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Patricia Lee Finley posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 6:36pm

Ah, Logan and the goblins...What fun would that be?! (Reviewer goes into a dreamlike trance just thinking about it.)

Oh yes, aren't I supposed to be commenting on this chapter? Humm,'s probably one of the most satisfying chapters of the whole story. Well except for Umbridge and the Dursley's getting theirs of course.

As far as those damn penguins, they can be found on Nick under the guises of being from Madagascar. Look out for Skipper though; he can be slightly annoying. Private's kind of cute and Rico is just weird.

Glrasshopper posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 6:32pm

Another great chapter, looking forward to more... however.

"George W. Bush and the amazing technicolor troll." Is that really how you refer to someone's wife in America?

And did you know that it was actually possible to work out where people were reviewing from? You would likely need to break a few laws and spend a few days crawling though logs, but it can be done.

Finally, I've found those penguins for you... they're powering your web-server.

megnicole posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 6:30pm

Really fantastic chapter. I guess that Harry got the part where he has to kill someone out of the way, if he gets over this he won't have such a complex about it next time. Is there goin to be smut between Harry and Ginny? I'll send you a giraffe if you update quickly :D haha

TheNekoWithWings posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 5:57pm

Wow! This story is really, really going places. Can't wait for the next chapter! I may have read it and forgotten, but will/has Charlie Weasley become a part of Mutant Storm? Keep up the good work, I hope to see more soon!

anthony w wright posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 5:50pm

I have to say that this story is getting really good but updates are taking forever. Write faster! .....................................Please?

Lottii posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 4:54pm

Brilliant! Thanks for updating! I look forward to the next chapter in due course! Cheers

PS - I'm looking into self medicating and wondered what Bob uses and if it's legal and readily available?

martelcris posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 4:52pm

I've discovered recently your wonderful works but I have two problems:
1)I don't know if I enjoy more the story or the disclaimers and author's notes!
2)are your penguins normal or with laser sight ? 'cause I've a pack of the laser ones that are trying to squat in my flat...I've nothing on penguins but they have quite expensive food preferences (they told me "food or burn")and my finances are scarce. Maybe I can try to rent them, are you interested?

phantom1s posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 4:45pm

As always, I love it.

Lientjuhh posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 3:27pm

I like it.. Well done.. :) Harry and Goblins.. Nice team.. :)

greywizard posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 3:11pm

Glad to see another chapter of this truly marvelous story, guys.

I really like your various characterizations of all the people involved, and I'm thoroughly enjoying your portrayal of Dumbledore as a frustrated would-be manipulator who can't quite figure out why things aren't going the way he thinks they should be going.

Looking forward to seeing just what Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville are going to do to Snape and how they're going to put the screws to him. All I can say is that whatever they do, it's almost certainly not nearly painful or humiliating enough and he's probably not going to suffer nearly long enough.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Dumbledore eventually getting bitch-slapped by Harry, and again, it's almost certainly not anywhere close to what he truly deserves to receive.

As far as dealing with the various Death Eater spawn in the school is concerned, how about having a sudden influx of tectonically unstable shower rooms, where they all suddenly and unfortunately slip on the wet floors during the momentary tremors and snap their necks and various other bones in their bodies?

Liked Rita's unfortunate demise, but again, it wasn't nearly slow enough or painful enough.

And as far as the llamas are concerned, have you considered opening up a Kentucky Fried Llama-burger franchise?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing the next chapter whenever it gets done

JoFarries posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 2:24pm

Oh, and here's a link for llama information, in case you are interested! love you guys!

JoFarries posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 2:22pm

Bob and Alyx: Another Brilliant Chapter! How do you guys do it? Wait! I know. You're just ghost-writing for the llamas, aren't you? No? Did lou look behind the aardvarks for the penguins? Seriously, tho. I very much enjoyed this chapter, and can't wait to find out what happens when Harry awakens. Okay, and speaking of llamas, here's my favorite poem, by Ogden Nash, who lived across the street from a fire house at the time. "The One-L lama, he's a priest. The Two-L llama, he's a beast. And I will bet a silk pajama, there isn't any Three-L lllama!" Love you guys!

irishdaddy0204 posted a comment on Friday 8th January 2010 5:39am

We're not worthy! You are about the best storytellers out there and I especially love this one. Can't wait to see what the gang does to Snape and Ginny implying to Harry that sooner or later she was going to "boff his brains out" was classic. I won't say hurry up but I will eagerly await the next installment and thanks for sharing!!

Puck1 posted a comment on Thursday 7th January 2010 8:57pm

Great story, though I don't plan on reading this with any food or drink nearby if I'm reading it on my laptop. Why? I drive my mom nuts when my laptop is out of commission.

Cynthia Porter posted a comment on Thursday 7th January 2010 12:44pm

fantastic story

Ok how about Harry/Hermione/Jaina (not the all study version, the Icecrown version)

that would be interesting

Hawklan posted a comment on Thursday 7th January 2010 12:20pm

Uihh nice that the students will stand up for themselves and nice that Mcgonogal is willing to help
Harry learn.
hehe Snape won't know what hit him if Ginny and Herm are gunning for him.
Also good to see Ginny is Harry helping to see about love *g*
Bella and Lucy death? Sweet :)
oHH you have to love Xavier, his handling of the Minister was great.
And Bob? Sometimes I think your wife is not happy if she can't start a rant or try to nuke#
someone *giggle*

Mariposa posted a comment on Monday 4th January 2010 2:47pm

Loved the chapter. Loved the AN even more!

Malchior posted a comment on Saturday 2nd January 2010 10:26pm

Will you two adopt me?

Riegert8 posted a comment on Saturday 2nd January 2010 5:50pm

I think that this is really good story, I do hope that Dumbledore and Snape get fired from Hogswart soon. Snape is a evil person that has is very bitter but I see Dumbledore as worse, Snape is not good person and he don't try seem like anything but a vile person. Dumbledore is the Headmaster of a School and one of the duty's of being Headmaster is protect the student's, Since Dumbledore know that Snape is hurting some students tell me that he is not doing his job and maybe it time for a change. I know that Dumbledore has good reason why he allow Snape to get away with so much, but don't matter how good the reason is would never make up for the damage that Snape has cause.

oldescript posted a comment on Saturday 2nd January 2010 3:45pm

I've enjoyed your writing for years but was skeptical when you first approached this work...I'm really're pulling this off quite convincingly...I think it's as good as anything you've two are really good...thanks!