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darksidhe posted a comment on Tuesday 21st September 2010 10:45pm

Holy wow. Um. I was bored last week, so I re-read some of my favorite HPFF ever, SOB and SOB. When I finished it, I was in the mood for something a little wonky, so I tried this. Wow! Intense and emotional... An almost archtypical Order meeting, with Fred and George taking up their traditional (but very cool- and it's why we love them) roles. But Snape... nice twist, the way he was rubbing Dumbledore's face in it. It was almost enough to make me like the bastard. Almost. I feel bad for poor Mooney, though. Anyway, fantastic start! NEXT CHAPTER!

namelis posted a comment on Wednesday 15th September 2010 12:03am

I've been reading your story and every time one part comes up i am totally confused you say that the electronics must be shielded to work around magic i can understand that possibly solving the problem but then you take it a step further and you shrink that object and have it cause no problems magic can obviously get past the shielding cause it shrinks shielding and all

then you have instances of people testing for magic that was recently used with a diagnostic spell after the effect had ended as if the magic was not fully gone

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Monday 13th September 2010 3:26pm

An interesting story. I look forward to the next chapter. Especially the eventual vist of the Weasley's to Blackmore castle. What will the interaction between Harry and Fred and George be? Will we ever see Alan Rickman do the standard disclaimer in this fic?

mwinter posted a comment on Tuesday 7th September 2010 4:08pm

Please up load the next?!!!!!!!

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Saturday 4th September 2010 7:25pm

Rereading this, I stopped and looked up 'epitaph', because I don't think you're using it right. I suspect you meant 'expletive'. FYI.

zmanjz posted a comment on Monday 30th August 2010 2:47pm

I Loved that ending. its freakin awesome

Dustin Hoeppner posted a comment on Saturday 28th August 2010 7:17am

very good chapter keep on writing this story

wolfey posted a comment on Thursday 19th August 2010 4:45pm

I like this story alot. This is actually my fav story of yours. I mean its the best x-men/harry potter crossover I have seen. (now if I could find a xander-centered buffy/X-men crossover this good that didnt involve his getting wolverines or anyone elses powers i would be happy.) But is an update almost ready?

Dave Dopp posted a comment on Thursday 19th August 2010 3:42pm

As usual, just another one of your usual stories. Very well-written, good characterizations, fast moving plot, highly entertaining. Sigh!!! I wish you would write something poor so I could bitch about it.

OH! Here's something! Hurry up and update. I don't want to die before you finish this. LOL. I'd hate to have to start throwing sweet potatoes at you. (NOTE: Sweet potatoes are NOT food. They are lethal objects suitable for throwing at your enemies. Hmmm ... maybe THAT is a way to finish off Moldyshorts.)

Seriously, earlier, in one of your ANs, you mentioned that you were running out of ideas on how to finish off Voldemorte and that was slowing your writing. Always remember that offing Voldie is not why people read your stories. We read because of the character interactions and their growth and/or change as a result of their actions. The HOW is not as important as the WHY and the results.

I won't encourage you to keep up the good work. Your writing has never let me down and I don't foresee that occurring in the future.

Thanks for all the good reads.
Dave Dopp
Windcrest, Texas

BioHazard82 posted a comment on Thursday 19th August 2010 9:50am

Great story so far. Look forward to reading more in the future!

pug54321 posted a comment on Sunday 15th August 2010 11:34am

can someone explain to me why more then half of fanfic writers believe that wizards will lose a war agaist muggles. there are different kinds of war and i will admit that open war on a battle field muggles will win hands down. but if the wizards play it smart like taking out there resoures and staying out of sight then they will win.

David Najarian posted a comment on Saturday 14th August 2010 8:11pm

Excellent chapter as always. Always worth the waits between chapters!!!!

Hagrid posted a comment on Wednesday 11th August 2010 2:55pm

I've never read a better written special notes, come ter think of it, I've never read Any other special notes. Just goes ter show how I feel about yer writin' I guess. Yer could post yer shoppin' lists and I reckon I'd read those as well, but please, cross of the donuts before yer post 'em. The soggy lil dough balls go right ter me thighs.

selonianth posted a comment on Sunday 8th August 2010 6:05am

Very well written. Can't wait for more.

Judson Ross posted a comment on Sunday 8th August 2010 5:14am

With Harry's ability to partially phase to the 5th dimension or wherever he goes when doing so, I had the oddest thought of him diving on top of a grenade to save somebody by phasing only his guts into a tube that would channel the blast directly upwards rather than outwards in all directions. Just thought of why that wouldn't work in real life, should a mutant w/ that ability actually exist. But it could be an interesting plot moment for somebody...

guamja posted a comment on Friday 6th August 2010 11:59pm

'Neville's eyes widened. "You can tie your fingers into knots? No way am I touching one of those compuker things."'


guamja posted a comment on Friday 6th August 2010 3:38pm

Thank for continuing this story.....
A 'Different' way to kill Moldishorts:
1. 'Teleport' Voldies Heart out.
2. 'Teleport' Brain out
3. Spine anyone....

Just a couple of ideas...Have fun

millie johanson posted a comment on Tuesday 27th July 2010 3:07am

Hello I love your story I have not found any other crossover HP&Xman
I love all your Charaters.

Also could you help me I have spent over an hr. again trying to get my password thompson1 to work and I have tried every other I have used or could think to use. I'm 65 and we have no one how uses our computer but my husband and I. I use the same for all fanfiction but for some reason I keep getting your site worng.

Please help as I don't want to miss your next update.
Thanks Miss Millie

Doran'ka1 posted a comment on Monday 26th July 2010 8:48pm

An excellent chapter, as always! Can't wait for more! I especially love Angry Harry!

As for one of your previous comments, how can you be running out of ways for Voldemort to die? You just have to think creatively! Sharpened toothbrush, or some other prison shank- type object. Jet engine. Fallen powerline. Sarlaac. Dropped into a pond full of hungry piranhas. There's plenty of potential that is yet untapped anywhere in the fanfic world!

Hineko posted a comment on Saturday 24th July 2010 5:09am

Brilliant. Really, bloody, brilliant! Oh, I love this story!

Harry's reaction to everything seemed realistic to me, and I like how he is slowly coming out of his shell... well, he is mostly out by this point but there's still a way to go.

Dumbledore frustrates me, though. Has the man no reason? I know he does what he thinks is best, but really... he's taking it a little too far. Putting eleven-year-olds in danger, little kids who haven't yet learned to protect themselves from magic and, indeed, partially only knew about th wizarding world for about half a year, just because of some unfounded hope that the Junior Death Eaters will wake up some morning and say "Oh my, I've been wrong this whole time!"? Yeah, right. I don't blame Harry for not wanting anything to do with him.

I like the X-Men. A lot. And I'm glad no one's found a way to make Prof. X look like their version of Albie yet; 'cause I really like him too. The interactions between them and Harry are really nice, too - especially Logan. Gotta love his logic. And Jean, too.

I won't say much about Harry's friends right now, simply because I don't know what to say. I do like how Ron isn't THAT involved, though, and the pairings have some great potential.

On another note, I was near hysterics with laughter when you mentioned the cabinets to Narnia. I don't even know why. I suppose the reference to some common access to a magical dimension packed in a side sentence and no one commenting on it was simply too much. Does that mean C.S. Lewis was a wizard?

I'm hoping for an update in the foreseeable future!