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ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 2:38pm

Don't bother trying to run, they are coming for you (smiles)

Good chapter, I got done reading a HP/X-men Cross before coming to this one (Actually I am reading this BECAUSE that one did not suck like I had assumed they would, so kudos to Classic Cowboy for giving me reason to read your fanfiction.)

Anyway, WHERE IS THE H/G, I want H/G damn it! You can't toy with my emotions and have Hermione be all sad and depressing about not doing right by Harry and tell me that she believably doesnt fancy the poor bloke! WHERE IS MY H/G/HR Bob! WHERE!

Anyway, now that the joke rant has finished I will continue reading, this is a fun ride.

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 1:17pm

Sigh, must Ron REALLY get better? Wouldn't it just be better to have him be slightly likable but off in another country never to have any more dialogue in the story? R/Hr, eww, I swear if you go that way I will....I will... Send you poisoned E-cookies! Maybe that will teach you...filthy authors.

As usual, thanks for the chapter.

ZaneM posted a comment on Tuesday 4th May 2010 8:37am

A very, very good start to what i'm sure will be an impressive story.

I've enjoyed the word you two bring forth over time and this screams B&A, or A&B, whoever happens to be dominant at this point in time =]. While normally i'm not very happy with H/G, I've come to realize over the months that its not a problem I have with G, its a problem I have with R/Hr, I've been a H/Hr fan for so long that I simply am not very fond of seeing blatant and OOCish R/Hr so automatically that takes away half of H/G since it is to cannon.

A R/Hr affection scene gives me the same sort of feeling that Male Slash affection scenes give me, I don't loathe it, but it makes my stomach knot up uncomfortably.

Thanks for the chapters and I'll be sure to keep reading this excellent story.

Yours truely...


hawkswench posted a comment on Tuesday 27th April 2010 1:01pm

I know you hate it when people bug you about an update (see your disclaimer), but I do hope its soon as I can't wait to see what you have Snape and Draco do about the dung bombs. You know they are going to try and blame Harry even with no proof. As if everything that goes wrong in the world is Harry's fault to them.

TheatricalBarrister posted a comment on Monday 26th April 2010 5:31am

I just found this story and read the entire thing over the weekend. I really have enjoyed it, so far. I will admit that H/G is not my favorite pairing, but I will occasionally stoop to read it when it is well written, like you have done here. I like how you've made Dumbledore thoroughly despicable without making him evil. I've especially enjoyed the relationships between Harry and Jean and Scott.

headbanger posted a comment on Saturday 24th April 2010 8:22am

Update the summary, just because you wrote it at 2 AM initially is no excuse leaving it as it is. A fic written by someone, who by their own admission can't write a good summary, isn't going to attract many readers.

Rachael Price posted a comment on Thursday 22nd April 2010 9:24am

I am really, really enjoying your story! I've never read an x-men/HP crossover before, but it's great. My knowledge of the x-men is enough to enjoy how you've written those characters and they really seem in character to me. The plot's great and you're doing an awesome job with the story! I can't wait to read what happens next.

slashslut posted a comment on Saturday 17th April 2010 7:36am

love, love, LOVE this story and am glad to see youre continuing to update it. god, i cant believe what an idiot dumbles continues to be be am glad harry has found family and a backbone to do what is necessary to win. looking forward to lots more action, drama and angst ahead!

Lerris Smith posted a comment on Wednesday 14th April 2010 9:13pm

This is solid writing. I suppose the only real comment I can make as far as how to improve is that we get the impression that the good guys have the tools they need to win, and victory is, if not assured, then at least more likely than not..

jackson posted a comment on Wednesday 14th April 2010 5:53pm

you do know that technically Ororo can do magic? she has a high mystic potential, but never trained in it's use.

damcol posted a comment on Saturday 10th April 2010 9:18pm

Thanks for the update, really enkoyed it.

Keep up the great work and hope to see another chapter (or one shot) soon.

Michael5 posted a comment on Tuesday 6th April 2010 5:30pm

Amazing storyline. I'm enjoying every word! Huzzah! I am a die hard X fan and love Jean and Scott adopting Harry.

Michael, Los Angeles

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Tuesday 6th April 2010 2:39am

What an awesome prank to finish this chapter on!!

Harry and Ginny seem to be getting closer. Is the next chapter going to include christmas? Whatever it includes, I can't wait as your writing (both of you) is brilliant. Although, the 'Do it yourself Lobotomy Kit" is a bit questionable!!

Whenever you update, I will be waiting. :)

noylj posted a comment on Monday 5th April 2010 6:40pm

Why prank Malfoy? Kill the bastard. He's going to die anyway, why put it off?
Love the story, but I think Harry should be teleporting to known DE places and letting Logan escort to their next great adventure. Why wait until they attack? They are already murderers and worse.
Also, do they really need Bumbles creating problems? Maybe dose his food with LSD? If they can't kill him, maybe they could try to help him—dose him with Reminyl or Exelon to try and help him?

GinnyLover posted a comment on Monday 5th April 2010 2:17pm

Very nice! Twinkly LOL! Thats my new nickname for Dumbles!

Hot48cricket posted a comment on Monday 5th April 2010 1:12pm

Thundering Dung Bomb? Right under Malfoy's bed? Brilliant!!! Love this story...

Did you get the penguins?

Tracey1 posted a comment on Sunday 4th April 2010 10:13pm

Bob, Alyx - what can I say except that your storytelling is awesome as always. I just love where your imagination takes us fic fans. I can't wait to see what else is to come in this fic. Kudos!

David Thacker posted a comment on Sunday 4th April 2010 12:44am

I just reread this chapter and this idea hit me Logan and the Goblins having beer together.

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Saturday 3rd April 2010 4:13pm

<chuckle> A most interesting demonstration of Harry's abilities; I daresay Snape won't figure out how though he'll likely suspect "who". I do like that Ginny's having such a positive effect on Harry and I suspect we'll soon be seeing her teaming with Jean to help heal Harry and convince him of some truths. In the meantime, I find it amusing that they're organizing the defense of the students right under Dumbledore's nose and he doesn't realize it; then again, he seems to be much more for preserving pureblood lines than for really defending the innocent and punishing the guilty; that's going to annoy people like Harry & Logan and I suspect their reactions will frustrate Dumbledore no end.

Kindpan Jean Summers? That right up there with "cock the gun that is not loaded, cook the frozen dynamite" as ways of messily killing yourself Between her capabilities, Harry's capabilities (which TOmmy-boy has no real feel for), and Scott Summers' capabilities, that's inviting a terrible swift sword to descend on the perpatrators. Ah, well, their stupidity, their loss. Certainly no one but perhaps the Headmaster missed the Carrows for their stupidity.

Orion posted a comment on Saturday 3rd April 2010 12:11pm

Great! Thanks for writing, and thanks for sharing with us. I'm a big fan of all your stories, and this is fun. I don't know x-men much outside of the movies. I'm enjoying the crossover, and happy that I don't need to know much of that universe to understand this story.