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ginners posted a comment on Saturday 7th November 2009 10:08am

Fantastic Series here guys, you keep up the good work =]

CrimsonEmperor posted a comment on Friday 6th November 2009 5:31pm

Thanks, hope another chap comes out soon!

diablos_el_swave posted a comment on Thursday 5th November 2009 5:55am

When's Harry getting together with jaina proudmoore? That seems like a good ship.

computerhariprasath posted a comment on Saturday 31st October 2009 11:22pm

well guys i can safely say dat dis chapter was worth de wait(rather long wait in that). all am going to say is dat if u guys can give atleast that much then another wait like this will defn be worth it according to me anyway..........
Am enjoying readin de method of presentation u guys are doin for each chapter and i really apreciate......
finally i just want to say dat dis story has been one of the crossover fics dat i've read about harry potter on de net.believe me when i say dat i've read quite a lot of HP stories over de net in almost all of de available HP websites....
continue to take ur time for each chapter if u can produce a chapter even 3/4th good as all the chapters so far have been.........

your sincere reader,

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Friday 30th October 2009 2:44pm

Glad to see you have updated at last with an absolutely fabulous chapter.

Just one question.. When is Ginny going to see how her relationship with Harry is going to start? Will she be able to teach him how to love?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try not to be so long in updating next time as I do enjoy this story.

BJH posted a comment on Tuesday 27th October 2009 11:53am

Envision, if you will: In my right hand I hold a woven leather lead; this lead is attached to the halter on a lovely, gentle llama whose lusterous, thick coat is soaked in high octane gasoline. In addition, perched atop this petrochemically enhance pack animal is one Alan Rickman dressed in nothing but a metallic green Speedo. All this is at my right hand.

In my left hand, I hold a Zippo.

Give me an update and I might, just might mind, let one animal go. But just one of them.


artaud91 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th October 2009 2:21am

You have already heard this already but
"I MUST HAVE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Geneva posted a comment on Sunday 25th October 2009 7:48am

He IS Minister stupid isn't he? Good chapter, can't wait for more!

stephen kempey posted a comment on Saturday 24th October 2009 6:22pm

Voldemort the problem, How about letting him get run over by a bus. then we can get to the interesting part of the story. great story, only problem being it comes to slow but you could update ever minate and I would probably have the same complaint. Keep up the good work

Please don't kill Bob how can we poor fans get our fix without him.

00_Knight posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 9:11am

I don't remember giving a review of this chapter, so if I have or haven't, let me say that this is beyond excellence! I just finished reading and reviewing Crys's final chapter in Chattel. It left a bad taste in my mouth, probably because I have been spoiled by Authors like you!

You guys take the time to assemble the best damn posts imaginable and say "Fuck off!" to those who would tell you to produce chapters quicker! Take your time, because I'd rather wait months or years for a good read, than a couple of days for a terrible read.

And if I have never said it before, Thank you! For all the hard work you put in to your stories, they are the stuff of greatness.

Thank you for taking your time, and thank you for all of your effort in providing the best damn fanfiction ever!

LuffyLaxer posted a comment on Thursday 22nd October 2009 9:32pm

awesome chapter guys. keep doing your thing. I like where this story is going. Brilliant.

centersight posted a comment on Tuesday 20th October 2009 6:14pm

once again i must thank you for a wonderful chapter. i appologise for not reviewing your other chapters, but it's your fault for writing such an interesting story. I can help but continue on to the next chapter to find out what happens next. I cant wait for more and hope you continue your excellent writing.


Phil Boswell posted a comment on Tuesday 20th October 2009 4:29pm

I'd love to know how many reviews you had to delete even after your explicit warning.

ladyimmortal posted a comment on Tuesday 20th October 2009 9:59am

Another fantastic chapter by the great Bobmin! As usual, much enjoyment was to be had and much pleasure was made.

I'm SOOOOO glad to see Jean and Harry both lay into the ministry - because when it comes down to it, they're right. The British Ministry has not given Harry ANY reason whatsoever to fight Voldemort.

WTG! :D Thanks again!

Chimeara169 posted a comment on Sunday 18th October 2009 4:24pm

Brilliant, once more! While the time it took was a bit annoying, I (as a fellow writer) understand the occasional bump in the road to put out good work. I loed the idea of Logan whipping an Uzi out of his arse and unloading the clip at Harry, while veryone else panics. Also, as a thought, Ron should do the majority of the anti-student work, due to his need for redemption. And when will Harry finally snap and murder everyone who so much as looks at him funny? I can't wait!

ben pearson posted a comment on Saturday 17th October 2009 3:10pm

another great chapter but i think your alerts arnt working


joeBob posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 6:47pm

Thanks for the update.

rosiegirl posted a comment on Friday 16th October 2009 2:59pm

I think it was a really good chapter. I understand where Jean is coming from, poor Harry really can't avoid Voldemort no matter what he would like. Harry is being put in a situation of not really seeing why he should fight and really how many soldiers feel the same way? I get it. Can't wait for more, but I will. Can Leonard come over to my house? I have jello and a cello too!

Felur posted a comment on Thursday 15th October 2009 11:32pm

I agree several other reviewers, your plot is seriously flawed. It does not make any sense for Harry ( and Jean) to attend Hogwarts. It is a hostile territory for them. They have to fight not only Voldemort, but Ministry (British Wizarding World), teachers and majority of the students as well. They can not even trust their so called allies (Dumbledore and co.)! Overall in the British Wizarding World Voldemort has every advantage. It would be much better for Harry to train and prepare himself for Voldemort for example in USA, where he is supported. If Jean wants to be in close contact with Dumbledore to hunt down the Horcruxes, she could hire private tutors (DADA experts!) for Harry and they could live in a safe location (Fidelius?). I understand your reasoning, without Hogwarts it is very difficult to develop the romance between Harry and Ginny and reform the friendship between trio, but you have solved a similar problem before.

Overall it is a good fic, better than at least 99.9% of the fanfics, but imho it is below average from You.

Tlcatlady posted a comment on Thursday 15th October 2009 1:39pm

:) I just love getting updates from you guys! I'd give you a box of virtual donuts, but I'd probably have to blindfold and tie up Alyx to get away with it. . .

Thanks for the great update!! TLC