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h4hr posted a comment on Saturday 23rd January 2010 12:49am

I loved your story even though I thought Harry's leg problem was a bit over done to my taste. Your witty disclaimers were great! At times I thought Hermione was out of character in her reactions to some things Harry did, for example I didn't think she would get upset with him for starting her parents core for them.

I only read Harry/Hermione pairing stories as I can't stand the cannon pairings nor do I think Draco, Snape, or Dumbles need to be rehabed nor become Harry's friend.

I hope you write more Harry/Hermione stories. As a team you two are my favorites as well as Merlin's apprentice/(her husband) writing team.

Steve aka H4Hr

wilfite posted a comment on Thursday 14th January 2010 2:12pm

"Suddenly a machine barks and killing all on the stage." After the last authors notes saying one of your peeves is not testing a beta, I have to say I think yours is sleeping on the job.

wilfite posted a comment on Tuesday 12th January 2010 12:42am

An interesting beginning. I hope Fawkes shows up with Harry soon. Might have liked to understand a bit more about the Matura Magicus, but looking forward to more.

slashslut posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 9:11pm

im left breathless ...

hbpsux posted a comment on Sunday 3rd January 2010 7:04am

I agree with Bob's opinion on HBP, mainly because of the lack of any development in Harry's wizardry and also the way she handled the ships till then (Incidentally - I liked how the movie showed the development of Harry/ginny relationship and I liked that aspect of it. The book should have started a relation between Harry/Ginny past GoF and shown a gradual development, which it did not and was not believable - the movie was much better than the book, which I thought was the weakest of them all).

Regarding this story, I like the power level of Harry and love the Harry/Hermione relationship portrayal. Good work

rocketboy08 posted a comment on Saturday 26th December 2009 10:26am

Wonderful story! However, for super Harry fics I do prefer [u]Potter's Revenge[/u].
Although it's clear there are permanent magical injuries in canon, I was curious why some type of prosthetic either muggle or magical wouldn't be beneficial to Harry's damaged leg? Wouldn't the Granger's as medical professionals suggest this?
I do have a couple things that I disagree with in the story, one is I felt there were a few times where Hermione was left watching from the sidelines like a damsel in distress when I would have expected her to jump in to the fight with both feet.
The other is more philosophical concerning the attitudes of killing being called murder. I disagree with canon and in this story, not that Harry feels he must become a murderer by killing Riddle, that feeling is expected, but it should be understood that killing in defense of yourself or others needs no further justification, and is not murder. Remorse is healthy and to be expeceted, but any deaths as the result of a crime are the fault of the criminal. I never see an author explain that to Harry. He may be allowed to rationalize having to kill, but rarely are the moral burdens lifted from him.

yohannest posted a comment on Thursday 24th December 2009 8:32am

awesome story please keep on writing your most brilliant story please keep it up

Sankara posted a comment on Thursday 17th December 2009 4:43am

While I enjoyed the story a lot, I can't help notice that a few of the things you rant about in your "pet peeves" section seem to have made their way in to this story.... (such as your rant about a super-powered Harry not needing to have super-powered friends, and then bumping up the power of Draco and Ginny, and making Dan and Emma magical, or the idea that super-powered Harry doesn't need "special toys", then giving your super-powered Harry a large, ethereal dog as an assistant. There are other examples, but you get the idea).

Sandra Smith posted a comment on Tuesday 24th November 2009 10:23am

I just reread this story and loved it as much as the 1st time I read it.

h4hr posted a comment on Wednesday 11th November 2009 12:52am

I loved your story. Your authors note at the beginning of each chapter was quite entertaining.

I only read Harry/Hermione stories as I really don't like the weasley youngest kids. Ginny is ok but there is just no support in cannon to suggest Harry would end up with her. Ron is just too infuriating to consider as boyfriend material to anyone let alone to Hermione.

I hope you write some more stories with H/Hr.

misto713 posted a comment on Saturday 7th November 2009 4:37am

"The man got only a few more steps before being overwhelmed by the dog sized spiders." Dog sized? You mean Hagrid sized, don´t you? An acromantula is cca 2 meters high, extremely inteligent and very, very poisonous. ;) Sorry for being a canon-freak here, but really, one part of the story where you wouldn´t need to exaggerate at all and it would be freaking scary and you don´t use the oportunity T_T

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 4:21am

"Ragnok said with a toothless smile." Did I miss something? Did you beat all goblins teeth out of them somewhere in a disclaimer I oversaw? ANOTHER toothless goblin? :D You don´t like them all that much, do you? ;)

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 3:57am

"The goblin smiled toothlessly. “Follow me.”" Why are all your goblin toothless? Goblins have sharp pointy teeth of cruel wild bloodthirsty beasts, as much as I know. Besides, have you ever seen a ruthless banker without some sharp fangs? :P

Every sentence with a goblin has the goblin without their teeth. Their smiles are always toothless. Please, don´t torture them anymore, give the goblins back their teeth, I´m sure the will behave. ;) (as much as they can, anyway.)

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 2:01am

Pet Peeves, hm? I personally don´t mind if an author gives us one chapter long and the other less than half the lenght of the previous one. At least we got a new chapter. What I don´t like is when authors give their hero some new power or weapon, but he never uses it. NEVER! Not even once. Like giving him a staff perfectly attuned to him, but he will still use his wand and the staff is somehow forgotten. :/ He won´t even use it in the final battle and end up injured and exhausted. That is so unprofessional x_x

misto713 posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 1:27am

"Besides, I’d follow Susan into You-Know-Who’s lair, if necessary." -I just had this mental image: what would Voldie look like if teenagers started to break into his lair to show their feelings for each other? A snogging session on side as well while they are there, maybe? All that looooove around him - I think he´d die on spot :D The power Voldie knows not - teenage love confessions and snogging sessions. XD

past posted a comment on Thursday 5th November 2009 10:04pm

great story, although I am not sure what I enjoyed more... the story or the notes! I know it has been a while since this was posted, but I still feel obligated to leave a review. I am positive a lot of work went into this and that should be recognized. I am a fan of the Harry and Hermione pairing but have found that it is difficult to find quality lengthy sotries with the pairing. Love the AU, I am currently writing a AU fic where Albus is the bad guy and voldemort is the good guy, because I thought it would be fun to twist the canon facts.Great job! now i am off to the sequel.

sempracaveas03 posted a comment on Monday 26th October 2009 1:32pm

Hello dears! I enjoy this story so much, that I believe that this is the third time I've read it. I also realized that I tend to notice details that I missed the first (and second) time. Like Draco saying that none of the Malfoys or Blacks were worth talking to. Well I could agree with him on the Malfoys (none that we've met so far would be worth talking to, and they all seem to still be alive as well), but I can think of at least one Black - Sirius. But then, Draco didn't know Sirius (or probably grew up hearing all sorts of bad things about him) and thus doesn't know any better. Maybe that's why Harry nodded in agreement with him ...

Anyway, keep up the fantastic writing!

Happy Snorkack Hunting (don't you just love Luna?)

Ratboy posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 8:40pm

I know this is a late review, but in an earlier chapter you said that Harry's eyes had improved, but in this one he was wearing his glasses when Snape tossed him against the wall before the feast. Is he just wearing them as a ruse, or have they only improved a little bit? Again, sorry it is a late review, so here is a gross of doughnuts,a 12" mead scope and a bakers dozen of portable tactical nukes.


Gatonio1 posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 7:17pm

I just finished reading your amazing novel and am sorry have not reviewed chapter by chapter but found myself far too captivated to stop and review. I am thoroughly enraptured by your work and was introduced to it through one of the reviewers of my own stories who suggested to read it for inspiration to write a good Draco-Luna relationship. I've spent the last four school days reading this book and have not stopped even for a moment. I was thrown out of my English class because I found your work far more interesting than following with John Donne's poetry.
The ideas and lengths you've employed to make this story travel are truly fascinating and inspiring and I hope to someday write something of this magnitude and length. Its to put it simply, awe-inspiring to see something so fascinating and unbelievable and I agree there are a lot of people on fanfic that have been inspired by your ideas.
I would highly appreciate you reading and perhaps reviewing my stories on fanfic at

Kisses and support,
~ Gatonio

artaud91 posted a comment on Monday 12th October 2009 8:48am

Your writing skills are incredible you had me in tears during Harry's breakdown in the pool with Hermione I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this fic and any others that are to be written

Please continue this magnificent skill of yours