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pobolycwm posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 11:59pm

I HATE HARRY POTTER CROSSOVERS especially with x-men cos i love both of them. however you have raised the bar i actually enjoy this one, most x crossovers have him with some x-bird but yours is sticking with hp characters as it should be. bring on the smut though its been 6 chappys with out any atm action, oh hang on thats the dodgy dutch chaps type of thing. if i was a teacher marking this you would have 2 gold stars. an idea for alex of a hp crossover harry gets sucked into an old amiga game called llamatron :) keep up the great work
great cahpter rite more

Banner posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 10:36pm

That's a good explanation for Snape's behavior. I like it - but it does imply that other Inner Circle members during the First Voldemort War might have figured out the Horcrux process, as well.

Dumbledore had attempted to cut Harry's holiday contact with his school friends entirely. It was *Remus* who urged Hermione, Ginny, and Ron to write to Harry and lie about the training. Harry still blaming Dumbledore for the lies.

Did Harry inherit from the Dursleys? Vernon's will probably named aunt Marge. Is Harry listed as missing, or is he wanted by the muggle investigators? There are plenty of people in the neighborhood and British school system who know of Harry's existence, no matter what Xavier did to Petunia and Vernon's memory. I presume that the transferral of guardianship to Jean was properly registered in the States, but was it recorded with the British gov't?

You mentioned that the Black inheritance included more house elves just as twisted as Kreacher. I'd like to know more about that.

One other point: Dumbledore ordered Moody to remove all the remaining books from the Black library while Harry was still in the States (chapt 2). Has he realised yet that a major part of his inheritance from Sirius has been stolen by the Order?

coronal posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 8:33pm

I really like this chapter. The situation with Ron was really well done, and I'm really interested to see just where this will lead.

Once again, your stories are made of win and awesome.

fyrecat posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 4:44pm

Great story so far! I'm really loving the cross genre thing!
However, your editorial skills seem to have slipped since Sunset/Sunrise.
Below are some notes.

Editorial stuff:
"Snape scowled, not use to having anyone..."
> "not used to..."

"He thought about his OWLs and realized that he did as good as he did because ..."
>"...that he had done as well as he had because..."

""I find a nice lemon drop is always comforting after a difficult day." Dumbledore asked..."
- That's not a question, It's a statement.

Love the story. Thanks!

Darak1 posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 3:59pm

The only thing missing is a pro-active removal of marked death eaters and of Dumb-ledore should he still object as that would make him an accomplice to a terrorist organization.

Outside of that I admit to liking your lighter fictions more as your serious one are as well written which causes me to grow angry on reading them because you always have characters in a position to do something but that chose to be inactive.

nancy in chicago posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 3:09pm

Thanks for updating.... I love this story! Of course, I love all your stories....

nancy in chicago

Anansii posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 2:44pm

Hey, if you don't want to mess with Tom "The Annoying" Riddle just kill him off and continue on blithely into Post Voldemort Land. There's nothing inevitable about the prophecy even in canon - it's people's reactions that drive the whole thing. If Harry MUST do the job, have him land the jump jet on him by accident. :) posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 11:19am

Outstanding chapter!!!! Will Ron and Harry be repairing there friendship???? Will we be seeing the beginnings of Harry and Ginny's relationship???? Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please!!!!:):):):)

irishdaddy0204 posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 8:43am

In the words of the almighty Guinness commercial "Brilliant !!!!!"
I love this story and was sooo happy to see it back and updated. As far as Voldiemart and his whore's crutches, let Bumbledore deal with them and have Logan make snake sushi. Just a suggestion, no real need to listen to me..... Thanks again !!!!

bratling posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 8:13am

*ROTFLOLMAO* Logan and the whores on crutches! Okay, now that my keyboard has exploded, and my monitor has been wiped off... I'm glad to see another chapter of this, because it's a favorite of mine. Good job, and I look forward to chapter seven.

ThunderGod posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 7:57am

I am prepared!!!!!

BJH posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 7:30am

I understand the reasons why this isn't the most interesting story to write, Voldemort does get a bit old. On the other hand I really like this story and wish it were updated more often. How about you simply take Voldemort out of the equation? If Harry can teleport without a distance restriction then what is stopping him from using Snivelous to lead him to Tom and then, wearing a space suit, Harry shows up and teleports Tom to the dark side of the moon? In the meantime, Scott and Logan use jump jets to attack the house were the DE meeting is being held, drawn in by a GPS beacon Harry brings with him. Tom is taken out of the picture easily.

So the entire Wizarding World is celebrating, except for two people. Umbridge is conniving revenge since it was a filthy half-blood who killed the Dark Lord, not to mention that he used a mix of muggle and mutant means for murdering so many old Pure-blooded families? (and yes, I like illiteration) And Dumbledore is annoyed because: A) they didn't clear their plan with him first, they didn't even tell him about it until after it was over; B) Snape was killed and Albus is still convinced he was truly on the Light side; C) there are still horcruxes out there to be destroyed; and D) he lost his chance to use the destruction of Voldemort to further his own political agenda. This means the main plot of the story becomes Harry and his family fighting the prejudice of the Wizarding World while struggling with Dumbledore and thwarting Umbridge's attempt to take over the ministry and destroying the Horcruxes.

Or you could just do it your way and ignore what I think, afterall, it isn't my story is it?


Illusia posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 7:20am

You know, or probably don't, but I had a friend who once went to see a shrink. She was a bit confused about life and stuff... and this story does end well, mind you. Eventually she came back to us but changed. I guess she had found herself, where ever she'd been hiding.
Our friend was still there but she was more confident, pushy, talkative etc. Just bursting life. But she was also damn annoying when she went all shrink on us! Not to mention when she went all shrink on herself. She second guessed everything and freudied all silly things. Until one day we ganged up on her and quizzed her around to admitting that you can't live life by psychoanalyzing your every move. Sometime you just have to yank that stick out of your ass and just go with life :)

I just had to tell about if when it seemed to me Harry was she here. :)
He's analysing everything he does. Everything has to have a reason when in fact in life, it don't.

Superb chapter though. Hope to see much much more!

Carol Layland posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 6:59am

A lovely chapter, but more over on Snorkack Carol Layland

vettesr posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 6:18am

I am sorry to hear that you both are growing tired of killing Voldemort. I have enjoyed all your stories thus far. I think there are still a few interesting ways of killing him that haven't been tried. Anyway, I really have enjoyed this story and look forward to new chapters. Honestly you could probably marginalize voldie in this and it still be a good story. Like you both, I have become interested in a good many post voldie stories. Anyway, keep up the good writing whatever story you are working on and thanks for sharing your stories with us

gadriam posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 6:07am

Thank you.
The thought of Hank in Hogwarts, challenging Peeves to a game of tag will haunt me for a while.
Harry being good with kids is a great thing that i can believe. His talk with Ron was great and credible, and this gradual personal glasnost of his is very well written. Logan and Ginny was hilarious, and if i've got her character right, she's already planned a way to fight him while keeping her distance. Your Ginny is fairly clever. Sunshine, donuts and Llamas for all! With ketchup!

Sorry about the rant. I just love this story.


Michael10 posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 5:54am

Another great chapter. I would almost pity the slytherin's, but that would show that I care about them.
I'll laugh my spleen out when Hank meets the Hogwarts staff.
Keep up the great job and post another exciting chapter (soon, please and thank you) and your disclaimers are gut busters as well.

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 4:53am

Very good chapter. please keep this story coming.

joeBob posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 2:39am

Thanks for the update.

Benjamin Frank posted a comment on Thursday 2nd July 2009 2:36am

Update more update more update more please update. THIS IS THE ONLY GOOD CROSSOVER OF HARRY AND XMEN