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RedPhoenix_2k3 posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 12:12pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Just took a quick glance at the other reviews and have two things to say:

First, Darkleaf, now you've got the Airwolf suspense music playing in my head. :|

And second, I wonder what Dumbledore would think about giving all the DE's labotomies and then using artificial insemination to continue those family lines?

Strange thoughts but there you go.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 12:07pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Ignore the review button, not on your life and more tomorrow after I re read the chapter and have more chance to evaluate what I am reading. Still, in the mean time, The two of you are so talented that I cannot stop reading your stories no matter how long they have been up and this chapter is no different. Thank you for all the pleasure that you have given to me as I read all your stories and look forward to even more of them as they are posted. the site takes so long to notify me of a new posting that I check morning and night for new additions. Carol Layland>

RedPhoenix_2k3 posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 12:04pm for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Ginny makes a few steps in the right direction and Dumbledore is still going the wrong direction. Poor Remus is stuck in the middle, too.

Too bad McGonagall showed up when she did. I'd've loved to see Harry give Mr. Greasy-do a good ol' muggle thrashing, Logan-style. :)

Thanks for the new reading material. As always, it was worth the wait.

spokaneman99209 posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 11:59am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

I didn't think and X-Man Harry poter cross over would work but I'm impressed keep up the good work

Andrea Kay posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 11:42am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Another excellent chapter... despite the lack of llama's. And considering how irritating the Amazing X-Men have been in recent comics... thank GOD for this story.

Atalas posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 11:35am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

I love it when stories slowly build up the romance like this. and if they can get good, proper descriptions of the other Horcruxes, Harry could just yank them from wherever they are! Though that is exhausting for him, if he doesn't know what it looks like or precisely where it is.

darkleaf posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 11:13am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

You're waiting for enough requests for the next chapter before posting the next one?!?!?!

In that case: It's been over 2 hours now since you've posted the last chapter. Talk about lazy. It's a disgrace to fan fiction authors everywhere to take so long between postings!!!!!

Seriously, that was a great chapter. Seeing Ginny gleefully experiencing technology is nice. The baby steps they are starting to take in their relationship is also well done.

Now, Sir Cadogan and I are off on a quest to find a Harry Potter/Airwolf crossover fic. Till next time... Wish us luck

Kris posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 10:56am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Thank you! Great chapter! I loved the Harry/Ginny interaction, and can perfectly see where Harry is coming from. I also love how Ginny told Jean a thing or two about telling the whole story.

Thank you again for the great update!

Scott Sakraida posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 10:50am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

It is always good to see an update from you, some of the best entertainment there is. And Harry as a DK? Interesting, very interesting.

MonCappy posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 10:29am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

The only character I hate here other than Shit is Dumbledore. Some magical blood isn't worth saving and that includes each and every single Death Eater.

Jamey posted a comment on Friday 14th August 2009 10:26am for Chapter 07 - Eroding Support

Most excellent! Most excellent indeed!

I like that Minerva is finally starting to see what Dumbledore is doing; I'm somewhat concerned that it doesn't seem like the Professor, Jean, and the rest see it that well - and with Jean having seen his memories, and her experience as an X-Man with plotting and scheming, that she would not be a lot more on edge around Dumbledore. However, as a DCite, and not a Marveloid, I must say I really don't know the X-Men *that* well. I'm also rather surprised the X-Men went along so easily with going into the site, without more careful checking first. And I have to wonder why Cyclops didn't simply run a beam all the way through all of the Inferni in one fell swoop.

I can see why you changed the cavern that the pseudo-Horcrux was in - there's no way the entire group could have handled going and coming back the boat that could only hold one or two (though why not a levitation charm to carry them all across? And up out of the way of the Inferni?)

Hermione's blindness is painful to watch, but I have to admit - I have noticed that people can be just that stubborn in holding to their prejudices. Hers is that teachers and other authority figures are good - she hasn't been battered by the Catholic Priest scandals, where even the ultimate paragons of morality fall flat on their faces. I'm not sure even that, though, would have gotten through to her. She has a deep-seated need for an external anchor, fixed and unmoving, and she finds that in books - which embody physically the intangible authority she wants to trust so desperately.

The problem of the death eater children, though, is going to come to a head soon. But I suspect there might be at least one more blow-up when Dumbledore forgets to shut down the device that's tracking Harry's health. Be it honest mistake, or intent to keep control, it will not matter to Harry. And it *WILL* result in Dumbledore needing a completely new office, as there won't be *ANYTHING* left of the one he currently resides in.

There's obviously some kind of synergy taking place between the wellspring of power that drives Harry's mutant abilities, and his magical core. Use of one doesn't seem to exhaust him and prevent him from using the other, and in both cases, his maximum usable power seems to be growing rapidly. By the time Harry's done with his seventh year, he's likely to be a power on the order of Jean or Professor Xavier. He's also going to be looking for something with a *REAL* flight envelope, like maybe the Space Shuttle, or the American Air Force's experimental Aurora plane (which you know, with a few runes here and there, would make a nice little space plane...)