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Ian Morgan posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:49am

fantastic update and as long as it isnot cancled and still updates i lookforward to every update
thsnk you

Scott Sakraida posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:47am

I demand a refund! I understand what your saying with being tired of dealing with Voldemort. Especially after sunset and sunrise where he was the main end all. I see Mutant Storm more as the 4th book, where he has to get past all of these other things first, then figure Voldemort out. But you are doing a great job, and its good to see you post some stories after such a long time. They, like always, have been beyond great.

Mordre posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:45am

Wasn't Snape born and raised after the moon landing, and had a non-magical father? Regardless of his feelings towards his progenitor, he should know of bombs and the like...

Not that I like the git.
Great work anyway. And I agree - non-Moldy stories tends to be more interesting to read. And write.

Arandir posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:41am

I hope you find more personal interest in this story. I very much enjoy the way this particular plotline is approaching the genuinely serious issues of the Wizarding World. Introducing the X-men into the mix highlights the fact that the Wizarding World is stagnant and weak, not to mention inbred, but it's a nice point that "Wizarding Britain" can't stay hidden forever, and if it came to conflict with the Muggle world, the Wizarding World would lose, and badly.

Because really, if Voldemort ever really tried to start a war with the Muggles, eventually someone would just shoot him. The Horcruxes are an issue, yeah, but obviously not an insurmountable one.

So sidelining Voldemort, making his death almost an afterthought, and directing this story instead towards the conflict between Mutant Harry and the Wizarding World's status quo (which, one has to admit, created the Voldemort problem in the first place), and hopefully towards a resolution of the WW with its own issues and with the outside world...that would be a very interesting story. One for which I'd check frequently for updates.

At any rate, thanks for the time you put in. I enjoyed this.

Jpatch posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:31am

magic against Magneto might be very interesting

hordac85 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:17am

Excellent.Keep it up.

goddessa39 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:15am

Yeah, Voldemort is rather annoying. Who do you want your enemy to be in this story though-Magneto? Government TopSecret BlackOps fanatisizing on Mutant/Wizard experimentation?

solunvar posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:12am

I demand a refund.

No, seriously, I've liked reading this story so far and I am glad you published another chapter.

I can understand where your difficulties with "Voldemort" come from, the theme gets dull after a while. On the other hand, Voldemort hasn't really been a player in this story, so you can just semi-ignore him. Well, he's going to die at some point, but it doesn't have to be a prominent part of the story.

Keep up the good work!

MstrSwrd posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:07am

*This strictly relates to your end of fic notes*

If Voldemort is becoming boring, then couldn't you kill him off, say, half-way through, and have Harry just dealing with the Repercussions of his abilities, and possibly the battle the Mutants seem to always have with the muggles/ newer battles with magic folk?

If I seemed rude or if I seemed like I was trying to tell you how to write your story, that was not my intention.

sparrowphoenix posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:07am

Thanks for the update. It was worth the wait.

I hope that things are starting to look up a bit for your and your family.

I've enjoyed the one shots quite a bit.

You could always get rid of Voldemort early on, then focus mostly on the inevitable crash between Wizard, Muggle and Mutant worlds. Just a thought.

Keep up the wonderful work.

Blessed Be

icybaer posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 3:06am

Just want to let you know that I really do love reading mutant storm. I'm happy with what ever update schedule you come up, but please do update. I would really hate not knowing what happed to Harry and his friends and family - and not only the "Hogwards ones".

Carol Layland posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:54am

One reason that I like this story is the possibility of taking the HP universe in new ways. At best, at least to me, a story without the worlds worst being will be a wonderful adventure. This chapter is starting out toward the new idea of an isolated culture being asimilated into the common world. Evil is a constant as is the force for good so perhaps the best thing would be to kill Voldie off early and use the setting of this story to bring the two cultures into some sort of working proximity. If you can do this perhaps the story will begin to challenge your intellect and talents a bit more and give those of us who swear by you as authors some more reasons to hang on your every written word. Carol Layland

VelvetMouse posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:48am

Yay! *bounces happily* Very glad to hear that you're going to continue with this story. I love how you're blending the two three worlds (muggle, magical and mutant) and the way you've developed Jean's character.

I also totally agree with you about being sick of Voldemort. I'm finding that I'm looking to read more fics that don't focus on the fight against him. As you said, there are only so many ways to kill him off. There are so many fundamental problems with the Wizarding World as JKR created it, I find it far more interesting to read stories that explore those issues. So, please!, kill off Voldy, and get to the interesting part - "what next?" :-)

As always, I will happily read anything you post. Keep up the good work. :)

coccinelle posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:40am

I'm sorry to hear that you've lost interest in Voldemort. But I understand that there are only so many ways an author can spin his death.
I've always enjoyed your stories and the plot bunnies are quite entertaining and use greater imaginatives story lines. I look forward to more of those and I applaud your sense of imagination!!

whatareyouevensaying posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:40am

This chapter was excellent, although I already miss Scott and Logan. Hopefully we'll see a bit more of them in upcoming chapters.

I couldn't agree more with you about Voldemort becoming stale to write about. I know that I, for one, wouldn't object to having a different antagonistic focus.

Looking forward to more.

Killedbykarma posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:29am

To be fair you could kill of Voldemort fairly quickly in this and move to the much more interesting collapse of the wizarding world. :)
And I'm glad Ginny isn't being crucified or turned into a Saint either. Good for the happy medium.

jessie179 posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:23am

I don't think I've ever read a crossover between X-Men and Harry Potter before, they just never interested me; that is until now.

This is well written and this maybe be annoying but I can't wait for more!

James Porter posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:03am

this is good stuff i allways like what you wright i thank you for keeping it up and entertaining i hope you have a good week and i look forward to reading the next chapter.
james p

cmatbmed posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:02am

Glad to see you back.

I really enjoy the story. If you are looking in other directions to take the story why not move away from the original characters a nice Mary Sue or two. Just unsolicited idea ;-)
Thanks For writing.

Panaka posted a comment on Saturday 18th April 2009 2:01am

Nice update and good job.

If you're tired of Voldie, put a AGM-65 Maverick or two on that jet of Harry's and blow him up that way. Lets see snake face deal with a 125 pound shaped charge warhead (or 300 pounds on the naval version).