Content Harry Potter


Melissa posted a comment on Monday 20th April 2009 7:52am for Chapter 1

Very good, even for a plot bunny! And BTW only a World of Warcraft buff would get the Disclamer reference...rofl!

Tracy0652 posted a comment on Friday 17th April 2009 10:03am for Chapter 1

I don't know how you do it, but you've done it again! The same storyline, but from a totally unique perspective, with the same, yet different personalities for the main characters. You guys rock, and it is a privelege to read anything you create!
Thank you very much:)

sagarius posted a comment on Wednesday 15th April 2009 7:08am for Chapter 1

ok could be better

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Tuesday 14th April 2009 5:44am for Chapter 1

Some parts are familiar but it was well written and very enjoyable. Thanks.

PaulKellington posted a comment on Monday 13th April 2009 4:41am for Chapter 1

As usual, another well written piece with enough description and detail to paint a perfect picture whilst not clouding the storyline with clutter.

I love your take on familiar situations and, more than that, your sense of humor. It often comes out of nowhere in a sneaking one-liner, but, just as regularly, builds into a crescendo of fun and laughter that meets every expectation.

Your return is most welcome and I hope that all is well in your lives.

Adrianne posted a comment on Sunday 12th April 2009 9:03am for Chapter 1

good but you guys should continue it

fyrecat posted a comment on Friday 10th April 2009 8:27am for Chapter 1

Fun story.

Tracey1 posted a comment on Friday 10th April 2009 7:52am for Chapter 1

Loved your take on the Marriage Law. As always your plots lure me right in. We've missed you. I hope you two are doing well.

SteveD3 posted a comment on Thursday 9th April 2009 10:22am for Chapter 1

Bob & Alyx

Well done. Welcome back.


Faith1 posted a comment on Thursday 9th April 2009 3:09am for Chapter 1

Very well done: I did indeed like the way all of the 'Unfavourables' were dealt with, as well as how they had no idea it was coming.

Harry'n'Horcrux posted a comment on Wednesday 8th April 2009 11:05pm for Chapter 1

Goodyear, I do not get this joke, perhaps because I am not a British. I know that Goodyear is a tire manufacturing company that is named after Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber. Is the joke about Hermione being fat from pregnancy that she looks like a tire? And she can promote the tire company by just clothes with "Goodyear" written on it?

If that is the case, Bridgestone is better, Michelin is my second choice. Dunlop is good, not many people will get the joke because Goodyear is not the most well-known tire manufacturers in the current market.

Anyway good story, although I expected more revenge on the Ministry and Percy, a coup would be a great idea, the fact that Harry still allowed Fudge as Minister boggled me. I was hoping he would be forced to leave his job and spent the rest of his days in remote parts of the world, Antartica or Greenland comes to my mind. I think a more politically active Harry Potter would be good in this story, well can't get everything you want. I liked the Wizards Fall series better than this, maybe it is because the marriage law fic is not my thing.

Philip Jacobs posted a comment on Wednesday 8th April 2009 2:01am for Chapter 1

Welcome back,and thanks for another quality story! Your work is always entertaining, and this offering is no exception. I enjoyed the way you dealt with Ginny's stalkerish tendencies, and the scenerio you laid out would make all too much sense given what JKR has laid out about the motivations and background for the British Wizarding World. I hope that things are finally easing off in the RL department, and I look forward to seeing more offerings in the (relatively) near future.

Stay warm, and eat healthy (and remember, cookies and donuts can be healthy, if you remember to make space in your daily calorie budget for them.)


Jared Poe posted a comment on Tuesday 7th April 2009 11:28am for Chapter 1

Well.. I decided that I would get my two cents in on this little fic as well. Great story, as always, the charecter devolopment was quick enough that it was believable and deep enough that it didn't leave alot of holes. All together it was a whole different approach than I have seen in the "Marriage Law Fics".

Ok, now that that is our of my system, I have a small confession to make. I would have reviewed more of your stories, as I have been reading them for several years, but frankly, ya'll freaking scare me. The warheads, the particle accelerators, the naked dances... well any that invlove Bob at least... the chains, whips, FPIH +5.. need I go on. I really... REally did not want to added to your generic reader torture methods for idiotic reviews. So I have checked my spelling, checked my grammer, and made sure I have not unduly insulted either of you.... :) So here's hoping I make it the next update???.......

dg Fry posted a comment on Sunday 5th April 2009 3:27am for Chapter 1

It's great to see you both back. I really enjoy your stories, and am looking forward to seeing more. Thank you very juch for sharing them with us.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 11:26pm for Chapter 1

Very nicely done. I enjoyed reading this, though I think I prefer the versions of the "forced to marry by the Ministry" where there is opportunity for Harry and other to choose (though many of those end up with Harry having more than one). In this version the Ministry's "evil" seems a little too much (though given such things as the British Lord claiming right to "sample" Scottish lassies when they got married, probably true enough to life).

LilyPotterJr posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 1:43pm for Chapter 1

Bob! Alyx! You're back! =D

GREAT fic, as per usual! Keep up the good work!

C. Harris posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 12:45pm for Chapter 1

I admit to being a bit skeptical about the obligatory marriage law fic that so many authors do. But about three sentences into your version, I wondered why I was skeptical. You are, after all, amazing. That was an amazing change to the usual marriage law story. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this!

Chris Ferrell posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 12:04pm for Chapter 1

I loved your take on the obligatory marrige law fic, and saw from your authors note(yes some of us actually read them) that you are still working on the mutant story. I just wanted to add my encouragement to keep writing as your stories are the reason I started reading fiction on this site.

joeBob posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 11:05am for Chapter 1

Fine story; thanks.

jilumasam posted a comment on Saturday 4th April 2009 9:09am for Chapter 1

Excellent story!