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00_Knight posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 10:54am

In response to "While I'm far from the Harry/Ginny shipper I used to be..." from Orion, I would ask that you consider a Harry/Daphne story in the future. That has become my favorite pairing so far, and might challenge you to come up with something completely different, than say Jeconis, Muggledad, or some of the other authors on Harry/Ginny, or Harry/Hermione is so cliche, its hard to find the outstanding stories in all the clutter. I admit to probing the "favorite stories" of some of the greater authors in to help find the interesting ones, such as you guys or muggledad and jbern!

It would be interesting to see your take on it, but I'll leave that one up to you.

00_Knight posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 10:40am

"I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!" ~ Mater from Cars.

That being said, thank you for your continuing effort in quality versus quantity! It still pisses me off just thinking about what Crys did to Chattel, but knowing that you guys will never do that makes your work that much more enjoyable.

Reading this chapter was enjoyable as almost anything you guys have ever written, the one slightly bad example being "Attack of the Fanfic authors" but that was done in a humorous way and still entertaining! Again kudos to you for not being pressured to provide updates every couple of weeks, or by any other means, that would endanger your story's integrity. Again I reference Chattel, as a prime example of what happens when good Authors decide to send their stories through a shit grinder, and to once again give my undying thanks to you!

I could probably have saved this review for after I'd read this update a couple of times to find my favorite parts and compliment you on them, but I prefer to compliment it as a whole. I would say that the only thing I could find wrong with it was the bolded headings that had lines through them, but that may have to do with the website in general, as opposed to you doing it intentionally. Great package on the whole and well worth the wait.

Thank you for the kudos in this AN, and know that, while I might not give you any good ideas, I would also not have you change your styles and imagination for anything!


PS= Merry Christmas and thank you for this gift!

Zooxle posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 8:53am

Well the Hermione pairing is now certainly a great possibillity, thanks for bringing that into the light. Can't wait to see what two "quite types" do to / with each other, that can be a great scene to make Harry walk into and completely forget who he killed and what not. Anyway i think i've read all your sories on and congratulate you on all of them you guys(and/or girls/hermaphrodites/llamas)(what you do at home alone is your business, i realy don't want to know, or hear or think about it ever(think I read about some power tools a while back *shudders*) are great. I'll see if i can UPS you a nice .303 hunting rifle, should help with the llama problem a bit. Zooxle - South Africa

Orion posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 8:03am

Great! Thank you for the update. I think this is a great story, and I'm glad to see Harry issues being worked through. While I'm far from the Harry/Ginny shipper I used to be, I still like the pairing and in this story she seems especially good for him.

Again, thanks for the update, and Merry Christmas! (Or the more P.C. Happy Holidays if you prefer.)

Ben Russell-Gough posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 4:20am

Whoo! A very good chapter; certainly a major step up in the pace and feel of the story.

I do like how you write Ginny in this. Your Ginny is one of the better fanon interpretations of the character, being a believable fusion of Molly's protective nature and Arthur's fundamental generosity, kindness and honour.

Yes... Logan and the Goblins would get on well, wouldn't they?

I have to say that you've now got me eager for more. I can't wait to see how Harry handles what he had to do to those two DEs. I will also be very interested to see how you write Draco's reaction to his father and aunt's deaths. Indeed, the general fall-out should be interesting all around.

BenRG's Rating: 8/10

Ronnie McMains posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 3:33am

Thank you for the lovely Christmas present. Please find enclosed a portable self-cleaning indoor Llama barn, since I'll bet none of the people who keep sending you llamas care about what space you might have available to keep them. Sorry, but McGuffins'r'us were right out of penguin locators.

Good to see there's at least one British magical who will actually fight for Harry, and more than a few who will fight with him.

Congratulations on ridding the world of one more bloodsucking parasite (I don't care whether beetles actually suck blood or not; that's what she was). I've never liked her, even in fics where she ends up with Harry (don't ask; your sanity's strained badly enough already).

Everybody should have known Logan and the Goblins would get along. Somewhat tactless, eager for bloodshed, and liking sharp pointy things? Logan's practically a goblin already!

Good on Harry surviving another Killing Curse. Better on saving Griphook from it as well. As for the damage Albus has done to Harry (the injuries you don't see are often the hardest to heal), please check the manual for the llama barn on just where the self-cleaning function sends all the waste to. :)

Merry Christmas, and keep up the good work!

mjames42 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 12:59am

Wow! Great chapter! It's been a great story so far. Keep up the great work. And to join the band wagon...please update soon. Sorry, no llamas, alpacas, penguins, or Allen Rickman to send your way, but I can have my 6 yo provide you with a full color poster...very lifelike, in an abstract sort of way.

Rage and Light posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 12:41am

excellent update, I was beginning to think you would not do one again glad I was wrong as I am enjoying this story I look forward to more

MarinePotterfan posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd December 2009 12:10am

Thanks for the new chapter, I have truly enjoyed reading this story. As I have with all of your previous story.

Thanks for Writing

Wolfric posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 9:47pm

This Rita Skeeter demise is almost as good as the bug zapper in PotP. Great chapter. Like several others I think Lucius & Bella's demise was well handled. Hopefully Harry will be able to move past this with a somewhat balanced persective. I look forward to further developments. Thanks for writing. W.

biged78 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 9:26pm

Another great chapter.
Love to see what finally happens to Snape.

Merry Christmas!!

Eugene Jacobson posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 8:47pm

Nice chapter. About the formatting. Some of the words that are in bold have a line going thru them.

GenkaiFan posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 8:15pm

Even after the third time through, this chapter makes for an enjoyable read. However, I noticed that each location/section heading had a line through it. A programming error?

Have a safe and happy holiday. --GenkaiFan

JaCee2u posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 7:46pm

Excellent chapter, as always. Just one minor thing, Ragnok didn't mention that HP made Lucy's melon look like an "after" photo from a Gallagher show. I would think splattering the SOB's head all over the wall would deserve some mention in his after action description to Ruffie and Dumbles. Something along the lines of "The reddish browns and grays reminded me of Seurat at his finest. We will incorporate that wall into a pointillism mural of the battle to honor Lord Black.'s valor."

DrT posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 3:58pm

Harry's shell-shock/pts is unfortunate, but probably necessary to the plot. I do like your use of Logan and can see why he'd like these goblins. Looking forward to your next when you are able. . . .

mwinter posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 3:55pm

As always a great chapter. Well if fruit helps you post faster I'll be glad to send them your way. Can't wait to see how Dumbledore handles Hermione and Ginny over the death nibblers in the school.

Rabidwallaby posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 2:44pm

I read it,or did I? I think I liked it but I'm not sure. You have written a superb story except all those letters strung together confuse me. I appreciate the speed of you updates but I really could wait a little longer. I hope my review has made you feel better about your story but really I don't care. Thank you for the work of fiction you have provided, It has helped me waste fifteen minutes of my life. Well gotta go, I have a case of chocolate sauce and some whiskey'd up llamas in the basement. Take care, or don't....Rabid

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 2:01pm

Well, that was a delightful Christmas present, thank you very much. Having said that, let me say that I'm quite delighted at the way Harry's relationship with Ginny is slowly growing, with both having the patience to not rush things on either side. I thought the various Houses uniting to deal with the "Death Nibblers" in their midst was an important step, though one that's probably antithetical to Dumbledore's plans (he's going to be rather ticked off when he gets that ultimatum). The visit to teh Goblin City was a right delight (always enjoyable to see how others live) and Harry's behavior undoubtedly gained him more than he realizes at this time. His response to Malfoy and Lestrange was quite in keeping with his nature, but he does have to take to heart that killing a mad-dog like those two were is not an evil, it's simply an act of responsibility on the part of an adult wizard of consicence; he could, and should, do no other.

jilumasam posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 1:42pm

Good work!!!!

Lourens posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd December 2009 1:12pm

Great chapter. Hope you find those penguins. ;P