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Lee Dickie posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 7:17am

A well written and insightful chapter with a good laugh at the end. Well done & thanks.

Lientjuhh posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 7:14am

haha.. I love it.. Let the deatheaters feel pain because they don't understand muggle.. ;) Well done.. :) Harry finally becomes a X-men.. :) Fun and to bad that we couldn't hear what jean yelled to Xavier.. ;) Harry is using his slytherinside with the bom.. Fun.. And caboooommm.. Well done.. ;) I like this story.. Will it be only harry/ginny or will harry have more girlfriends like davies or greengrass??

darkleaf posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 7:03am

Another wonderful chapter. Anxiously awaiting the next one.

Well, I'm off to find a Harry Potter/Bionic Six Crossover fic.

Jamey posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 6:54am

I seem to remember a similar bomb from Heinlein's Starship Troopers. However, the phrasing is ... elegant. I imagine the Professor will be a bit upset, but it's not their fault the Death Eaters are so certain of themselves that they can't even figure out that if they don't know what it is, it might not be a good thing!

Might be funny if Wormtail is the only one who happens to figure it out, from remembering something Lily said one day, and apparates away to safety at the last instant. Not that that'll prevent the crucios from Voldemort.

I'm loving this so far, and I think you've really hit on the only way Mutants and Wizards really can be integrated. It's a lesson from history more should learn.

Tammin posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 6:52am

Love this story! I always look forward to reading new chapters by you guys. I wonder if Harry has thought about what reaction the International Confederation of Wizarding Communities will have to his ideas about forcing the "Muggle" world to recognize the "Wizarding" peacefully?

Thank you

Bill Hagridsson posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 6:32am

Using the Wizarding worlds prejudices & weaknesses against them. I like that a lot, both in the form of economic warfare and the warning. Very cool. Also, I like the way the relationship between Harry and Ginny is going, slow and steady. I look forward to more of this story.

Milarqui posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 6:05am

Hell, that end was great!!! :D And the plan Harry has developed to make sure that both wizards and mutants can find their place in normal society is quite good as well.

The only thing that irks me is not knowing who kidnapped Jean... was it Snape?

Continue with this story! It's the best!

Philipe posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 5:49am

"I'm a exothermic reaction device! 30" ROFLMAO!!

Loved the end.. Xavier response seems a little strange, since last chapter he order the death of two wizards who, theoretically weren't a danger to damn at the time..

Charles Slone posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 5:34am

a talking full of win. awesomesauce *thumbs up*

Chris1 posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 5:30am

Exothermic reaction device!

Brilliant chapter :D Thank you for another great update.


vl100butch posted a comment on Thursday 24th June 2010 5:17am


I love it, Starship Troopers meets the X-men......

King Darius posted a comment on Thursday 10th June 2010 2:54am

good story so far, liked the fact that you killed off skeeter,even if i would have liked it to be gorier or at least more humiliating, lol. hope you update soon.

King Darius posted a comment on Wednesday 9th June 2010 5:25pm

damn good story so far. havent read thise story since before thiis chapter came out, lol. didnt have regular access to the internet. when i first read the summary for this story i was a little wary about reading it, because its a crossover, and while im a fan of crossovers (mainly BtVS), th vast majority if hp crossovers suck. this one is good. and as for the warnings, lol, i dont have any preferences when it comes to ships long as it isnt slash and its well written, and i LIKE AU stories. i dont see the point in following cannon.

sarahgirl12384 posted a comment on Tuesday 8th June 2010 9:38pm

I just wanted to say that I am loving this story!!! It makes me laugh and cry just like a good story should! I cannot wait for the next update! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

M. F. Enright posted a comment on Saturday 5th June 2010 10:37pm

marginalize ron completely, he can be filch's assistant, hehehehe

millie johanson posted a comment on Monday 10th May 2010 7:10pm

Good luck with the rest of your story I love it.

that1 posted a comment on Sunday 9th May 2010 2:28pm

That was fun. I just finished a re-read of this story.
Keep it up!

Snag posted a comment on Wednesday 5th May 2010 6:02am

Popped by and decided to revisit this story. Good times as always. Hope you find your inspiration for it again soon.

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 9:36pm

Your attempt at evading flames is sad, it makes me cry.

The story is good, I can live with the ship, after all its not like you've made Ginny into an unlikable character, only people with undeniable hatred for a character will not like her, sorta like Ron and I, regardless of any story he is in, no matter what he does, I will always assume that he is doing it for his own reasons and is a git with the emotional range of a grain of salt.

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 6:49pm

I sure can demand a refund, though knowing i'm only halfway through the currently written material I'm not so sad, but still. I want my refund for the eventual pain you will cause me.