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Zamia posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 7:58pm

Just caught up with this. Extremely impressed with how you convey Harry's frustration. Bloody hell, if I had a FPIA nearby, I wouldn't have a monitor left to read this. Enjoyable read. Cheers.

BJH posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 3:27pm

So Harry is OK with killing the bad guys when he has to but Dumbledore isn't.

Ginny knows Harry's ability but he would rather stare down her shirt and give her hickies.

And Snape and Malfoy's rooms smell so bad even the castle itself gets the dry heaves.

So all's right with the world then?


tru posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 1:45pm

Woo hoo its back and as good as ever. Thanks.

NeilDingley posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 9:58am

I noticed the note about disliking Voldemort as the Bad guy of the piece, and had an Odd thought what if the Bad guy of the Story was Sinister, and Voldemort is taken care of by Sinister deciding he would make a good Research Subject (though an uncooperative one) and him becoming Sinister's lab rat. Just some thoughts,

94caddy posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 7:21am

Good chapter and I like the way that Harry is going to handle the war.

AngelQueen posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 5:59am

*giggles* Heh, and here I thought that the other one might be left in Dumbledore's office. I suppose Harry didn't want to incovenience Fawkes. *bg*

Great chapter! Personally, I think that Dumbledore's "putting Death Eaters in prison to rehabilitate them" argument is a load of bull, and not just because of Harry's argument. The only prison the Wizarding World has is Azkaban, and there is no clear effort to do any re-educating there. The place is a massive holding cell, guarded by horrible beings that feast on any positive memories a person has. That is not rehabilitation in any way. So why is Dumbledore so on this track, when he has made no effort to re-educate the Death Eaters in the past? Bella-Bitch and a bunch of her fellow Death Munchers were in Azkaban for over a decade, and he made no attempt to rehabilitate them. I think it's two things: one, Dumbledore is a moron who deserves a good bitchslap from Augusta Longbottom for even the suggestion that there was anything redeemable about Bella-Bitch and her gang. Two, I think he's stuck in the whole "courtly rules of war" mentality, where generals and fighting armies still held to concepts of honor (don't fight in darkness, don't take out your opponent with a knife in the back, etc), concepts that weren't stamped out for good until around World War I. Dumbledore is from a generation where those rules were still a part of the conscious mind, even if they were fading away, and given how sheltered the Wizarding War is from the Mundane World, it makes sense that that mentality would still hold some sway in the former while it died out in the latter.

Okay, I've blathered on enough trying to understand the workings of a moronic, demented mind. I'll just say again that this was a great chapter! Now the DE body count has hit 4! Can I assume that it's going to keep rising, along with Dumbledore's blood-pressure? *cackles*

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 4:02am

Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange both exit, stage down! Mister Malfoy seems to have lost his head....oh my, it appears that Bella did as well.

HGRHfan35 posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 1:24am


Looks like Harry's friends are rallying around him now and the 'Potter Army' is building right under the Old Geezers long nose.

People are daring to nag you for updates.
Why, for God's sake. Everyone knows begging might help more.
*getting on knees* Please Please Pretty Please! :D

Lientjuhh posted a comment on Friday 26th March 2010 12:27am

Fun.. I like this story.. Well done.. :) I like your updates.. :) It is written as a very good crossover.. :)

cheeseycraziness posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 9:56pm

/applauds the choice of Dungbomb Locations/

Christina Keimig posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 9:29pm

Too funny. I loved the final touch of the dungbombs at the end!

I refuse to whine for updates because you guys always write such enjoyably long chapters. Anyhow, this is just getting better & better with each chapter.

Ken Warner posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 8:34pm

Yeah - a pre Christmas present just as I was going to celebrate that it was only 9 months until Christmas Eve.
I really enjoyed the support that Harry is finally getting, both physical in taking out the Carrows, and morally.
Nice as well with the way Hermione is finally getting some emotional maturity to go along with her intellect.

thanks so much for sharing
warmest regards and best wishes

drachen posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 7:56pm

Looking good
Hope in the end Harry tells the British wizards to get stuffed.

harry/ginnylove posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 6:06pm

Great chapter! I love the dungbomb scene!!! I admit neville and hermione together is pretty weird, I have only heard of that pair a few times but have never read a story with that pairing before... It's gonna take some time to get used to but I like it! Who is Ron gonna end up with and when is he gonna find out about harrys mutant ability or is he ever going to find out? Update soon please! Oh and by the way this has become one of the few stories that I am following religiously, just thought you would want to know...

nth_x posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 5:35pm

Very nice chapter. I was excited to see the update. I do have a bit of a complaint/criticism though. I'm assuming that Scott and Logan are mispronouncing wizarding words accidentally, much like purebloods do with muggle terms...but "Chamber of Sucrets"? I mean, c'mon! "Secrets" isn't a strictly wizarding word here; there's plenty of words to get wrong, but that just seemed silly.

Unless they're doing it on purpose to make fun of wizards, in which case it was very funny, and quite clear what you were trying to do...really.

Again, I loved the chapter, and thanks for writing!

Grace Cole posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 5:31pm

I like this Harry. I respect that he is dealing with tough stuff, and I wish he didn't have to be so hard sometimes, but I couldn't respect him if he wasn't standing up to Dumbledore (who is a complete IDIOT!!!!!!!)

jaian posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 4:33pm

awesome story cant for more but wont bug you it seems dangerous for my health

tealover posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 1:09pm

AS always full fun reading, laying the path for the upcoming twists
and hook-ups. I am so glad that this did not get left to waste away in the cyber mind field. it is too bad when the real world and takes up more time then more important things like great story telling.
update again soon.

Bernd Jacobitz posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 1:08pm

Ha, I just would love to see Malfoy's face.

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Thursday 25th March 2010 1:04pm

This is good, Harry has moved past the point of being controlled and is in turn taking control. I am not happy with the part of Jean being kidnapped and Snape thinking she will be his be warmer when all is said and done; they do that and they are going to have a whole lot of mutants (both the good side and bad side) breathing down their necks and inflicting damage. That would be the kind of thing Magneto would want to see happen to justify what he does. Like the bomb bit, though I thought the second would be DumbDumb's office.