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Richard Griffin posted a comment on Thursday 15th October 2009 9:12am

I love your comments almost as much as your story It has been a pleasure reading it , looking forward to many more chapters and stories.

rabio posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 6:40pm

I think that you started out your story wonderfully, but since then it has degraded. In almost every chapter Harry threatens to leave Britain, but he never executes his threat. He's never even done anything near it. And besides, what parent would let their child stay in a school where the child is abused regularly, let alone encourage them to do so? "But Voldemort will come after you sooner or later!"? So he'll come, and we'll deal with him then. In the meanwhile, I'll train, and live my life, and not be attacked every chapter by the same stupid idiots I refuse to do anything about!
Sorry about the rant, but I really hate to see such good authors (you write fabulous stories) lead a story to ruin. Get a plot!

(I do have to commend your disclaimers - you always manage to make me laugh)

Fenris Ulf posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 8:03am

heh great chapter.Hagrid certainly does love his dragons and I can't help but feel this isn't the last time we will see the particular one. As for Rufus he must know he screwed up if dumbles is threatening him!

back2front posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 5:21am

great chapter! update! update! this is my favorite xmen/xover and i hate waitin! ;)

Rage and Light posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 2:46am

excellent glad to see you continue with this story, it is going good and I look forward to the next chapter


mnmbaby1 posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 12:39am

DANG!!!!!! That that really really good! What will harry do now? what will happen to umbitch and dawlish? I think dawlish should get in trouble for attacking Minerva (just a suggestion, make the trail, if there is one, more intersting).

Please update soon! I can't wait to see what happens!

Illusia posted a comment on Wednesday 14th October 2009 12:00am

I have to say I was nearly placing Jean in the Dumbledore category. And she's not out yet. Why is she pushing to keep Harry there. Enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. They almost killed Harry and yet she's not taken him out of there, not even trying to. They could solve this Voldemort problem by working together with the US ministry.

minervakitty posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 11:22pm

It's about time Draco gets yelled at by Snape. When will Harry find out on which student is trying to kill him? It would be very amusing, if Harry accidentally manage to get Snape's horcrux, disarm the traps on said ring and laugh at Snape. Will Harry get to spend some time with Hagrid and K'nor. Looks like the British ministry has a whole lot of sucking up to do. It also looks like Dumbledore will need to be told at point blank range to leave Harry alone.

Shadalarion2 posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 10:03pm

Glad to see you both back to writing again.

Love the update, even though am not a Harry/Ginny fan.

ps. If I were you, I move inland away from the coastline, due to increase in dangerous weather over the next few years.

amulder posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 9:13pm

Nope, don't answer reviews, just keep writing... ;-)

Still enjoying the story, and the mashup of genres. This one was a bit more downer/depressing, but it does flow from the characters as you've made them.

At this point I'm not at all sure what would salvage their relationship, other than summarily arresting Snape and all the other marked DE students at Hogwarts... But from a writers point of view I would think that would just kill a lot of the potential conflict... Hmm, not sure how to proceed.

thanks again, keep up the good work.

stephen kempey posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 3:56pm

frankly if voldemort made a binding oath to leave harry alone he might go for it.

Sinom Bre posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 2:29pm

Great! Glad to see more of this. Has rapidly turned into one of my favorite HP crossovers of all time. Look forward to more.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 12:38pm

Wonderful, loved it. I also love that you managed to vault over the OP pit that most powerful Harry authors fall into. I like to call it the "Steven Seagal Syndrome"(R) where an Over Powered character can never take a hit in a fiction. Good work and Thank you.

Mike (MoA)

LeprechaunJV posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 10:54am

Excellent Story..........
Update soon.........

stealacandy posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 10:24am


An Uzi isn't a machine gun, but a submachine gun. When I wa siun the army, I started developing rheumatic problems near the end of basic training, and so I eventually requested to be qualified for a lighter weapon than an M16, and what I got was an Uzi. That was a long time ago, but IIRC, it didn't have that many bullets, either. Thing was, they were small bullets, and the cartriges were like those of a hand pistol, so you could carry more of cartriges for less space than the regular ammo for assault rifles.

SassyFrass posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 10:01am

Very interesting update. I love it when Ministry goons get smacked down.
Poor Harry, maybe he can reach out to Ginny a bit more?
I loved the prank on Malfoy.

Sardor posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 7:48am

How about classifying all inbreeder deatheathers as dark creatures as their dethtoll should eclipse any other official dark creature!

Sardor posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 7:39am

Whohoo, his condemation reaches almost to the levels I would use ;)

Considering Malfoys words that I can gleam from fanfics as I have no intention to buy the books by what I have read the pureblood movement is like due to mispelling that is empraced by the inbreeders.

Try to contrast 'Inbreeding causes poore blood' to 'Inbreeding causes pure blood' I might have mispelled things here but I trust I get the Idea across.

I DKN the the involvment of the X-Factor gene but another point could be made off that:' I thanks to the inbred corrupt government had to register as a dark creature because 0.0X of my genes differs from other wizards while mass murderers, torturers and rapists get pardoned for their actions so long as they can pay the sufficient bribes'

Patches posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 6:12am

Dear Bob and Alyx, I thank you very much for a great chapter. I will happily wait 2 months for 40 pages of your story. As usual you have done a masterful job. I'm glad that K'nor spoke to Harry. I know her words mean a lot to him. I hope he does get back together with his friends. He really needs them. I also hope he gives Ginny a chance to show how loyal she can be. I am a really big fan of the ship and I really like the Ginny you show in this story. I can't blame Harry for thinking the British wizarding world isn't worth saving either but I'm glad Jean was able to put things into perspective for him. I am also glad that Professor McGonagal is going to let him know that she will fight for him no matter what the rest of the school does. I'm really glad that Dumbledore stood up for Harry and the tongue lashing that Jean gave to Scrimgeour was long over due and extremely well done. The fact that the American representative showed up in such a timely manner was excellent. I don't care how AU you get with this story. Whatever you come up will I will be more than happy to read. Thank you for adding to the story of Harry Potter. I really like the Harry you are portraying in this story. Thanks again. pms

slickrcbd posted a comment on Tuesday 13th October 2009 6:05am

I stated earlier that it seemed stupid for Harry to return, and now he's realizing his error. I also strongly disagree with Jean about the fact that Voldemort will come for him. So what? If Voldemort is going to come for Harry, it's better if Harry is someplace away from Voldemort's power base. Let Harry choose the battlefield where there someplace far away from England where he can call upon the resources of the United States government to help repell what would amount to an invasion by terroriests. He'd have allies and be fighting on place of Harry's choosing. Let Voldemort come to Harry. Heck, Harry should send a letter to Voldemort saying "I have no interest in fighting for anybody here in Britain. If you want this miserable place, you can have it. Leave me alone, and I'll leave you alone. I'm leaving. The one thing we can both agree upon is that the system as it is needs to be destroyed."