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AnnaTigg posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 4:57pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Fantastic, a new chapter of Mutant Storm, what a lovely thing to see on a Monday morning! And a great chapter too! Loved the Horcrux-retrival operation, and Harry's retrieval of the real thing from Grimmauld Place once he made the connection. Nice Harry/Ginny section and I liked the interactions between Harry and Hermione and Remus. So poor Draco is feeling put-upon, aw, what a sad little Death Eater he is...McGonagall coming round to Harry's point of view is good, and Dumbledore really needs to start paying attention to what's going on here. Listening to his trusted Deputy Head might be a good way to start...Hope to see more of this very soon.
P.S Thank you Bob from saving us from some of Alyx's more random and bizarre plot bunnies (donuts would be winging their way to you if I wasn't scared of Alyx coming after me...)

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 4:20pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Woo Hah! Fyrecat's omake, for the win! :)

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 4:16pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Pretty solid chapter. Thanks for the update.

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 4:01pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

My idea of how this scene could have gone...

Harry paused just outside of the Great Hall and turned to face Severus Snape.
Snape sneered. "Twenty points from Gryffindor for not showing the proper respect for a Professor."
Harry shrugged and started to turn away, but Snape grabbed him roughly by his arm.
"I want to know what you've been doing, Potter. I know you're up to something and I'm not letting you go until I get an explanation."
Snape pushed Harry back into a wall and the young man grunted in pain and dropped his books.
A small crowd began to form to watch the impending fight.
Harry glared at the hated Professor, quickly losing his patience.
"About that ..." Harry said, raising an index finger illustratively, "Why don't I show you?" Suddenly Harry's hand snapped out with seeker-quick reflexes, driving his thumb deep into Snape's eye socket. Blood and goo squirted out around his thumb as he quickly withdrew it, re-chambering near his shoulder, just like Logan had taught him during all those hours of combat training over the summer.

"AAAHHHHHH!!!" Snape screamed, clapping both hands reflexively to his injured eye as he instinctively lurched back a step to escape the pain. his one remaining eye screwed up in pain.

Harry relaxed his body stepping forward and driving his palm into the taller man's sternum directly above the heart in a powerful palm-heel strike that drove the air out of Snapes lungs and crushed the heart.

Snapes eye popped open in surprised terror as his lungs struggled to draw breath that his stunned diaphragm just couldn't generate. His left hand dropped limply to his side as his right clutched at the pain in his left arm, cradling his chest.

Harry stepped back out of arm's reach, watching stonily as Snape collapsed roughly to his knees.

After a long moment, a 7th year huffelpuff boy whose name Harry did not know approached with a look of mixed fear and awe on his face. "What did you do?" he asked.

Harry didn't look away from Snape's impotent glare. "He's having a heart attack." He said. It was close enough to the truth without getting onto details about shattered suspensory ligaments around the heart that no-one would understand. "He probably won't survive."

"Really?" the boy asked hopefully.

Harry turned his head to look in surprise at the boy's tone of voice. His eyebrow raised as his head twitched in the smallest of nods.

"Good!" said the boy, turning to face his most hated Professor. "I have wanted to do this for years." He said hawking up a giant loogie which he spat directly at the Professor's face.

Snape was still making small sounds as he struggled for breath. His eye widened in surprised indignation and swiveled to stare at the Huffelpuff.

A small 4th year Ravenclaw girl stepped up on Harry's other side "And you're a bad teacher!" She accused as if it were the worst insult she could imagine. For a Ravenclaw, maybe it was. Her hand raised as if to slap the greasy man, but she was obviously flustered by the gore on his face. After a moment's hesitation, she eventually settled for a small kick to his thigh.

It was as if a dam broke and a tide of students flowed in to surround the school's most hated Professor. Fists and feet flew at Snape from all directions as seven year's worth of scorn, ridicule, derisiveness and pain all came home to roost at once. Harry stood like a stone on the shoreline as the tide of children rolled in around him. He watched coldly as Snape toppled and went down under the force of the wave.

There were shouts of "10 points from Slytherin" and "you get a T" as well as many other more visceral and personal words rising from the general roar of melee surrounding the felled potions master.

After a while Harry looked up to see McGonagle, frozen in the doorway her face a mask of horror as she watched years of venom pour back onto another professor. Their gaze met, Harry simply stared blankly into her stunned eyes for the space of a few heart beats, then turned his back and walked away. The tide of students flowed around him, eager to fill the space he vacated, anxious to get close enough to take their turn at Snape or to shout encouragement to those who were.

Eventually, Professor McGonagle's legendary self control reasserted itself and she raised her wand casting a cannon blast charm usually used to signal the start of a quiddich game. The sudden BANG! startled the students out of their frenzy. they parted like birds before her approach, stepping back from the fallen man, but it was obviously too late. His broken and bloody corpse lay, limp and lifeless on the cold, hard flagstones of Hogwarts' courtyard.

"Well, that was pretty unanimous." Stated the lone voice of Luna Lovegood into the silence.

fyrecat posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 1:24pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Another great chapter, as always.
Consider this the part where I whine about the time between updates and make an idle threat/bribe for you to update again soon.
I really am enjoying the character development and interaction, especially between the 6.
I really hoped you'd let Harry beat the living $(-)!#@ out of Snape when he shoved H up against the wall! Ah well, I guess we must wait a while longer for Snivelous to get his first helping of just desserts.
Thanks for another great chapter. I will watch my inbox for notification of a new chapter!

Arvin Betancourt posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 1:04pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Really good chapter.

bonnie posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 12:25pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

loved the new chapter. Remus' reaction to Harry asking when he stopped being his own man and became Dumbledore's follower was enlightening. It was like he'd been asleep and someone had just woke him up. Minerva's reaction to Harry's panic attack was also good and puts her more on Harry's side in the conflict between Harry and Dumbledore.

Stick97 posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 11:51am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Not a Canon Ginny fan, but you are writing her as a fleshed out character, which makes a huge difference. You can see her maturing, and you are actually developing her into a good fit for Harry. Her learning about the muggle world, and being willing to fly with Harry are all great examples.

Great story, and looking forwards to more.

Harriverse posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 9:47am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

You guys are a hoot! Story--like it!!! X-Men, you really know them. I haven't even seen the latest movie. So Snape is spying on them, the ministry and who else? I don't think Blaise has the resources. Anyway, you make a terrific writing team.

David Shadel posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 7:07am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Great chapter.Im glad to see Gin and Harry get togather, even if they go slow,they blong togather. I love this story and im glade you did not give up on, cant wait till next update

E5150 posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 5:37am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Spent the last few days reading this story. Interesting concept. I find the dialogue to be a bit forced at times, but overall a really good story. Looking forward to when Voldemort is finally dealt with, there's still Magneto out there. :D

Tlcatlady posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 3:08am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Another great chapter guys! I especially liked Logan's comment on Dumbles' stupidity...wizard minority and all! Thanks for the great chapter :) TLC

Erik GL posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 2:13am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Thank you for the update. As always I enjoyed your writing. I look forward to the next chapter!

BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 1:43am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Normally I'M not a Harry/Ginny-fan. But your story is way too cool to be dropped because I'm not 100% for this ship! Also you somehow have a talent to make it seem... right (JKR absolutely sucked at that! Sorry if you don't share my opinion in this point...)
So... I still really enjoy reading your perfect crossover story and the ways it turns out. The X-Men fit in perfectly (as expected^^) and Harry's flying skills still seem to be natural.
The way Harry got the real Horcrux was very smooth as well (far better than in the canon!)
Your version of the story is just... perfect!

Keep up the good work and please update soon!

See ya, Baltaine

liquidfyre posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 1:15am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

How stupid are people anyway?


go you dinks and look at their other stories there are a few ginny ones.

Damn good story so far guys keep up the good work

Oh and let us know when to expect HP/WoW chapters to start appearing.

00_Knight posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 1:09am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Don't like the ship? Sure I don't like it, I love it!

As always an excellent piece of work, you could say it was "Phelp-tastic!" if you like Michael Phelps, but if you don't just replace "Phelp" with "Fan"!

As to your comment in the disclaimer about review whoring, I don't mind how long you guys decide to wait in posting, just so long as its not a cheap version you could find on All good stories are worth waiting for!

-P.S. I know you guys wouldn't do anything cheap! =D

Illusia posted a comment on Sunday 16th August 2009 12:39am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

JKR really ruined Ginny. I like the girl but not with Harry :) I have found few stories where they seem to fit together very well. But in them Ginny hasn't been what he was in canon, so hopefully you'll end up turning her a little better as well *just hoping*

liquidfyre posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 11:22pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Oh and Puh-lease arcane mage? Dude its the power of luuuuuuuv and goodness and happyness and all that crap that harry boy wields. He would totally be a Paladin. Possibly tempted to the dark side and becoming a DK but then redeemed by his love for Sylvanas (i think its sylvanas never played horde hardly),but anyway for the banshee queen of his heart.

liquidfyre posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 11:11pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Oh SWEET yall are doing a HP WoW crossover?

I can't wait Harry Potter and the Throne of Ice

You can use that title if you want it would so totally rock. Instead of the usual Harry and hp fem you could do a cross-over romance. Gotta admit the idea of Harry shagging the banshee queen of the undead is quite intriguing. OH OH OH and could make Ron into a gnome and hermione a dwarf with all the bushy out of control hair.

King InuYasha posted a comment on Saturday 15th August 2009 10:01pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Great chapter. I figured Ginny would like being in Harry's jet. She is a flier at heart and I think she would probably have wanted to learn how to fly a plane or a jet if it weren't for the fact that she doesn't understand ANYTHING about measurements. Considering the Wizarding World is stuck in about the 17th century, there would be no way for her to be aware of accurate measuring, which wasn't possible until the late 19th century and into the early 20th century.