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bluezy posted a comment on Sunday 13th December 2015 4:22am for Actions and Reactions

Nope, no clue what peeves you.

harryandhermionealways posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 1:19pm for Actions and Reactions

I really like the story you have written and I'm looking forward to the sequel!!!!!!!

cello posted a comment on Monday 6th September 2010 8:34pm for Actions and Reactions

well - Maybe I'm reading waaay too much into this, but Trelawney could have seen something. Slytherin is doomed unless they change their 'colors', but she's too goofy (or had too much cooking sherry) to interpret it correctly. It's bedtime if I'm thinking Sybil's making sense. Love her slippers - mine are white polar bears whose paws bark when you squeeze them :)
Hermione seems terribly insecure to the point of paranoia with a hair trigger temper, and with Ginny as the constant voice of reason. Kinda hard to picture that.
I missed the whole thing and I'm pleased as punch to have found you.

SoccerQueen237 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd March 2010 6:32pm for Actions and Reactions

I LOVE THE T-SHIRTS!! How do you come up with them?

ghostchicken posted a comment on Saturday 18th July 2009 11:53am for Actions and Reactions

Okay. This is a fantastic story as are DA and SC. So...what in the name of all that's magical could you have done to be kicked of Unbe-freakin-lievable!

I'm guessing Ron doesn't have anything to do with the attacks, but he might know who actually is behind it all. And who's our Gryffindor commie pinko? Hmmm...

This thing has its share of plot-twists, but they're GOOD plot-twists as opposed to really dumb ones. I'm thoroughly enjoying all the chapter headers and your A/Ns. Keep it up!

kryptikk79 posted a comment on Saturday 6th December 2008 7:19am for Actions and Reactions

lol @
epic failz thar.

RockBiter posted a comment on Friday 22nd August 2008 12:07pm for Actions and Reactions

I'm not up on the politics of fan fiction sites, and I would imagine, by now, that whatever happened is long past. I am glad, however, that you didn't let it discourage you. I was able to find you here through a link on, so that, at least, is a good thing.

Eviloldersister posted a comment on Tuesday 1st January 2008 10:11pm for Actions and Reactions

Thank goodness I finally found this fic I have been looking for it forever it seems. It really is an awesome fic

dennisud posted a comment on Wednesday 12th December 2007 10:53am for Actions and Reactions

Well getting rid of percy and distancing Molly & Ron is ok for now. I really like your use of lesser characters here, plus the integraton of the Real life elements of the Muggles is sure to take thing up a level!


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GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Saturday 2nd June 2007 10:11pm for Actions and Reactions

Nice one with Trelawney! How much is Dumbly going to interfere with Harry's plans now that he has some info? Well, I'll just go read on and see.

Cynthia1850 posted a comment on Saturday 2nd June 2007 2:16am for Actions and Reactions

Whoa right there...I'm sorry, I love this story to pieces but how can Hermione not trust Harry's love after their talk in the Room of Requirements? It seems like she is not as grown up as she thinks she is and I would think Harry would be heart broken after telling her how much she means to him and then she thinks he's wanting Luna? Trust is the basis of all relationships, how can you truly love someone with everything you have but not trust can't. If I were Harry I would lock myself up in the COS and throw away the key. Okay, rant is over, I'm back to reading...stupid Hermione!

Selma Flamel posted a comment on Sunday 18th February 2007 4:51am for Actions and Reactions

Favorite lines: "I'll peel your skin and use it as a rug." "I'd assumed they were going to have sex." Strange they both came from Draco.

Loved your Irma Pince--the consummate librarian. Look after the patrons, but always look after the books.

Dragen posted a comment on Friday 19th January 2007 2:28am for Actions and Reactions

What another great chapter;

So Luna got herself and Draco effectively married, against Draco will, (against his will as he was out cold) whilst she was keeping Draco from dieing.

I don’t thinks it’ll take years for Harry to come up with a properly romantic proposal, a while yes, but not years.

Poor Terry, who attacked him

Oh boy, Dumbledore knows about the Prophecy that Hermione made, I hope he doesn’t work it out in time.

Trelawney truly gone mad.

I do love Harry’s shirts.

a_wanderer posted a comment on Wednesday 16th August 2006 10:40am for Actions and Reactions

Mmmmmm are you possibly upset with the administrators? Just a guess mind you.

Super powered Harry is not my cup of tea but you have an intersting take on it.


n4zhg posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2006 6:09am for Actions and Reactions

I've read far beyond this chapter by now, but I'd like to help out with the acronyms for those of you who don't read my third-favorite SF author Tom Clancy.

CINCLANT = Commander In Chief, Atlantic Fleet

STU = Secure Telephone Unit, a hyperencrypted telephone used by senior government drones, though these days anyone using Skype or GPGPhone has better security on their conversations

NCA = National Command Authority (The President)

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 29th April 2006 5:05am for Actions and Reactions

Outstanding, time for some serious butt kicking.


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd February 2006 6:18am for Actions and Reactions

The bit with Trelawney rearranging the colors, and furniture to the original positions, was a bit of inspired madness.


Please Harry hurt some people.

PamelaC posted a comment on Wednesday 15th February 2006 12:18pm for Actions and Reactions

Well I've caught up at last - I'm just one of the slow ones obviously. I had idly wondered where you were for a bit but got distracted - I use alerts rather than checking. I only looked yesterday and I have to just say that on re-read I like this as much as I did before. I'm really glad to be back. Cheers Pam

ThunderGod posted a comment on Sunday 1st January 2006 6:25pm for Actions and Reactions

damn it..eveb after rereading this chapter..I still don't get what the peeve is:{

prolly was on your group...and its way too late to do anything..oh well

anyway..enjoyinmg myself rereading it..

back to it