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Angel.of.Blood posted a comment on Wednesday 24th December 2008 11:05am for Painful Recovering

Oh, forgot to add "Cheeky, cool shirts..?" to that list : D

Angel.of.Blood posted a comment on Wednesday 24th December 2008 11:04am for Painful Recovering

A really great plot..?
An (at times) real grumpy but clever guy..?
A cane..?
Sex-oriented jokes..?

Dear god, do I see a bit of Dr House in this fanfiction? ; )

kryptikk79 posted a comment on Friday 5th December 2008 2:33pm for Painful Recovering

Of course, we already know why Harry won't get a phoenix.
Grey aura and all that, remember?
Pheonixes are purely light ceatures.
Give Harry a badass animagus like a thunderbird... of course, being that this story has been out for ages, that probably won't happen.

stgilman10 posted a comment on Sunday 21st September 2008 1:05am for Painful Recovering

This is my 3rd read of this story, and I just noticed something. You say that the last time that Harry got to go to his vault was before 2nd year. But before 3rd year, he was living in Diagon Alley after the Aunt Marge incident, with Gringotts access.

Ruth Walker posted a comment on Saturday 5th July 2008 9:39am for Painful Recovering

I just want to start by saying I think this is the third time I've read this story and it captivates me every time. I sometimes wonder what J.K would think if she read it.

Please keep writing more stories and dont take any notice of the picky canon obsessed people.

Hoping to hear more soon.

darthloki posted a comment on Friday 4th July 2008 3:16pm for Painful Recovering

This one read: Everyone Is Entitled To Be Stupid But Voldemort Is Abusing The Privilege.

LOL! I love Harry's shirts.

Riff Ibanezius posted a comment on Monday 9th June 2008 10:42am for Painful Recovering

heh, i can't do the test because i am on a laptop. Do i fail?

cpd6000 posted a comment on Saturday 31st May 2008 7:06am for Painful Recovering

How do I do the Online Sobriety Test if I have an optical mouse???

AntmanReed posted a comment on Monday 12th May 2008 7:45am for Painful Recovering

Pet Peeve of my own.

People who bomb Luna.
Some people over do her "imagination"
She doesn't have a new magical creature ever sentence like just about ever fan fic here has her doing.
In fact through all 7 books I think she comes up with less than 6 magic creatures no has heard of.

jpmbur posted a comment on Sunday 9th March 2008 6:51am for Painful Recovering

I understand that the damage to Harry's leg is too extensive to be healed completely, but he is going to need all the advantages he can find when he fights Voldemort, so maybe if his leg doesn't get all the way better, he should think about amputating and replacing it if a artificial one, like what Voldemort did to Wormtail when he was resurrected.

LordDragon posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2008 10:59pm for Painful Recovering

Thought I should take a minute... 1 only... to write a review.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

sorry can't stop reading for longer... need to read next chapter!


once again, great story. don't mind a bit of ron bashing, he always irritated me. think H/Hr stories only natural, and this one rocks!

anyway, on with the reading!

Zack Kay posted a comment on Monday 3rd December 2007 9:01am for Painful Recovering

hey! i love the story so far, great ideas with the Matura! I also noticed a little mistake that i thought i'd point out. When Harry is revealing his story to the Outcasts, the line reads:

"You all know that I watched Sirius go through the veil. What you do know is, an hour after watching him die, the old bastard, Dumbledore, e"

What you don't know instead of what you do know.

I love the story and can't wait to press Next!

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Sunday 18th November 2007 12:51pm for Painful Recovering

"watched Harry with large, wounded eyes"

Exactly why are Ginny's eyes it is her family was the one doing the damage...and I'm sure Ginny benefited from it at least a little bit.

Thanks for writing,

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Saturday 17th November 2007 3:10pm for Painful Recovering

Nice one. I thought you were going to ask:

Step 4: Write your observations in the textbox at the bottom of the screen and press "Submit Review"

Marvin posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 6:47am for Painful Recovering

Pet Peeves is fantastic ;-)
You did well, I must say :)

nimistar posted a comment on Sunday 4th November 2007 10:16am for Painful Recovering

hmm, looks like ron and draco switched personalities. the only problem is that draco's smart so his plans have a chance to work, ron is about as smart as a rock so his plans chance... not so much.

hogwartsprincess posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd October 2007 4:38pm for Painful Recovering

As I read this chapter I realized the similarities between the book Lord of the Flies, which I'm reading in school, and your story. Ron is definitly the Jack from LOTF. Anyway, I, again have to say I love Harry's shirts, but when are others besides his friends going to comment on them, maybe someone like Dumbledore or Snape. Also how many of these T-shirts does Harry have?

zero0000 posted a comment on Sunday 23rd September 2007 4:47pm for Painful Recovering

I dunno. Something about Dumbledore being manipulative seems to me should have been pulled off with more subtlety and guile. I mean hey, he's one of the most brilliant wizards in existence. If he does turn Dork Lard Dumblemort, shouldn't it be more of a behind the scenes chess games with the guy?

I feel as though evil Dumbledore is highly underestimated, is all.

delta16669 posted a comment on Tuesday 4th September 2007 9:44am for Painful Recovering

Even though you have already finished this chapter and this story I feel I must disagree with you. I dont think that there are any limitations to magic. ITS MAAAAAAAAAGIC! Why should there be any limitations to what it can do? Certainly there are limits to what certain people can acomplish with their imaginations and power levels but if you're strong enough and with a little bit of imagination anything can happen. Plus how else do you account for a skinny, short english kid with glasses transforming into a 6 foot tall hunk with the most piercing green eyes ever?

If magic can fix eyesight, add height and muscle mass, then I think he can repaire some damaged tissue.

But then again. This is your story. And its finished already. So I dont actually see the point of this.... hmmmmm.

Alex Tremaine posted a comment on Monday 3rd September 2007 1:42am for Painful Recovering

I have taken your online sobriety test, but I got stuck at step two...

The bright red light from the bottom of my mouse kept me from finding the ball you mentioned.

I think this is actually the third time I've read this, and it is still every bit as captivating now as it was the first time I read it.