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ginners posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 6:26am

*Demands a refund* Lol just kidding =P

Great work so far Bob and Alyx I've enjoyed every one of your stories so far especially the disclaimers and this one is continuing that streak just as well. I look forward to seeing what directions you both take this story in

Kruste posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 6:21am

Im happy that this Fic is not abandoned. I like to read it. And I laughed my Head off when Harry showed Snape the Middle Finger. I've been waiting for a Fic where Harry does this =)

Yunaine posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:53am

Nice to see an update again, the one shots were fun as well :)

I don't have that many fics posted at the moment, but I can relate to your issue of Voldemort. While not in particular that issue, I have the problem of sometimes missing the "glue" to bind everything together.

A couple of questions that might help a little:
- What would happen if Voldemort informed Harry about leaving the mutants alone and that he only wants Britain? Everyone always assumes that Voldemort wants 'more and more', but if you lock down a country magically and prevent people entering/leaving, then he is in essence the only true power. Would anyone care and how would Harry react?
- What if a muggleborn went to Voldemort telling him that he could wipe out millions of muggles in exchange for leaving his family alone? It doesn't have to be nuclear weapons per se, other weapons could be used as well. (of course the muggleborn would be killed anyway since it would hardly be good to let a muggleborn have a better plan than him)
- Mutants, would they interfere if Harry stayed neutral in the matter of Voldemort or would they step out since Britain labels them as Dark anyway? What if Harry finally has enough and backs away from the school instead of staying? Suppose Ron makes one final comment in the Great Hall and instead of anyone defending Harry, they just watch what he might do... Harry has enough and walks away.

One mild peeve is Ginny in the fic. I realize all too well that it is the pairing and I'm not trying to change that; I even read some more H/G due to this fic.
The problem is more that his new mum knows that Ginny loves him, Hermione knows as well and blatantly tells him. Harry knows as well. It's as if everyone tries to shove it to him and he just has to swallow, digest and go with it... just like everything before (stone, basilisk, ...).
I don't understand why everyone keeps bringing it up. If everyone would back off and they would first start being friends and then fall in love I could understand, but how can someone say that they are in love when they don't even know the person anymore? That's just blatant stupidity.
It just came up several times in this chapter and I don't understand why since it serves no possible purpose other than annoy Harry even further.
Even worse... besides friends that lied to him, someone that now says "I love you" did the exact same. That isn't exactly positive towards ever starting a family or finally getting someone to love you.
Sorry for this little rant :o

Thanks again for the sweet update and have fun writing :)

neely61 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:52am

I like the story and hope you find what your muse is looking for with it. As always I love almost all of your stories and look forward updates on any of them. Keep up the good work (and make sure to hide the doughnuts before alyx finds them!)

Magnificent the Destroyer Lord posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:37am

I WANT A REFUND!!!!!! *snickers*

I can sympathize with your position - most of my favorite fics these days seem to barely have the dork lard picturing in it very much if at all (with few exceptions that are very fun to read). I hope you manage to get the inspiration soon, as your works are always amusing to read if nothing else - and they are great fun to read as well.

Oh, and BTW, here's the number for merc minions if you need help dealing with Hurricane Alix (sp?): 1-800-help-me1

Keep up the great work


P.s. How can I contact the naked doughnut delivery service, and how much will it cost me? *grins*

pnthrgrl343 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:37am

Bloody fantastic chapter, as per usual.

As to Voldemort. Who cares? Finish the story without the "final battle." Have him get killed in some totally random way. Make him get run over by a bus. Who cares? This interactions with Jean and everyone else and how he's dealing with everything is so much more interesting.

bsc3165 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:22am

Dear Bob & Alyx,
Foremost, I hope you & your family are doing well. Regarding your stories, Thank you for posting a new chapter of Mutant Storm and whatever direction you decide to take it will be an incredible adventure for all your readers. I can believe it would be hard to find an original end for Voldemort, and I see his demise as a very small part of this story as opposed to the relationships you have crafted and are (re)creating. Thank you for taking the time to share your gifts with us. Now going back to lurking. Brian

kada posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:14am

I do like how you are dealing with Harry's pain in Mutant Storm; it's very real, and the healing is not a miracle!

I read your note with amusement, because to be honest I find the post-Voldemort scenarios more interesting than most of the pre-V stories. It allows authors to build more depth into the wizarding world and magic without having to rush around to kill off V. And Harry as schoolboy-hero can be a bit of a bore. It's been done ... several hundred times.

So, more post-V, please! I'll be happy anticipating more.

Ingerslev71 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 5:09am

I have no problem with this story going in a direction either around or past Voldemort. Finding new ways to kill of the Dork Lard (yes, I stole that from some other fic out there) can get a bit fact, it's very much what is causing me difficulty in finishing my own HP crossover story (HP/Farscape, in case you're interested).

The issues Harry and Jean brought up in this chapter would make for a VERY interesting story if you chose to explore those further and either leave Moldishorts alone or kill him quickly and move on.

blade2688 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:55am

This story is amazing, I really like the way you guys combined this into an amazing crossover, the only part I dont like at all was the Harry and Ginny shipping. In my opinion Harry should date a girl his own age or someone older, (not Jean's age) but a couple of years. Ginny is young and immature, she is still following her childhood crush. This story has brought her out of her shell, but even in the underlying feelings of it, she is still a "little girl".

morriganscrow posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:52am

A cool chapter, lots of fun to read and with a healthy dose of real emotion.
I agree with the note about Voldemort, and, as your writings post-Voldy are bloody excellent, more along those lines, in that world, would be happily received.

Stanley Chalk posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:50am

I agree that the Voldemort theme is tiring. But continue this fic, please. I love the crossover with the x-men and this is the best i have read. You and your wife are one of the few authors that I look forward to reading. Ignore Voldemort until the end but continue the way you have with this fic. If you must kill Voldelmort the have Harry fight him in the last chapter but not kill him. Have Harry restore the JJ2 to size to leave the scene and the flame blast from the engines kills Voldemort. The power not known. Anyway I look forward to reading anything you write.

SassyFrass posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:37am

I'm sad to see that you're getting bored with this story because I really like it. I suppose you could always take out Voldemort with the X-Men, or some weaponry on Harry's jet, then deal with the inevitable exposure of the Magical world to the Muggles. That could be fun. As long as it stays Harry/Ginny.
Anyway, I really enjoyed the update, and I'm really looking forward to the next one. I really liked how Harry and Jean both dealt with Umbridge. That was just great.

biblios posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:30am

Refund? you mean I could have done before?
I enjoyed this chapter, I like angry harry and non wizard harry or super harry (etc) and I like the way you show he is still a teen and dealing with too much sh*t to see a bigger picture and why does he need to at this time, I did like the snapey bits :-D and a nastier but teacher snape I havent seen, and 'poor little' Malfoy and his potty training problems is just fine. where are the hufflepuffs? and when did Hagrid see the bigger picture and not worship cumbledore?
why need you deal with voldemort, he isnt the main part of the story, harrys power he knows not could be muggles! and harrys hand could be on a button? or my fave the prophecy was fullfilled on the night of 31st Oct 1981, and so harry isnt even relevant! the wizarding world is set to fall to the muggle one and harry could end up being the rallying cry for those who made the leap into the 'real' world and survive! Volde could be run down by a clue bus and or hit by a clue by 4 or... well you see what I am getting at, the story is about harry as a mutant not harry defeats volde! why worry, why kill him off, those who support him are least likely to survive in the 'real' world, darwin at its most sharp?
and I would keep running from Alyx if I were you or find out if the naked dohnut delivery service is an equal opportunities employer and she could get her own lunchbox delivery (snigger) with dohnuts! humm how to display them (waggles eyebrows in an atempt at evil) so order her some ring ones and keep running...
lol ruey

Haeton posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:30am

This is still a great piece, so I will take what I can get. Voldemort could very easily be an insignificant annoyance in this story, when grouped with the other issues facing the wizarding world. Glad to see you back at it and hope you are doing well. The short stories have been thoroughly enjoyable as well.

Thanks for your efforts to entertain.

zac posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 4:25am

we will happily read whatever you choose to write. Thank you.

Dark Angel: Version 4.0 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:53am

*Holds hand out*

I demand a refund!!!!

*Dodges trebuchet-launched flaming llama*

Hey now!!!! Was that really necessary? I was only joking.

But seriously, I love this story and I'm glad that you are back writing on it and others. I can't wait to see where you and Alyx's minds go for this story, because I know that it will be good and keep me on the edge of my seat like all your other stories have.

jamesdaga posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:52am

I agree with your Author's note. Dealing with Voldemort again and again must be tiring for an author. It does tire me out as a voracious reader and I can't imagine how it would be like for you.
Mutant Storm is interesting, but still constrained as there is still the conflict between Harry and Voldemort apply.
On that note, I would like to see you continue Wizard's Fall, as that is a fresher avenue of how Harry deals with life post Voldemort.

pug54321 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:49am

whats wrong dealing with voldie, why not just make that one of his goals to get rid of him and then focus on something else

Ron posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:49am

Hells, Bob, you've already established that Harry has the "power he knows not." Just have Harry teleport him into the sun, or an active volcano, or to the bottom of the sea, just anything instantly fatal. THEN, you can get to the fun stuff of having Harry either deal with his former friends or the REALLY tough job of either eradicating or reforming wizarding society.