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GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 3:53am for Painful Recovering

'Dan explained some of what Harry would have to do to Hermione' -- what does Harry have to do to Hermione? Perhaps the double entendre is best avoided with 'Dan explained to Hermione . . .'
Magic sure is funny; they can regrow bones overnight with a potion, but Harry requires a spell cast repeatedly over a minimum of ten days. Humor aside, its nice to see something a bit different, shows creativity rather than simply copying.
'Men and women died before they heard' -- great hearing if they heard it after they died.
They didn't find the wand? I distinctly recall reading that he pulled out his wand. If he had more than one that wasn't worded correctly -- perhaps 'pulled out his spare wand.' Perhaps you wanted to keep the reader guess, but it creates a contradiction. I realize I'm being picky here, but this is a really great story; sorry, if I expect excellence. BTW, this sort of thing has always disturbed me about JKR. Take Sirius. He's mentioned in Book 1 in such a way that he's appearance in Book 3 seems OOC. Really, if Sirius was thought of as he was in Book 3, would Hagrid mention him so casually in Book 1. It just doesn't work.

james27 posted a comment on Thursday 1st March 2007 12:30am for Painful Recovering

I was reading your online sobriety test and realized that I have a wireless mouse *sob* Oh well... I love your story and believe it to be one of the greatest HP fanfics out there.

mathiasgranger posted a comment on Saturday 17th February 2007 11:53pm for Painful Recovering

What about Harry's revelations should have been a surprise to Ginny? The writing was on the wall...and somehow it was ignored.

Yet she still acted like it surprised her....kind of strange and it definitely made my teeth itch!

Thanks for writing,

Selma Flamel posted a comment on Saturday 17th February 2007 10:17am for Painful Recovering

Favorite line: "The two most important people in my life are book hounds, intent on bending me to their wicked ways."

Selma the book hound reassures Harry, "Our ways just seem wicked, but just think of the *interesting* things we learn." evil smirk

Mr.Zemme posted a comment on Thursday 11th January 2007 4:30pm for Painful Recovering

Love the online sobriety test. There was only one problem for me, my mouse doesn't have a ball... what should I do now? ;-D

Third Time I'm Reading This :-D

Mr. Zardehar Zemme

Dragen posted a comment on Saturday 6th January 2007 8:05am for Painful Recovering

Another great chapter, how dumb can McGonagall, the news leaked out so quickly, because Dobby went and inform Moony and Tonks what happened. And so things began there.

LoL… Hagrid wanting to keep the spider for his Care of Magical Creatures class is just like him. I like the idea of swimming in the Room of Requirement. I do like Dan’s idea of gut the bloody git and spread his entrails throughout England. Very good idea indeed! Yea… Dumbledore’s world is falling around him.

So a spy in Gryffindor for Voldemort, attack Harry, so who is the spy??

What is the git Dumbledore up to, with getting control over Harry again?

I like the idea of Harry transfiguring his cane into a metal shield… and I like what he can do with the auras.

Poor Ginny, find the truth about her family like that. :( I like how they reacted about the rest of Harry’s news.

pyrodaemon posted a comment on Tuesday 24th October 2006 7:54pm for Painful Recovering

"Besides, if he’s that strong, why bother with a spider? Let’s nail the little green eyed bugger with Kryptonite and be done with it." its a great thing. I've started reading your A/Ns now and I'm half tempted to just going back and read the others...You know reading your A/Ns is almost as much fun as reading the actually story...thats knida weird...

Ron is going to jail! (repeat three times) It good the little bugger is getting what he deserves, and no I don't hate cannon Ron, but your Ron is AU Ron Sunset Over Britain and I hate AU Ron SOB<really I didn't even realize what that was until I read over my review *grins sheepishly*

So I suppose that Dumbledore entered a law about people being in school having to be a ward of their headmaster or something like that? What a bunch of rot, as if people didn't know he was aiming at Harry. Bah!

So Narcissa is going to be a 'good' guy, uh? I like her in cannon so I'll like her in your story as well. I *love* Luna. I mean honestly she is the *only* person who went to the MON in 5th year that DID NOT get hurt. The girl has to have some skill beneath that...lovely exterior.

Poor Dumbledore, losing complete control over the situation like that...tut tut, he must be losing his touch. Such a shame....*holds out for a minute with a striaght face before busting into unstoppable snickering*

And I really have tried to make the reviews shorter but you just write so much...I mean really what do you expect when you write at least 30 pages? It so much info to comment on and I have to force myself to stop...ONLINE SOBRIETY TEST love it.

fx posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd October 2006 1:22am for Painful Recovering

what?! after all that you don't hate Ron? Ok..ummm..I guess I don't too then ;)

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 13th August 2006 6:56pm for Painful Recovering

Excellent chapter & author notes. Both amused me greatly. Wondeful story too & yes, I agree regarding chapter names.

pam doyle posted a comment on Wednesday 19th July 2006 4:57am for Painful Recovering

Well I've gotta say I am enjoying the story. But I think I enjoy the author's notes just as much! Oh by the way-I seem to have destroyed my mouse with some ill-advised sobriety test. Know where I can get one fast? You see I'm reading the most facinating story.

Cky Raes posted a comment on Thursday 13th July 2006 5:07am for Painful Recovering

Castrate the little wanker!

SpiderLily posted a comment on Sunday 28th May 2006 9:51am for Painful Recovering

I think I know who the Gryffindor spy is! But I'm not telling you who I think it is because if I'm wrong, both of you will tease me about it for weeks. Believe me, I'm quite sure you would...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 27th April 2006 4:36am for Painful Recovering

Very good chapter.


Em posted a comment on Saturday 25th March 2006 4:48am for Painful Recovering

You don't hate Ron? Could've fooled me...
Read. Consider. Repeat if necessary.

chapps posted a comment on Friday 17th March 2006 5:30pm for Painful Recovering

I hate being chased by those pesky Gnarled Footed Twitter Bugs... they live in my uncle's hair and they are scary when you sneeze...

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Monday 6th March 2006 5:31pm for Painful Recovering


Step 2: Remove ball from mouse. Place ball in secure location.

It would be difficult with modern optic mouses.

Bobmin356 replied:

You'd be surprised by how many drunk people actually try it, however :D

Dahlias posted a comment on Monday 6th March 2006 11:58am for Painful Recovering

*sigh* I'm sober and I failed the bloody test *scowl*

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 21st February 2006 6:35am for Painful Recovering

I should have mentioned it earlier, but the Shelf of Requirement is just brilliant to the max.

I love your Luna.

So enjoyable.

Pleather Boots posted a comment on Sunday 5th February 2006 6:01am for Painful Recovering

I want to say Ron is the spy but that's too easy, and I think you're more clever than that. Great work

freakyfinger posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd January 2006 5:25am for Painful Recovering

I'm encountering a problem with this sobriety test. I have a optical laser mouse . . and i can't remove that ;)