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Glacialis1 posted a comment on Friday 27th November 2015 9:05am

Did this chapter get revised? I read this story a long time ago and I recall Hermonie and Harry wearing insulting t-shirts and Hermonie flipping Voldemort the bird. But maybe I am just getting old. Still a great chapter.

Jon08 posted a comment on Monday 24th August 2015 4:49am

Enjoying this immensely.

Just one minor point which makes me think you are not British, Since World War II, the UK has had no notes of £100, the highest note in circulation is and was at the time of this story £50, so as to your small point, even Vernon Dursley would know a £100 note to be counterfeit, then again he's such an ingnorant bigot, he probably would just think he's never been given one before as most people deal with 10's and 20's in everyday business and indeed to this date, 2015, a lot of shops refuse to take 50's for fear of forgery.

frazzled posted a comment on Saturday 4th July 2015 7:23am

I can not believe it took me about 14 readings of this story and a number of years to connect the mention of Percy's shoelace & the dark mark on the sole of his foot! Makes a lot more sense now! doh!! As you can guess, big fan... love all of your stories!

amandalmalfoy posted a comment on Sunday 26th October 2014 12:43pm

I have to disagree with your pet peeve on this chapter, I prefer to have a numbered chapter due to the fact that most authors who name their chapters have a tendency to give away exactly what's going to happen in said chapter. That of course makes the story too predictable, I would rather be surprised by what I read in the chapter rather than knowing ahead of time because I saw the name of the chapter.... But, to each their own I suppose. :D

amandalmalfoy posted a comment on Saturday 25th October 2014 5:03pm

The Brotherhood that Dan spouted off was amazing! I loved that little addition and I really hope you expand on that! YAY!!! I'm so excited with this fic!

amandalmalfoy posted a comment on Saturday 25th October 2014 1:51pm

I completely agree with your pet peeve about authors begging for reviews, it's so annoying! Like, just write the damn story already! I know you asked not to cannon pick, but I can't help it! While I'm completely enjoying this story, I wonder why you chose to build another house for Sirius. He detested Grimmauld Place, and only went there because he had no other choice. I wonder why you wouldn't have created some spell to make it impossible for the Order to return to Grimmauld Place. Of course I've only just finished the first chapter, and I can accept that there is a very good chance my question will answer itself.

lwj2 posted a comment on Friday 11th July 2014 4:21am

You're horrid authors, keeping me sitting in front of the monitor like this. As a punishment, you both will consume a large bowl of gulyás and noodles. Eat it NOW!

Thanks for writing and sharing your stories.


Gemini-Victoria posted a comment on Wednesday 29th January 2014 8:26pm

may I make a point regarding your Wizard's Debt statement? Pettigrew never tried to harm Harry in book 5, I say this because when he tried to in book 7, this own hand strangled him. (think Malfoy Manor chapter) Therefore I do not believe that you can betray a Wizard's Debt even if you wanted to.

atymer posted a comment on Friday 3rd January 2014 1:33pm

This was recommended to me and I am very happy to say, it was a very exciting experience. It has all the Kudos I would give fast paced adventure. Harry is vunerable and all that power is scary enough for him to step very carefully and worry about drowning in it. The best part about this story for me is, with all the troubles, Harry isn't whining! He suffers, yes, but he doesn't belabor the point endlessly like some stories I have attempted to read. I really dislike whiny Harry.

I appreciate the authors ability to flesh out the characterizations, and oh yeah. The Draco Luna pairing has been quite interesting and amusing.

jennixst posted a comment on Wednesday 4th December 2013 3:25pm

I have to sy I have really enjoyed reading this so far. Its so good to read long, well written fiction.

Bthumper posted a comment on Friday 15th November 2013 11:24am

I like the Mongouse and snake thing but how about using something like that if you write another story with Harry Potter? You know, turn old Voldie into a snake and a bunch of death eaters into mongouses? Just a thought. It would be poetic justice that the followers killed and ate the leader. But then I have a twisted sense of humor that my Alice keeps saying it needs explaining. Have a good day and this is very good.


Aryia6426 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd August 2013 7:02am

Did you know that in chapter 20, when Dan walks in on the naked duo and half-confronts Harry, you had Harry comment on the adult age in the muggle vs. Magical world backwards?

bearblue posted a comment on Saturday 18th May 2013 11:18am

Amazing story. Very compelling and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it.

foodfighter posted a comment on Friday 17th May 2013 7:42pm

Good chapter. Interesting take on Draco.

foodfighter posted a comment on Friday 17th May 2013 6:09pm

Amazing writing. I would have appreciated it though if you didn't give Harry the power of wandless magic quite that quickly.

The quality of this piece of work so far is very impressive. I wouldn't say that it is better than Rowling's own work (which is professionally copyedited anyway), but the quality of the work is pretty close.

hill89 posted a comment on Monday 15th April 2013 3:10pm

U know i realy love u guys u have a way with righting that make me stay with a story till the end. i love u on fanfiction and i love u on here i just wish u would up date all the time but i know u have or personal life to deel with so all i can say is keep up the good work.

Rico Perrien posted a comment on Saturday 30th March 2013 8:10pm

As always, your plot bunnies have far greater longevity and convoluted paths than any I have been attacked by.

I must say that I have started to skip your disclaimers (entertaining though they be) in my eagerness to get back to the story. You have developed an amazingly detailed description of the world of HP going down the toilet in a major way, yet with hope still alive.

As to big D, the wisdom is to not believe your own press releasess.

Thank you for this, and I intend to start Sunrise immediately. I may actually have to do work this week, unlike last week when the call of the sunset was too strong to resist all to often.


megchad22 posted a comment on Wednesday 20th February 2013 6:36pm

I absolutley adore this story. i've read it and Sunrise at least 3 times. Also in defense of people wh work on multiple stries at once, since I am one of the many, i actully can't just sit down an write a story or chapter. Even if I have the words in my head I'll get maybe a couple paragraphs down then be compelled to move on. It is very fruterating on this end too.

thomasnealy posted a comment on Friday 15th February 2013 11:37pm

I'm a little confused as to why every one has to stay. The prophecy never said that every one had to stay. he should start the evac as soon as possible.

thomasnealy posted a comment on Friday 15th February 2013 10:14am

I would love nothing more then to see harry kill Dumbles and Snape. At this point i think I may hate them more then Voldy