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Ezra'eil posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 9:12am

So, are Charles and Harry going to be opening different places in different countries for all mutants sometime through the story? Because that'd be pretty cool.

Tzu Con posted a comment on Monday 31st January 2011 5:05am

'I am an exothermic reaction device!" A great way of obeying orders without actually following them.

I'm very interested in this story, but then again I'm interested in almost everything you write, and even more when it involves a total revolution against DD, VM and the Ministry. Stupid wizards need a padded cell and an unfriendly bunkmate. DD especially is someone I feel needs a violent introduction to the real world, perhaps Xavior could reprogram him a little, maybe sing "I'm a little teapot" at breakfast?

It's also nice to read a decent interpretation of Ginny. I'm not a fan of fanon Ginny, but there are a few stories with a pretty reasonable Ginny.

I've not got much interest in X-Men, but I enjoyed the films a great deal. Are you going to introduce Harry's little group to the Danger Room? I'd be interested in reading a few squad combat simulations with Harry and the rest of the Ministry 6.

You've mentioned that Harry has identified all the marked DE's in the castle, but are you using the 'unmarked" angle? I'm sure that Jean has already scanned everyone by this point, but I'm curious whether an unmarked DE is going to spoil Harry's plans for culling?

Thanks for this, and please write again soon,

Tzu Con

cybergades posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 11:01pm

Brilliant. I'm not sure what else to say. keep up the great work. Each chapter is a treat in and of itself.

Aria Wolf posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 8:55pm

Just out of curiousity, why does everyone believe that just because Voldemort will come for Harry eventually, why does Harry have to go after him specifically? And if they truly believe the prophecy is false, then why can't they just kill Voldemort before he gets to Harry? I mean, technically Voldy would be coming after them all as well, some before Harry even. Yet no one tells those people that they have to kill Voldemort. I understand why the British wizards are caught on this, since they so fervently believe in the Boy-Who-Lived/Chosen One thing, but I don't understand why the X-Men are falling into that trap. They've become almost as bad as wizards, and it's destroying Harry piece by piece. Harry's right, it's not his job to stop Voldemort, no more than it is Hermione's. Maybe Hermione should be the Chosen One?

They should just go find Voldy, kill him before he garners more support, control and power, then take their time in destroying the horcruxes.

Just saying.

eviaw1 posted a comment on Monday 24th January 2011 8:29pm

i love this story cant wait for next chapter

Wolff posted a comment on Thursday 13th January 2011 12:23am

It's been a while since you guy's have updated, and I just want to take the time to tell you that I don't care. Instead, I want to thank you for the hours of joy that you've brought us. I've re-read most of your stories five or six times, and each time I do, they're still fresh and new. So once again, I want to say thank you. What you've done to this point has meant a lot to me, and some of it has come at points in my life where I needed a tale of hope, of heroes and villians, to give me perspective on what was going on in my life, and how much worse it could've been.

Thank you.

Greg Webb posted a comment on Saturday 8th January 2011 8:57pm

ok. so you didn't reply to my last note.
i will try again.
seriously are you planning on updateing anytime soon.
it's been more than 6 months.
seriously post something.

ljdlb posted a comment on Wednesday 5th January 2011 6:36pm

Enjoyed greatly, so much that I reread, can't wait for the next chapter .


Keep up the good work

mmendoza688 posted a comment on Wednesday 5th January 2011 6:21pm

It would be really awesome if you updated soon! I love this story and you're right by the way...killing Voldemort over and over again gets really boring...why not tackle the whole Wizarding society!?

Aberbadger posted a comment on Tuesday 4th January 2011 10:33am

You might be interested to know that, in the uk, Knorr is a brand of soup stock!!! Also, if you're interested in the Origins of the name JKR chose for Grindelwald, read the story of Prince Llewellyn and his faithful hound... If you've ever seen Disney's Lady and the Tramp, you might just recognise aspects of the story...

tcl7189 posted a comment on Thursday 30th December 2010 3:24pm

great great story...can"t wait for the next chapter

Anya McLerie posted a comment on Sunday 26th December 2010 7:45pm

I'm sure I've reviewed before, and yet, I have to do it again. As a long time Xman fan (and a not-so-closet Wolverine fan), dear heavens I love this story. Harry having the supportive X-family behind him, giving him the growth to be the 'great wizard' that Hermione spoke of in the first book... wicked. Each new chapter just fills me with glee. Yes, canon has been somewhat abandoned in both universes, but who cares? The fun is so there. Kudos!

sparrowphoenix posted a comment on Thursday 23rd December 2010 8:09am

I've re-read this again and each time I like it more and more.

Any chance of a prezzie for the holiday? - A new chapter :) (nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more :) )

millie johanson posted a comment on Saturday 18th December 2010 4:22pm

Hello I knew nothing about X Man Until your story. I love it along with H having a family and of course Ginny. I am such a H&G fan. Hr with Ron or even SS but never Harry.

I hope you get all your Christmas and New Years Wishes along with your family.
Thanks for the ride. Cross overs are new to me. I hope I can find more. H&G don't have to be jumping in bed every min. I like it that they are friends and become more working and training together. I think they are good for each other and JK left more for writers to use theire own ideas with envolving each other. Good luck in all you do. Just remember we are still reading and rereading your story.

catmay posted a comment on Saturday 18th December 2010 2:07pm

Your writing leaves something to be desired. I desire more of it.
I appreciate reading works that use good grammar, make sense, and flow well. I appreciate your works. I do hope you plan on writing more for this! I know I will look forward to reading it, if and when you do!

coronal posted a comment on Saturday 11th December 2010 3:49pm

It's been a while, so I'm just hoping all is well with you two. No rush, I'm not going to be one of those people demanding more and offering nothing. Just thought I'd drop a note and see how you're doing, is all.

Zamia posted a comment on Friday 3rd December 2010 5:30am

Your views of an insular wizard world are spot on. Good to see Harry starting to stand up for and use his feelings. Now all I want for Xmas is the next Ch.. oops ducked the fry pan. Cheers.

Rivan posted a comment on Wednesday 1st December 2010 6:06am

At last someone with the awesome Harry/Ginny pairing crossover!
Just cannot wait to read this piece of goodness!

Rivan posted a comment on Wednesday 1st December 2010 6:03am

At last someone with the awesome Harry/Ginny pairing crossover!Cannot wait to read up this goodness!![url=]Your text to link here...[/url]Yesssssss!
At last someone with the awesome Harry/Ginny pairing crossover!Cannot wait to read up this goodness!!

lifeisaparadox posted a comment on Tuesday 9th November 2010 9:18am

Brilliant story, especially the part with the talking exothermic reaction device.