everytime you go

harry85 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th November 2005 10:46pm for A House Divided

Good one this was. Loved it. And Harry left the castle just as he said he would, even with Snape and Dumbledore's attempt at keeping him there...

By the way, I think Dumbledore is growing more deranged in each chapter...

jalva200 posted a comment on Thursday 17th November 2005 10:08am for A House Divided


Damn i swear this is the best storie ive ever got dag read!!

I love everything about it!!!!

Well all i wanted to say :D

MattD posted a comment on Tuesday 15th November 2005 6:51am for A House Divided

Congrats on the quitting of smoking. And congrats on another great chapter. I still want to see Harry vaporize Snape, but oh well, such is life...

Natasja posted a comment on Friday 21st October 2005 2:50am for A House Divided

******** PET PEEVES:

Excessively long update periods.

Why pray tell does seem to take some authors MONTHS to write a 3K word chapter? I don’t get that at all. ********

Writer's Block, lack of time/resources, etc.

Kirsti Robertson posted a comment on Friday 7th October 2005 4:17am for A House Divided

From your author's notes: "However…umm…here’s a silencing potion for your husband. Slip it in his coffee (or drink of choice) and go about your reading in peace."

Just a quick question: what's the dosage for children? *giggles*

And feel free to continue "fleshing out" your chapters--more for your readers to enjoy! Your attention to detail, along with a VERY exciting plot, is one of the aspects of your writing I like the most.

Do you know, I've never liked the Ferret at all, but you are actually making me soften up towards him! He may be an arrogant, stuck-up Slytherin, but in your story he's OUR arrogant, stuck-up Slytherin. (And the Luna/Draco pairing? First time I've ever seen it. Wierd and unexpected, but somehow it works the way you two write it!)

Loopy Dane posted a comment on Wednesday 14th September 2005 8:29am for A House Divided

Draco and Luna, eh? Gotta say you are taking this "stretching ourselves as writers" thing pretty far. Sadly, I am enjoying it... I guess if I can love Harry/Pansy in WKGQ, it just goes to show that I will accept ANY well-written ship... That is ia compliment, btw, on a well written ship...