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Drakir posted a comment on Tuesday 21st July 2009 1:38pm

Interesting. I'd totally forgotten about this story till the alert reminded me, and yet once I read this chapter, I found myself thoroughly enjoying it once again.

Though, I can't help but be curious; how exactly are you planning to fix the Voldemort problem you spoke of in the previous chapter? Being that the HP-verse is the main universe, I don't see how you could, short of buffing up Snape with the power to snap the Earth in twain with his thoughts. Or making Magneto or some other magic/mutant hybrid go on a rampage.

Personally, I think the magic/mutant hybrid way would be kickass, what with the constant magic/power switching mid-battle. However, creating a new, original character can be a tough chore and, if not totally satisfactory, can turn off the author from writing. But then, that's just my opinion.


Marquis Black
(AKA Drakir)

Mariposa posted a comment on Tuesday 21st July 2009 7:23am

Sweet update! Loved the ending! Love to hate Evil!Snape. Absolutely LOVE Jean and the rest. Want to snuggle Harry!

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An ok chapter, it did not seem to flow as well as your previous efforts. Keep it up.

The French Dark Lord posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2009 2:21am

Nice fic, keep up the good work!

Ohhhdear posted a comment on Sunday 12th July 2009 2:58pm

I'm loving this story. Sunset and Sunrise and Wizard's Fall just keep me hankering for more of your brand of humor and creativity. My only wish is for a "block print" of the entire story (such as is allowed over at Sink Into Your Eyes) so I can read stories offline on my pda. *sigh*

Thanks for the fun!

Celevon posted a comment on Saturday 11th July 2009 3:56am

I laughed for a long time when I read the part about Logan asking about "whore crutches" and why would anyone want to see a whore on a crutch. Priceless!

Being serious now, I hope you have plans on dealing with Snape. He definitely has no place being a teacher, pet of Dumbledore, etc., at Hogwarts.

Harry, in a way is right. Anyone like Malfoy or Zabini who try to destroy Harry deserve to die. To have them arrested,only to have someone like Lucious bribe someone to set them free only to continue on, is just wrong! In a way, Dumbledore is doing no favors by letting such behavior continue.

I don't feel very sorry for "Poor Little Ron". I'm just waiting for the next time he does something against Harry. In my opinion, Ron is no better than an abusive husband. He apologizes, and for a while things get better, but something will happen and the abuse begins again. I know, because I was in an abusive relationship 20 years ago. I finally left and now am much happier. I hope Ron and Luna will get together!

All in all, this is a wonderful story. You are doing a wonderful job in combining X-Men and Harry Potter! I hope to be reading more!

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Thursday 9th July 2009 8:03pm

This story is just awesome. It is the first one I have read that is a cross-over.

I am strictly a Harry/Ginny shipper and the cross-over is an interesting idea...BUT to end this chapter with a cliffee??? How unbeliveable.

I would ask you to update soon, BUT I know you both hate to be told that. So I won't say it.

You both have a unique way of writing that is enjoyable and funny. Keep on writing because your loyal readers will always read it (and hopefully review for you).

Milarqui posted a comment on Tuesday 7th July 2009 11:54pm

I've got a question: how come Lucius Malfoy is still one of Hogwarts' Governors when he had been expelled after the Chamber of Secrets' incident?

Bobmin356 replied:

Simple, really. We wanted him to be on the board. Maybe this is the first story of ours you've read. If so, you should know that we rarely follow canon. That's boring. If we wanted a story that followed, never mind. We NEVER want a story to follow canon. If that's what you're looking for, we suggest you just re-read the books.

Chris King posted a comment on Monday 6th July 2009 8:22pm

As a normal lurker i dont often post or review felt it was about time. love teh story so far even with the errors i see. as for Voldemort getting in the way of your story just off him and have fun with what you write.

personaly i always killing villans with houses :)

Anya McLerie posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 11:34am

Hey, I do understand the boredom with dealing with Voldemort, but you have Magneto,and a lot of Marvel villains that could shove off Moldemort, and then have Harry & the X-Men need to deal with a mutant finding the wizarding world and using it to destroy the muggle, or some sort. Ooh, the complexity. But I am loving this story. It's a different vein, and good to see someone addressed the white-elephant in the HP universe -- abuse doesn't get shoved in a cupboard under the stairs and ignored. It leaves a very damaging mark. Good for you in showing that consequence.

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Ah, I loved that cinematic when I first got the BC expansion, though I think the Lich King cinematic beats it hands down on the sheer bad-ass factor.

Still enjoying this crossover a great deal. I'm happy to see that Harry is making an effort to move past his anger at his friends, though I expect it'll still be some time before he forgives them (if he ever does completely forgive them).

I loved Ginny's scene with Logan and I have the sneaking suspicion she earned a bit of respect from him for her guts.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Tlcatlady posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 6:40am

I just love it when you guys update a story! :) TLC

Vilkath posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 3:23am

Seems like the 'forces of darkness' keep getting one free pass after another. Seriously a killing curse in the hall and Harry coudln't see who did it, fire back etc before a freaking wizard got away? Then they know half the school full with death eaters and they rely on Dumbledore to do something about it.. while he just continiously ignoring it? Plus after finding out how deep Snape's deception went.. no one read Dumbledore's mind? The Man who claims time and again to trust snape.. I would read his mind. He certianly has no sense of morality in reading others so it's only fair. He's the leader the 'light' and their constantly waiting for him to do something.. yet they won't even ensure he's not on Snape's side.

I mean come on, Snape's outed as a death eater, having a horocrux, nearly all slytherin and several the other houses found to have dark marks.. and no one does anything. It's almost bad as canon with Draco.. following him around all year because he's doing something supcicious.. then Doing nothing about it. What is it with having to wait until the plans go off to do something, hasn't any one heard of preventive measures?

It's just stupid that Dumbledore, and by extension Jean and Harry put entire school at risk to play war and spies with Dumbleodre. The school should been closed, muggleborn getting an education at hogwarts is not as important as dying to death eaters.. and I never understood why Dumbledore failed to see that. He rather have a school open in middle war with death eaters walking the halls then close it or do something about it.

Omeganian posted a comment on Friday 3rd July 2009 4:54pm

Is there going to be a vote on who gets Ron?

Bobmin356 replied:

No. Unlike other authors, we don't poll our readers and ask what they want. Ron will get the person we've selected for him.

hordac85 posted a comment on Friday 3rd July 2009 2:33pm

Excellent.Keep it up.

Zeta_One posted a comment on Friday 3rd July 2009 12:13pm

Thanks for the update. I usually don't like AU to much, but I'm a fan of the X-men as well. I like how you still keep this about Harry.

BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Friday 3rd July 2009 3:55am

Gee... I love this story! I hope you two will update it soon...!

fyrecat posted a comment on Friday 3rd July 2009 1:24am

I love this Luna! She's intelligent and frighteningly insightful. Well done.
This Snape is interesting too. I don't think I've ever seen a Snape with a horcrux before. Clever!
As I have said before, I really am enjoying this fic, I just wish updates would come sooner. (but then, who doesn't?)

Editorial stuff:

"I want to be decent shape,,,"
>" be in decent shape..."

"He had heard rumors about her phone, but this was the first time he saw her using it in the castle."
- Tense agreement is off in that sentence. It should be:
>"He had heard ... but this was the first time he had seen her using it..."

"I'm sure we have have this mostly healed..."
>"...can have..."
>"...will have..."

"Jean closed up her medical kit and let the office in search of Harry."
>"...and left the office..."

"Wouldn't any of them served your purpose?""
>"Have served..."
>"...serve your purpose?""

" the grasses in the field suddenly flattened by a blast of hot wind."
>" the grasses in the field were suddenly flattened..."
>" the grass in the field was suddenly flattened..."

"...which caused the ramp lift back into the body..."
>"...which caused the ramp to lift..."

"Realizing the problem, Dumbledore hastily conjuring a drinking goblet."

"...they may ask for you help."
>"...for your help."

Again, I'm really enjoying this story. Thanks for sharing!