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ravitejafe posted a comment on Monday 17th February 2020 5:13am

Good Post.. Really enjoyed

Miss Millie posted a comment on Wednesday 15th May 2019 4:50pm


I love this story! I just wish it was longer, I think it is the 6 or 7 time I've read it! It's like visiting an old friend.

I am such a H&G fan. Not the kind jumping in bed all the time! I love bonded stories one is Family Inseparable, I think that one I have read even more and told it to dozens of people, lol. I just wish he would write more to it, my friends and I gave him lots of ideas, and a little begging too. I've try ed to finish my favorite stories , or add to the ones I don't watch to end. But alas I'm a reader you are the writer. And I'm so glad you have such a wonderful imagination! Good luck with your writing.

Miss Millie

hellstorm posted a comment on Sunday 27th May 2018 1:19am

I am trying to find the mutant storm full story on but can't locate it. I would love to be able to finish it. Please help me in locating it if possible

LoggingInSucksAss posted a comment on Sunday 9th July 2017 9:58pm

We miss you Bob. Thank you both for all you gave to the community.

Miss Millie posted a comment on Sunday 8th January 2017 2:36am


this is abouth the 5 or 6 time ive reread your story and it feels like its an old friend. i just wished it had been longer or yo would write a sequel. but as you probably wont, i'll wish you and your family a happy new year.

Miss Millie

BooksMH85 posted a comment on Thursday 30th June 2016 7:57pm

Hurrah! Ginny has left her fan-girl mindset behing and is growing up. A more realistic Harry/Ginny romance!

It seems that the old goat really cannot change his way. Snarl.

Thank you once again!

BooksMH85 posted a comment on Thursday 30th June 2016 7:00pm

It is so good to see Neville and Luna getting involved in this tale. In some ways they are the heart of many a story.

I really appreciate that you share your work with us, the readers of fanfiction. Thank you for your kindness. I am imprressed with your creativity and imagination.


Miss Millie posted a comment on Sunday 13th September 2015 8:55am

Hello again,

Thanks for writing this story I love hearing about characters I've never knew before.

Also FYI each time I read or reread it I see things I missed before.

GOOD LUCK WITH ALL OF YOUR WRITING. I hope you an your Muse has a long and happy life together.

Miss Millie posted a comment on Friday 11th September 2015 12:56pm


I love this story I just wish it was longer.......

Keep writing!

Miss Millie

Miss Millie posted a comment on Thursday 10th September 2015 11:54pm


I love this story I just wish you hadn't listened to so many I don't like h&g story I think the last part of your story could have had more charter building Ginny could have been brought into the family more. I can't tell you how many times I've read and reread this story I didn't know anything about the XMEN characters until your story I would have liked a longer and may Ron and Hr could have been?

Good luck with all you do.

Miss Millie

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 2:28pm

After all, the wizards had given him a life away from the Dursleys for most of the year. Wouldn't he see that as worthwhile?

Wow, Dumbledore is truly delusional. Harry already learned who is responsible to sending him to magic-hating Muggles. He can't play the role of savior anymore, and the Wizardling World was probably worse for him than Privet Drive. Definitely more dangerous. So no nostalgic feelings here.

"Last night, one of our students was attacked and brutally disfigured before being transported out of the castle in a clear attempt to humiliate and shame him. I will not tolerate this sort of behavior and I will expel any student who I find implicated in this. The student in question will now have to suffer through a lifetime of living with the disfigurement that was both crude and cruel.

"If the student or students responsible step forward now, I will not expel them, but rather administer a more lenient punishment..."

And that's the worst thing he could say. He certainly wasn't bothered about Harry being disfigured by Umbridge's blood quill. As long as his 'final weapon' can breathe, who cares about his mental and physical state? And then he turns around and threatens the expulsion because of Junior Death Eater. Well, Headmaster, I think somebody;s days in the castle are numbered.

She paused and took a deep breath. "I will offer you one piece of advice, sir. Look up what happens to those convicted of aiding and abetting the enemy in times of war. It's the only time the Muggles allow capital punishment in this country."

Excellent, Hermione! I hope your words will be prophetic!

"I'm a exothermic reaction device! 30. I'm a exothermic reaction device! 29..."

Perfect way to use Pureblood ignorance against them.

P.S. It's a shame the rest of the story wasn't posted here.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 2:15pm

Glad to see Carrows are dead. Harry needed to see that his new family is willing to fight for him.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 2:09pm

Hagrid stood and walked over to his fireplace. Sitting on the mantle was the huge crossbow he normally carried for protection. He cocked the massive weapon and threaded a bolt into it before placing it next to the door.

Can I hope that at least one Junior Death Eater ends up with a crossbow bolt in the gut?

The wolf spider had been hunting all day without much luck and lunch just landed on it's front door. With lightening speed, it pounced, sinking it's fangs into its victim and injecting it's paralyzing poison. Rita Skeeter, award winning Daily Prophet journalist, has just missed her last deadline.

Yes! Excellent ending for Rita Skeeter! Reminds me of the story when she was forced into her Animagus form and fed to Trevor.

The only thing that pleases me more is the killing of Malfoy Senior and Lestrange, despite Harry's bad reaction. It's a question of time before he is forced to kill again, and it's better if he doesn't freeze in the middle of the battle.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 1:58pm

"What am I supposed to say?" he finally asked. "He tore through my mind and left me wide open to Voldemort. He got most of my friends hurt and got Sirius killed. But does anyone punish him for it? Of course not. Instead, they turn to me and ask me to make another sacrifice."

When Jean flinched, he turned to look at her. "What's next? Will you also tell me I have to fight Voldemort? I know you want to know how I feel." He tilted his head slightly, then shrugged. "The answer is, I don't feel anything."

I can understand Harry's reaction. His tormentors are getting away again and again. Umbridge wasn't arrested, Lucius Malfoy was pardoned, Snape is untouchable. Maybe he should start taking care of them on his own, because X-Men, unfortunately, are infected with Wizardling World's mentality and are doing nothing.

The confrontation with the Minister reminds me of the scene when Kingsley attacked Jean. Looks like this Scrimgeour is even worse than his canon counterpart. That's NOT how you make allies! Now not only Harry is firmly against him, he is looking like a fool in the eyes of American Ministry of Magic.

"I'm saying that because if you don't fight him, he will hunt you down and kill you!" she snapped at him. "I don't want you to fight for these people! They are as bad as you have been saying. But if you aren't willing to fight for yourself, he'll kill you!"

I'm sure Harry is aware of that. But staying here means playing by Voldemort's rules. And that's what he wants to avoid.

Once of the major flaws of the Order of Phoenix was reacting instead of acting. They should take the fight to Death Eaters. But I don't see it happening with Dumbledore the Redeemer as a leader.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 1:42pm

"I would do anything to ease his burden, but I cannot," he said in a milder voice. "He has a destiny that will come for him, regardless of how he tries to escape it. It's our job to see that he's prepared for it."

I'm strainin to remember what exactly he did to prepare him to face Voldemort. Because watching Riddle Family Values on Pensieve TV doesn't count.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 1:29pm

Glad to see Neville joining Harry on his morning runs. Unlike Ron, Neville did nothing to hurt Harry, and he wasn't at Headquarters, which is a plus in Harry's books.

"Harry, I know I have made many mistakes in regard to your life and I see now how deeply I hurt you. I'm more sorry than you'll ever know and I hope you'll let me try to make it up to you," Dumbledore said softly."

Actions speak louder than words. If he really wanted to redeem himself, he could start with making sure Umbitch goes to Azkaban for torturing students with Blood Quill. Or give Snape a boot knowing what he did. But I don't see Dumbledore doing anything meaningful, and his empty platitudes worth less than the prayers of King Claudius.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 1:10pm

"Luna glanced up the table and saw that Harry had already left for class. "You know, Hermione, for a bright girl you can be really stupid at times. The papers were full of news about Voldemort, Harry and that prophecy. Your friend has had to face him more times than anyone else. Can you really begrudge him any sort of advantage? He didn't sit down one day and say 'I think I'll develop a very rare talent just to annoy Hermione'."

Minor characters like Luna and Hagrid acting as as voices of reason are probably one of my favorite parts of this story.

"Reality? She's lying to the students! She's telling tales of men on the moon and weapons that can kill millions!"

We can expect that kind of ignorance from Purebloods, but shouldn't Half-Blood Severus Snape know better?

"Things simply cannot go back to the way they were. Too much has changed and I don't know if I will ever be able to forgive Ron for talking to Skeeter. He's betrayed me twice now and I'm not willing to give him another chance to hurt me."

I hope Harry isn't going to forgive about this decision. 'Harry forgives everybody' is one of the most annoying cliches in Betrayed!Harry stories.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 12:57pm

"He turned back to her again. "Do we have to stay here? Can we please just go home?" he asked, the plea in his voice was painfully obvious."

What happened to their earlier promises not to force him to return? Why should Harry save people who treat him like Nazi treat Jews? Why return at all, unless he wants to set the Ministry and Prophet on fire?

It makes a sad kind of sense that the only voice of support comes from Luna.

"Jean sighed heavily and shook her head. "He's a very strong person, Minerva, but he reached his limit at the start of the summer and I intend to see that no one puts anything else on his shoulders."

Then send Harry to Salem instead of forcing him back to Hogwarts.

"But that's impossible!" Dumbledore said. "I trust Severus."

"And my sister trusted Peter," Jean retorted. "Look where it got her."

Excellent point. When you are running the Resistance, trust alone isn't enough. Maybe you should take a leaf out of Moody book and start screening the Order for the potential traitors.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 12:38pm

The return to Britain was as much of a spectacle as I expected.

I'm not surprised about Dawlish and his merry team of Fudge's bootlicking Aurors tried to arrest him. But the actions of the Order are just blatant stupidity. Really, sending bludgeoning curse at somebody Harry cares about? Personally, I think anybody who tried to hurt Jean deserves Logan's claws in his gut.

P.S. Excuse me, what exactly Ron did to deserve fifth, sixth, seventh chance etc? Shouldn't there be one betrayal too many, and after that the only way for Harry to forgive Ron is if he takes a Killing Curse meant for Harry.

Kairan1979 posted a comment on Tuesday 14th July 2015 12:25pm

"Several hours later, the Little Whinging Fire Brigade were called to handle a fire on Privet Drive. Unfortunately, the family living at number four did not survive the blaze."

Couldn't have happened to the more deserving individuals.

"He knows she had no control over where he was placed when he was little."

Actually, she was one of the few who could do something. She was there when Harry was placed on a doorstep like a bottle of milk. She could do the right thing, instead of blindly following Dumbledore despite knowing that Dursleys are 'the worst sort of Muggles'. So McGonnagal had no excuses.

"Why do I get the impression that I'm being ganged up on?" Harry protested. "I thought you said you wouldn't force me to go back."

And that's exactly what they are doing, no matter what kind of excuses they use. They force the traumatised teenager back to the place where he was hurt, to see the people who betrayed him. So much for the new family. I understand that Harry can be forced back to Britain because of the plot, but couldn't you make X-Men more considerate of his feelings?