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mysuv1 posted a comment on Friday 5th January 2018 9:20pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

I am Loving this story I sm sad we lost madam Pomfrey. Couldnt the giant fall on dumbledoor and Snanep?

Gojin posted a comment on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 1:41am for Storm Surges at Dusk

I personally think even the retaining all the spells he reads a bit farfetched but still believeable to an etent. there is one REALLY good story where harry basically specializes in runes. he is MEDIOCRE at best in pretty much anything else. i LIKE that. it makes harry believable. yet people complained how weak he was in other skills. its like harry could set up some runes and DESTROY dementors with them, and people moaned because his spellcasting wasn't epically powerful. EVEN while not the best with a wand he still came out fairly well.

Bthumper posted a comment on Friday 15th November 2013 11:24am for Storm Surges at Dusk

I like the Mongouse and snake thing but how about using something like that if you write another story with Harry Potter? You know, turn old Voldie into a snake and a bunch of death eaters into mongouses? Just a thought. It would be poetic justice that the followers killed and ate the leader. But then I have a twisted sense of humor that my Alice keeps saying it needs explaining. Have a good day and this is very good.


amsev posted a comment on Sunday 12th August 2012 7:31pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

I'm re-reading this story for the third or fourth time, and the loss of Poppy still made me break down and cry.

darridle posted a comment on Saturday 17th December 2011 6:12pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

:( Poppy is one of my most liked chars... when she isn't shown as bad person for ignoring the signs of Harry being abused or such. On the other hand, she's a good "good" main char to kill off, when one doesn't want to kill of the stereotypes, well done .)
TBH, this is the first fic, where I see her killed, without or even when all other ppls in Hogwarts bite the dust.
*chases of to the next chappy* this story nearly done and still the sequel open *squeels*

Puffyboots posted a comment on Wednesday 1st September 2010 4:58am for Storm Surges at Dusk

Poppy Pomphrey dying made me cry...she's one of my favorite characters, and the way you portrayed her death made me very sympathetic.

Till the next chapters,


Bexis posted a comment on Monday 12th October 2009 3:14am for Storm Surges at Dusk

Liked the staffs. That's pretty original.

Also liked the Jurassic Park coffee ripples.

I liked the description of a totalitarian takeover. It was quite realistic.

malfoie posted a comment on Monday 15th June 2009 6:51am for Storm Surges at Dusk

Well you also have to think that yes you gave him all thought gifts but you also took away the one thing we was really good at and what kept him alive through all the stories and that is his speed with a bum leg he wont be able to move like he used to. Plus what good is being buff and can lift a car if your bum leg can't handle it.

kinkade0001 posted a comment on Wednesday 13th May 2009 12:44pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

Super Harry is fine, it's when they start to make every one supper that they go astray. If I have to read one more story were Harry has just enough super power to kill moldywart, but the Weaslett is a super nova wrapped in a fission bomb with Vela good looks and a nasty temper it'll be too soon. One other pet peve. Yes, the Bat boggie is a nasty little trick she has, but honestly people, it's not the end of the world. Full grown wizards should not cringe in terror and flee before her. Especialy not her brothers. Ron, yes, Fred and George, nope, Charlee? ( the man gets off on working with fire breathing flying lizards) nope, not scared, and Bill the guy who taught it to her. Would he be scared? Hell no. It's a nasty child's curse, but not nearly as bad as what Draco, or Greengrass would use. posted a comment on Wednesday 6th May 2009 9:47pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

How could you kill off Madame Pompfrey bad form bad form

Sankara posted a comment on Tuesday 16th December 2008 6:54am for Storm Surges at Dusk

So - just out of curiosity - am I the only person who thinks that Azkaban sounds a lot like Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Bay? And that the authors might well be attempting to make a subtle political point by having Voldemort and the USA form the same type of prison camp?

kryptikk79 posted a comment on Saturday 6th December 2008 9:33am for Storm Surges at Dusk

derka derka derka boom

RockBiter posted a comment on Friday 22nd August 2008 4:24pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

Still reading. Still intrigued.

nelgraf posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 6:13pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

It’s not necessary folks, really. Super Powered stories are hard enough to write and make believable without giving Harry laser beams for eyes, retractable claws and cat fur .

cat fur ? explain the super power in cat fur. (hairballs don't count)

ROBERT_1958 posted a comment on Saturday 1st March 2008 2:52pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

Same here:

When Harry or others get extra power(s) or thangs it would be nice if the auther used what EXTRA were taklked about in the story.

I mean Harry or people get Houses, money, extra powers, etc., USE THEM in the story.

You had other stories pleas add a link so we can find them?

Thanks for the story.

Graham V posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2008 11:43am for Storm Surges at Dusk

This is more than a little nit picky but after the giant throws the girl to the ground when harry summons her I dont think she move perpendicular to the ground. If she moved perpendicular it would mean she'd zoom back to the giant. I think you meant parallel to the ground. Perpendicular means a 90 degree angle inbetween the line and compared surface. For example if I have a flat straight line another line that is perpendicular to the first line would point straight up into the air. So other than being nit picky an more than a little nerdy I've really enjoyed your stories. Keep up the good work

Chuck Dunphy posted a comment on Saturday 19th January 2008 8:53am for Storm Surges at Dusk

I really like your story. I find it humourus(dont know if that is spelled right)that you had to point out to people about the quibbler line,I am no goin to give you some random set of letters to tell you how funny it was but I will just just say i read it twice and laughed both times.I agree with you own super harry stories though he is gonna half to be a pretty bad dude to take out voldie.I ramble to much here but it has been a very well written(and enjoyed), story so far

dadscooking posted a comment on Sunday 23rd December 2007 12:18pm for Storm Surges at Dusk

To address your comment "what took you so long?" (to find the story), I live in the age of instant gratification and HATE waiting for updates, so of which never happen.


Christmassy regards,

Dragen posted a comment on Saturday 10th November 2007 11:54am for Storm Surges at Dusk

What a sad end to the chapter, it's a shame that Poppy is dead.

GryffindorDragon posted a comment on Sunday 3rd June 2007 2:04am for Storm Surges at Dusk

'if you think . . . you’ve got another thing coming' -- the saying is actually, you've got another think coming; I realize that, because of the similarity in sound, it has been corrupted in common parlance.
'I should have talked to about it first.' -- incomplete thought -- talked to whom?
So sad for Pomfey.
Too bady Harry didn't let the Giant drop on the Shrieking Shack (I know, bad idea; but funny; I can just see Snivellus crawling out of the wreckage; 'Potter, you ruined my potion; I know you did that on purpose . . .') -- but Snape's and Dumbly's absence is probably an indication they weren't home; unless they're just evil gits who'll stay hiding and let other people suffer.