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CrucifiX posted a comment on Thursday 12th January 2012 12:21pm for The Darkest Hours

I realize this review comes years after this story has been posted, and I'm not even sure if you still keep up with this story or its reviews, but I just have to comment.

This story has to be one of the best, in depth, well written stories I've encountered on any fanfiction website. Generally with Super Harry fics, the story is completely predictable, and generally not worth my time. That isn't the case with this story. To be perfectly blunt, I am in awe of this story. Admittedly, I've spotted a few discrepancies with the story, along with minor grammatical errors and such, but they're so few that I won't bother to point them out. I particularly like your unique take on disclaimers. I've seen some pretty amusing disclaimers before, but yours have to be the best I've seen.

That being said, I was wondering, if you're still writing for the Potterverse, if you'd consider doing a collaboration with me. If you'd be interested, or if you want to reply to this review (if you even see it), you can contact me at:

Again, I commend you for such a masterful piece of work. I've not yet finished it, but I do so look forward to finishing it up.

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2011 2:26pm for The Darkest Hours

Am I to believe that Harry actually thinks Minnie has ever done a good job and that her students her, or was Harry the only student she never stood up for?
I mean, the pole up her arse is even longer than Percy's.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th January 2011 8:40pm for The Darkest Hours

I really like how you guys write the disclaimers. I've never seen another author do that. Also love Harry's shirts. I can't wait for the next one!

Jakh33 posted a comment on Monday 9th August 2010 8:03pm for The Darkest Hours

Great story but I looked through the reviews and... am I the only one to notice this?
"Yeah, twin girls, squibs apparently, Helga and Inga, age nine," replied George.

So there twins are nine years old but then become Fred and Georges girlfriends? I thought Fred and George had left Hogwarts making them somewhere around 17+?

ghostchicken posted a comment on Sunday 19th July 2009 3:19am for The Darkest Hours

This is so exciting!!! Unlike any Super-powered Harry story I've ever read! I have no fingernails left (just kidding).

I notice very strange things, such as Fred, George, Helga, and Inga (F, G, H, and I), with Johan being J. This is either very amusing coincidence, or you did this on purpose. So...Johan's a firstie; will he find his K?

Fred and George at St Mungo's was just hysterical! GB and Hawaii changing places? OMG!

Okay, now concerning your pet peeves. Most of your pet peeves are my pet peeves too. But story thieves now? Are you telling us that the "underhanded dirty knicker crowd" actually steal your stories and put their names on them? The cads! The bounders! Off with their heads! (I must attribute the first two expletives to John Lennon and the last with the Queen of Hearts, who belongs to Lewis Carrol.)


kryptikk79 posted a comment on Sunday 7th December 2008 6:59am for The Darkest Hours

not even a flobberworm animagus?

RockBiter posted a comment on Saturday 23rd August 2008 7:36am for The Darkest Hours

Ah, the Seals at last. It was Seal Team Six, wasn't it? And Richard Marcinko was leading them, wasn't he? I knew you were one of the good guys.

jedjones posted a comment on Tuesday 13th May 2008 11:56pm for The Darkest Hours

for ppl who are nit picky over the nuke, just say that the abnormal damage was cuz' of the magic =P.

Ezmerelda posted a comment on Sunday 23rd December 2007 2:51pm for The Darkest Hours

Oops, I also wanted to say that I enjoyed the Pet Peeves portion of your author's notes. Some had me nodding emphatically in agreement, while a couple had me cringing in shame. And no, I won't tell you which those were. :)

Thanks for writing (still, again, in the future, take your pick)! ~"~

Marvin posted a comment on Sunday 18th November 2007 12:04am for The Darkest Hours

Have to go to a class meeting now, poorly.
Well, I expect your story goes on that good, and will continue tomorrow.
The idea of a wizard town in that size is really cool, and dobby saying "Professor Pussycat" had a lot of humor ;-)
Great! Thanks!

Joyfullscroll posted a comment on Tuesday 19th June 2007 8:11am for The Darkest Hours

I have a question that I know you can't answer in your AN's because this story is now 'complete'.

Here it is: How will Dumbles try to exert his 'control' over the remaining (if he can even FIND them) members of the Pheonix? Has Harry opened his 'Haven' to the remaining members who are hiding? Would Remus, Tonks and Author even know where these other members live?

I know that the Irish government will cooperate with the refugees any way they can. Did you pick Ireland for a reason?

As for your PP in this chapter...well I know of someone who did that on more than one occation to a TV show. They were Rightfully Banned from numerous sites when found out. When I did, I blasted them via email since they were on another continent and then blocked any returning emails from them. *heavy sigh* I hope they finally learned their lesson on that. Ja ne.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Sunday 3rd June 2007 6:43am for The Darkest Hours

'lean on his cane' -- shouldn't that be staff?
A good question and better answer? If the ministry is so heavily warded, how does the Weasleys' clock detect Arthur at work? (I know, I know, that's just how magic works).
Nice ending thoughts of Hermione.

gdbessey posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 4:12pm for The Darkest Hours

Another exceptional chapter, but I don't think that's too much of a surprise, is it?

Forget the cockroach, did you see Keith Richards?


Selma Flamel posted a comment on Sunday 4th March 2007 9:19am for The Darkest Hours

The twins are wonderful. "BOWEL-Movement" How could you use such a pun? (ha ha)

Harry's speech to Minerva about her "children" was very heartwarming.

Favorite line: "Little creature, his brother was injured and we don’t know where to go."

Dragen posted a comment on Tuesday 13th February 2007 8:07am for The Darkest Hours

I love the amassment in the size of Harry’s ‘equipment’, with Emma and Narcissa saying that Harry’s ‘equipment’ made their husbands ‘equipment’ to shame lol…

The Weasleys are holding up St. Mungos, and loot is everyone and everything in the Hospital, lol. I love how the twins were acting about on this.

Voldemort is pissed that there isn’t anything in Hogwarts now. :D

I like the sound of the new school.

It’s a shame that Harry is doping out of school, but I understand his reason for doing so.

I like the speech of Harry’s to the people of Haven.

I think I can see the Weasley Twins going out with the Johansen Twins.

I love Dobby saluting Moony.

I love what Harry is planning to do, that he was talking about to O’Dalley

Splotchphantom posted a comment on Sunday 19th November 2006 12:15am for The Darkest Hours

Love this story!! I am reading it for the third time.

bjon66 posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 5:39pm for The Darkest Hours

LOL,, this is a great story... Also, i like your authors notes, it gives me something to read while this slowass dial up loads the next page... lol...
I also like the way you make most of the women When they are stripping Harry, they are witches you know, all they have to do is wave their wands to do it... But i guess manually doing it releases some sexual you film it, put me down for 2 DVDs...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Sunday 30th April 2006 12:53pm for The Darkest Hours

Very good story, Glad the twins are getting hooked up,,,lol,


Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Thursday 23rd February 2006 5:39am for The Darkest Hours

You had to have a comparison match - embarrassing Dan and Harry - castrating Lucius in the public square after ever female on the planet laughs at him is not too much for him. (Grins)

It is heart warming to see people who have gone back and forth on Harry - good or bad - to finally see they owe there very lives to him. Will they finally believe in him and not believe the stupid press in the future. Doubtful.

Just a great tale. Just so well conceived and executed.

AJ4 posted a comment on Monday 6th February 2006 9:27am for The Darkest Hours

yay! another great chapter! so you want Krispy Kreme donuts? well i do too. i might just go get some now... well then i cant finish reading this story so the donuts will have to wait. --AJ : )